Mages Are Too Op Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Who Doesnt Have Any Hidden Trump Cards?

Roland already knew what Kaka had sent to cause his death.

His own derivative spell.

Roland didnt think it was his fault, and he didnt think that Kakas death was in any way related to him. He didnt do anything wrong by giving something to a friendwhat could be wrong with helping a friend? The only people at fault were the evildoers who were greedy and wanted to take other peoples property or gain from their ruin.

He simply felt that it was his miscalculation for not considering that the headquarters chairman would get greedy about this derivative magic.

After all, the Bard family was a big family in the capital. It was this notion that gave him the false impression that Kaka wouldnt suffer the same fate as Aldo, who had his achievements stolen from him. There should be a difference between people with and without a background.

But neither he nor Kaka had any idea that the Bards were being surrounded in those days.

And Kaka had come up with something really good that had directly incited the greed of the headquarters chairman.

Roland sat staring in his chair. Andonara was in no hurry, watching him quietly.

After a long while, Roland stood up, his expression returned to normal and smiling faintly. "Your Highness, if you want to leave, now is the best time. Would you like to leave with me? Ill have my own companions escort you to safety."

"Of course I would." Andonara stood up.

She knew very well that she would probably be disposed of tomorrow. A woman of common origin with a tarnished reputation and with an atonement scroll used on her by someone elsethere was no way the royal family would let her stay.

What was the point of struggling if she was eventually going to die?

Looking at Andonara, who stood up wearing this highly visible dress, Roland frowned slightly. "Your Highness, wont you change your clothes? If you walked down the street in that dress, wed probably have to fight a bunch of men every hundred meters we walked."

Andonara covered her mouth and chuckled. She tugged at her dress without a care in the world to make it even more transparent. Then she narrowed her eyes, her eyebrows resembling those of a smirking fox. "You cute little Mr. Mage, are you really not going to use the powers of the atonement scroll? Its a rare opportunity, and theres still time anyway."

She smiled lightly, like a demon fox coming out of the moonlight.

Roland took a deep breath, then shook his head slowly.

Andonara fit his aesthetics perfectly, not to mention being pretty and with a good figure. Her talent was on par with Vivians.

Under normal circumstances, Roland wasnt sure he wouldnt have been tempted.

But right now, he really didnt have much interest.

"Change your clothes." Roland averted his eyes from her body.

"So youre a little gentleman." Andonara laughed softly and turned around to enter the room.

Then she began to change her clothes in front of Roland.

In fact, with the silk she wore, she may as well have been wearing nothing at all, and Roland had seen everything he should and shouldnt have seen. This was why she simply and boldly put on her leather armor, pinned her long sword to her waist, and then finally bunched up her long hair, forming a long and beautiful ponytail.

"Whew, this outfit is still one that suits me."

Andonara then slowly walked up to Roland. "All right, take me away."

Roland grimaced at the sound of that It sounded like they were eloping.

But he just tsked, then turned around and went downstairs.

The queen was a Warrior, as many people knew.

And the queen was actually pretty strong.

When they left the room, they saw the old steward standing in the shadows of the stairway.

When he saw the queens outfit, he took a step forward, blocking the doorway of the stairs, and said gloomily, "Your Highness, please stay back and dont make things difficult for me."

The old steward, who had been bent over, gradually stood up straight. His aura became more imposing, and his clouded pupils, too, became clear.

But at this instant, Andonara moved.

The longsword was unsheathed. The chilling glare of it was like lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye, and Andonara appeared about ten meters ahead in an instant.

The old stewards entire body was pinned to the wall next to the stairway.

The longsword pierced straight through his heart.

With a look of disbelief, the old steward stared fiercely at Andonara. He wanted to speak, but a mouthful of blood gushed out of his throat and he couldnt say anything.

"It is true that three years ago I was not as strong as you. As a queen, although I was very much out of my husbands favor, it was easy to get whatever resources I wanted. For the past three years, other than serving my own cheap husband, Ive had no other hobbies, I only attended a few banquets. The vast majority of the time was spent exercising my sword skills."

The old steward spat out another mouthful of blood, his eyes increasingly disbelieving.

"Old dog, do you really think I dont know that youre the one he sent to execute me?"

The old stewards body twitched twice, and his eyes gradually lost their spark.

Roland came from behind and exclaimed, "That was fast."

Andonara should be an agility Warrior, with her surprising speed. Even though Roland mastered miaodao arts on an elementary level, he felt that if Andonara had suddenly attacked just now on the balcony, he would have definitely been unable to fight back and would have been beheaded on the spot.

This womans appearance was so deceptive.

"Anyway, Im a great swordsman." Andonara smiled flirtatiously and approached Roland. "Although I didnt tell you, its not a lie. After all, you didnt ask me, did you, so dont get mad!"

Her lovely feminine fragrance came toward him. Roland subconsciously shifted a step across the room, pulling away from Andonara. "If you are so strong, why dont you escape on your own?"

"A woman needs a backer, no matter how strong she is. Alone and without a companion, a woman will always feel insecure, and an insecure woman doesnt have much courage to resist authority." Andonara giggled and said, "So Im happy that youre here and willing to help me. Because of you, I feel like I wont be afraid anymore."

After Andonara finished speaking, she stepped forward briskly and even started to hum a little tune.

This womans personality was quite mercurial.

Roland followed behind Andonara, his brows furrowing more and more. This woman was powerful, so how did that Mage kidnap her?

It wasnt long before they were downstairs.

Walking out of the manor, they came to the entrance.

When the soldier guarding the gate saw Queen Andonara dressed in leather armor and equipped with a longsword, and then Roland next to her, and the black-robed Rogue Husseret, who was standing outside the gate, he swallowed hard. Then he raised his shield and knocked it hard against his head.

After a loud thud, the soldier fainted and fell to the ground.

"Quite clever," Andonara said smilingly.

Husseret watched Roland walk out with an odd smile. "So fast? I originally estimated that youd be at least an hour or two Is a Mages body really as weak as the rumors say?"

In a foul mood, Roland gave him the middle finger.