Mages Are Too Op Chapter 231

Chapter 231 The Thoughts Of All Parents

In the darkness, Andonaras eyes reflected a silvery luster.

Roland was silent for a moment and asked, "So Ive been wondering just now, since youre not even afraid of the Archmages, who could take you captive?"

"I did that on purpose." Andonara hugged her legs, her chin resting on her knees, and spoke indifferently. "My husband had been quite cold to me. I just wanted to see if my husband would care if I was taken away."

Roland was speechless. Isnt there a very common saying in society nowadays human nature cant bear to be tested.

Looking at Rolands helpless expression, Andonara laughed lightly in a somewhat lonely manner. "Just as you imagined, after I disappeared, my husband really had no heart to search for me at all. And when I returned to the palace, the first thing he did was send a trusted Mage over to use Lie Detection on me, asking if I had been abused and if I had betrayed the interests of the royal family. Isnt that callous? Shouldnt a normal husband be concerned about his wife first?"

Roland sighed. He didnt really want to hear this stuff.

Although it was true that Andonara was rather pitiable, no matter what, there was no changing the fact that Kaka was involved by her.

Even if Andonara made herself sound pitiful, Roland didnt have much of a favorable impression of her.

Seeing that Roland didnt react much, she turned her head to look at the man next to her and asked softly, "Do you also think that what my husband did was right?"

"I didnt say that." Roland shook his head slightly. "I was just thinking about other things."

"Im right in front of your eyes, cant you be a little more gentlemanly and think about me a little more?" Andonaras eyes were shining brightly.

"There will be time for that."

Andonara tsked. "What a perfunctory answer."

Then they fell silent at the same time. Andonara had discovered that the man beside her was really not very (sexually) interested in her.

She had never had a good way with such men. Like her husband the king, both of them were of the type that did not think much of women.

Is this like just getting out of one pit and almost jumping into another?

Is my life that hard?

Andonaras mood was utterly bitter.

And on the top floor of the Association headquarters, the headquarters chairman Dalton Wynn was looking at a spell model.

This derivative model, handed in by the Bards youngest son, was full of genius-level imagination, and the spell nodes were laid out and connected with no redundant steps at all. Such a simple yet perfect spell model was rarely seen.

After looking at the spell model, he snapped his fingers and a blue shield-holding magic doll appeared beside him.

He took a deep breath and pointed at the magic doll. A chain of lightning flashed; the doll blocked it with its shield. Then Inferior Fireball, Arcane Bullet, and even Acid Splash couldnt break the magic dolls magic light shield. In the end, it was Dalton himself who interrupted the magic supply, and the doll slowly disappeared.

"Its at least a level two Summoning spell." Dalton nodded in satisfaction. "And the magic doll inherits a part of the casters common sense, its intelligence is quite high. This kind of spell is definitely not something that Kaka can come up with."

Whos the one behind him?

Just as he was wondering, a knocking sound came from the door. Without looking back, he said, "Come in."

A young man entered the room, dressed in a magic robe. He was thin with a moderate appearance and a crew cut, and looked quite spirited.

"Father, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, take this spell model and learn it in three days. There are notes below, as well as the effects and abilities of each node. Memorize it allfrom now on this spell is your original creation. Call it Rourkes Protective Doll Summoning Spell, understand?"

Although somewhat puzzled, the young man named Rourke picked up the spell model and looked at it for a moment. His eyes gradually lit up. "It is indeed a level-two spell that never existed before. Father, where did you get it?"

"You dont have to worry about it." Dalton looked kindly at his only son. "Memorize it by heart, dont miss a word of it, and you have to understand all the principles in it. When you figure it out, Ill apply for magic certification for you, and that way you might get the attention of the Green Magic Tower."

Rourke nodded excitedly. "I understand, Father. Ill go back to my studies now."

"Good, go on." Dalton smiled softly.

When Rourke left the room, Dalton continued reading.

Soon after, a soft knocking came from the door again, and this time, it was a middle-aged man with a wooden expression who entered.

"Head Chairman, the shadows of the royal family moved not long ago. We checked and found that they seem to be looking for Her Highness the Queen."

"The queen?" Dalton was stunned for a moment, then laughed. "The queen has actually disappeared again? This time we didnt do it. Are they looking for us?"

"No. The shadows of the royal family werent looking for us, but for some Golden Sons?"

Dalton was startled for a moment. "When did the Golden Sons get involved with the queen?"

"Not sure at the moment."

"Then find out right away." Dalton grunted in discontent. "Do I have to teach you how to do that?"

"Yes, sir."

The middle-aged man was about to leave, but then Dalton suddenly spoke again. "Wait. Send a couple of men to the Bards later and tell the head of their house: the incident this time is over, but remember, dont be a fence-sitter in the future and try to take advantage of both sides. Youll end up with neither."

"Yes, sir."

When the middle-aged man left the room, Dalton sat for a moment, then went out onto the balcony.

After reciting an incantation, a light breeze surrounded him, then supported him upward and took him into the night sky.

About thirteen minutes later, he landed in front of a white Magic Tower.

When the soldier in charge of the gate saw him, he immediately ushered him to the sixth floor of the Magic Tower.

Tobian, the bear-like Mage, was planning to sleep at this time, ao when he heard that the head chairman was coming, he had to put on a white nightgown to meet him.

As they sat in the study, Tobian stroked his bald head and said, "What do you need at this late hour, Head Chairman?"

"Look at this spell model."

Dalton handed over the Spell Puppet derivative spell. On this drawing, he deliberately deleted many of the notes on the nodes, as well as the basic node connection principles. These things were originally written on the edges of the drawing by Kaka, and without them, this spell model was simply a spell modelit could still be learned, but the principles with regard to it would be unknown.

There was no way Tobian would be able to take it for magic certification.

"A very intricate model," said Tobian, who was very knowledgeable, his eyes growing bright.

"How about it? Its a new spell my son worked out," Dalton said with a smile. "Do you want to learn it?"

Tobians eyes had been shining with excitement, but suddenly his expression turned odd, and he closed the drawing and returned it to Dalton. "Sorry, I suddenly realized that this spell isnt suitable or me."


Dalton found it a bit strange that Tobian wasnt interested in this simple and practical level-two spell that was also entirely new.

However, he saw that Tobions expression seemed serious, so he had to hold back his curiosity for the time being and left after talking with Tobian for a while.

After Dalton left, Tobian found a spell model from the bookshelf, looked at it for a moment, and then compared the route of the nodes he had just memorized. He sneered, "It really is the same style. This isnt a spell created by Rourke at all. It should be the handiwork of that Golden Son. Chairman Dalton, you might be in trouble."