Mages Are Too Op Chapter 228

Chapter 228 The Answer Is A Little Heartbreaking

Does the king also have the same tendency?

The queen didn’t care that her body was exposed. She placed her hands on the table, leaned forward, looked Roland in the eye, and said, “Not many of us queens of the Kingdom of Hollevin will have a good ending. We either die of disease or a serious illness at a young age. It’s already good to have been the queen for four years.”

“Why would you want to be the queen of Hollevin if it’s so dangerous?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The queen laughed disdainfully. “Most women either want to be a princess or a queen. And since I couldn’t be a princess, wasn’t it only natural that I dreamed of being a queen?”

Roland still couldn’t understand women’s train of thought. “Even if it’s life-threatening? Is it worth it?”

“Are you men not just as insane as to risk your lives for the title of the best in the world? Are you qualified to speak of us women?” The queen sneered.

Roland was at a loss for words, unable to find a retort.

“Hehe, you seem to be a reasonable man.” The queen extended her smooth fingers and flicked the silver wine glass in front of her, which gave off a tinkling sound. “My name is Andonara, what is your name?”


“So what do you want to talk to me about, Mr. Roland?” Andonara looked at Roland with considerable interest.

In her eyes, Roland was a teenager who was only about sixteen years old, and although he wasn’t handsome, he wasn’t ugly either. Most importantly, this teenager had a calm and wise temperament and appeared quite attractive. While she herself was a twenty-three-year-old “old woman”she was actually the one who lucked out.

“I’d like to know why you identified Kaka as your assailant.”

Andonara’s smiling expression immediately went cold. “You just wanted to ask that?”


“Are you a friend of Little Bard?”


Andonara’s cold expression eased. “Little Bard yelled before he was hanged that someone would avenge his death. That was you?”

“Just assume that it’s me.” Roland nodded.

“So, in your eyes, I’m one of the murderers, too?” Andonara’s expression was calm.

Roland nodded. “I’ll have to see what your answer is before I decide.”

Andonara’s fingers lightly traced the rim of her wine glass for a moment before she said, “My husband told me to say that. Do you think I have the right to refuse?”

“His Majesty the King?” Roland felt a bit incredulous. “If word of this gets out, not to mention your reputation, but also the reputation of the royal family will be damagedwhy would he order so?”

“He never cared for my reputation. Queens are expendable. Like a ragjust replace it when it’s dirty and old, and if anyone wants it, sell it at a high price and replenish some profit to the royal family, so why not. Tomorrow, I may be dead, and then he will be ready to crown a new queen in a month or two.”

Although Andonara was smiling, whether it was in her eyes or at the corners of her mouth, there was a chill that appeared quite sarcastic.

Roland felt somewhat disbelieving.

Andonara was a beauty, on the same level as Princess Evelyn. However, she was a bit more attractive than Princess Evelyn; after all, Andonara had a much better figure, and she was even a queen.

And now, this very beautiful, formerly high and mighty queen had become a peddler’s item

“You’re going to die tomorrow?”

Andonara nodded. “Most likely.”

“Then why not escape?”

“Where can I escape?” Andonara said sorrowfully. “I used to be just a commoner with no influence. These few years of queenship have been too short, and I haven’t had time to build up my own circle of contacts and influence. I have to die if it’s my husband who wants me to die.”

“Not going to try to resist?”

“The consequences of rebellion are even worse.” Andonara had some tears in her eyes. “If a woman of great nobility becomes a queen, backed by her family, fearing nothing, that’s a true queen. A common-born queen like me is only a tool for procreation and a pawn to be used by the royal family in their games.”

Roland hesitated for a moment and said, “Perhaps you could try to get our help.”

“The Golden Sons?”

Andonara’s expression changed a little, less resentful, and she really began to consider Roland’s suggestion.

“I did hear that the Golden Sons are very meddlesome.”

Even in the palace, Andonara had heard of the Golden Sons, not to mention the suicides to scam money and the running around naked. Many jokes and embarrassing stories about the Golden Sons were widely circulated among the nobles.

But underneath all the jokes and embarrassment, anyone with a normal intelligence quotient could see one thing.

As long as it was reasonable to ask for help, and as long as the Sons heard it, they would help.

No matter who the enemy was, nobles or demons.

Their help and actions would either fail or perhaps go overboard, but they really never refused.

“So is it okay if I ask you for help?”

“No problem, of course,” Roland said, smiling, “but you’ll first have to tell me why Kaka was hanged and why the king insisted that you identify him as the one who violated you.”

“I know some of the ins and outs, but not all of it.” Andonara’s tone was lighter. “The Bard family is both of royal blood and close to the Association of Mages. All three heirs are Mages and many of their relatives serve in the Association of Mages. This two-sided double-dealing is disliked by many, including the royal family and the Association of Mages.

“So when the Association of Mages made their move to kidnap me, they specifically picked the days and routes of Little Bard’s patrols. Using this as an opportunity, the royal family put the Bards in line, forcing them to stand their ground and taking many benefits from them. On the other hand, the Association of Mages ordered the Bards’ Mages to take revenge on the royal family privately. Where we couldn’t see them, the Bards became the center of the battle for both sides.

“The punishment that Little Bard received was only superficial, a show for the other families. Originally, Little Bard would not have died, he would have been a few years in prison at most,” Andonara slowly explained. “The Bard family, as a tool for both sides of the tussle, lost a great deal. The Bard family was already planning to take sides at that time, but Little Bard seemed to send something to the headquarters’ chairman during this period. It was rumored to be very important, and then the headquarters’ chairman harbored the intent to kill Little Bard, such that he even took a step back and gave up some benefits to the royal family in exchange for the royal family killing Little Bard.”


Roland jumped to his feet abruptly in shock. “Do you know what Kaka sent?”

Andonara shrugged. “Sorry, I was locked in the hidden chamber at the time, sp I’m not quite sure.”

Roland slumped down.