Mages Are Too Op Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Jinx

Although Tobian was also going to suggest limiting the progression of the Golden Son Mages, that didnt mean he wasnt aware of the consequences of actually messing with the Golden Sons.

With the deaths of two mayors and countless minor skirmishes with the nobles, it was clear that the Golden Sons just didnt seem to know how to spell the word fear.

"What kind of benefit can you get out of this?" Tobian the bear-like Mage stared at the spell model on the table, pondering.

Then he laughed.

There were some things that might be worth fighting for.

The capital was not peaceful at this time, and although there was no curfew, some people with keen senses had noticed that something was not quite right in the atmosphere of the capital.

Black-robed men were haunting the streets, each and every one of them with sharp eyes, seemingly searching for something.

There was also a group of the capitals city guards going in and out of various taverns.

When they saw a beautiful adult woman, they would go and size her up.

It was obvious that something was wrong.

The residents of "sensitive" places like the capital had a good sense of danger. Less than an hour after that, there were noticeably fewer pedestrians on the streets, and it was continuing to decrease.

Antis walked the streets with a group of his trusted subordinates behind him.

As the city guard officer, he certainly couldnt avoid being sent out on search missions when it came to such things.

The queen had actually disappeared again According to the guards, it was a Mage and a Rogue who had taken the queen captive. This time, they also killed an old steward who was dedicated to serving the queen.

Antis knew the old steward was quite strong.

He went to the scene and, judging from the wound, the old steward was pierced through the heart with a sword, and the murderer had struck with great speed and accuracy as well as great force.

It was reasonable to say that it should have been a Rogues handiwork, but strangely enough, most Rogues used daggers and rarely used longswords. Because Rogues had to move stealthily, a slightly longer weapon would hinder their movement.

Unless one had spatial equipment or magic for quick storage of gear.

Hmm Golden Sons?

All Golden Sons were said to possess a piece of large spatial equipment bound to their souls.

What about a Golden Son Mage?

Antis suddenly thought of someoneRoland.

It could only be said that the affairs of life messed with people. Antis was wrong to have guessed that it was Roland.

Walking down the street, Antis was a little disappointed.

Roland, is this how you help Kaka get revenge? By taking and killing the queen, who identified Kaka as the kidnapper?

Youre a mage, youre supposed to be smart. Cant you see that the queen is just a puppet and its someone else who actually killed Kaka? I couldnt say more because of my position, but wouldnt you look into it yourself? If you did kill the queen, then I thought too highly of you.

Antis was walking and letting his thoughts race.

After a short walk, he said to his men, "Disperse, go to the taverns and inns to inquire about a Golden Son Mage, the one I saw twice at the city gates. You should remember what he looks like, go!"

After his subordinates dispersed, Antis found a nearby tavern and sat down.

He was handsome, but silver-white heavy armor of high quality was definitely a high-grade product that ordinary mercenaries couldnt afford to buy and wear. He was also accompanied by a few soldiers, so he was either a noble or someone with authority. Although the drunkards in the tavern were a little drunk, most of them were not idiots, and they knew very well who could and could not be messed with.

Even if one or two of them were drinking to the point of losing their rationality and tried to say something nonsensical, as soon as they opened their mouths, their companions pressed their heads dead against the table to keep them from acting recklessly.

Antis sat quietly, waiting for a response from his men.

Soon after, his subordinates returned one by one, and they told him all the information they had gathered.

Because Roland and the queen, one aMmage and the other a beautiful woman, were really noticeable in the streets, Antiss subordinates got a lot of information just by asking random people. Then Antis pieced the information together and quickly came up with where Roland was going.

"Western city cemetery." Antis stood up and said coldly, "Mobilize four hundred men from the city guards and surround the cemetery immediately, dont let a single rat out."

The few subordinates immediately left with their orders.

Soon the city guards descended upon the cemetery in great numbers and surrounded it, searching it inch by inch.

They soon spotted the low cottage in the woods.

Antis entered the stone cottage and didnt find anyone, but a faint fragrance was left in the room. He sniffed and muttered to himself, "This is the royal perfume, sourced from the Elven Forest. It seems that the queen should have been here for a decent amount of time, but we were a little late."

Through the tiny window, Antis looked out. The marble white color of the dawn sky had already appeared.

By this time Roland had already reunited with Husseret, and the F6 members had also arrived.

The postman was now very excitedly circling the queen, which caused her some puzzlement and displeasure.

The postman was actually livestreaming The chat was already filled with wild shrieks and howls.

"Oh damn, is this the queen? Shes too beautiful, a certain actress really cant even compare."

"Fox eyes, big fierce weapons, and long legs, as well as her heart-stopping status as a noble. Wait, let me take a screenshot, shell be my spiritual food for the next six months."

"Roland has even seduced a human queen? I saw it just now, theres obviously something else about the way the queen looks at Roland."

"The members of F6 are so awesome. Guild leader Schuck stole the dragoness that someone else desperately pursued but could never get, and now Roland has stolen the queen of the Hollevin royal family. Ive already brainstormed tens of thousands of words for an R18 drama."

"Write down the brainstormed scenario and share it with us users, brother."

Roland and others were not aware of the situation in the livestream at this moment.

They were at the foot of the north wall.

Husseret pointed upward and said, "Ive paid off a patrol squad, there will be no soldiers patrolling the walls in this area for the next twenty minutes. There are only twenty minutes, so its up to you, Roland."

Everyone looked at Husseret with some surprise.

Even the capitals patrol squad could be bought off This "tactic" was too impressive.

Everyone then looked at Roland, and the queens eyes shone even brighter.

Roland stepped forward, snapped his fingers, and in the next second, he appeared on top of the forty-meter high wall.

Teleportation If Roland applied it with all his power, he would be able to teleport directly to any place within sight. Over forty meters high, it really wasnt difficult for him.

Then he cast a thick rope, which he had already prepared, down from the wall, while the other end was tied to the battlement.

Ordinary people with training could climb a cliff hundreds of meters high by relying on a rope, let alone a professional, and besides, the height of the wall was only forty meters.

Soon, everyone climbed along the rope to the top of the city wall.

Andonara jumped on the city wall, and her murderous weapons[1] trembled up and down. The livestream was spammed with comments again. Then she looked back at the majestic palace in the middle of the city with mixed feelings.

"It seems things are going to go more smoothly than we thought" Husseret said, smiling, but he suddenly turned his head to the other side of the wall and laughed bitterly. "I jinxed us."

Not far away, a dozen thin black shadows were slithering toward them, moving against the ground at great speed.


Roland snapped his fingers, and an extremely large ball of light appeared above them, as bright as a searchlight, directly covering a radius of over fifty meters around them.

All the shadows left without a trace due to the bright light, and the dozen or so black-robed men were forced to show themselves and abandon their state of quick, stealthy movement.

"Its the Assassins of the Shadow Guild."

Queen Andonara spoke with her voice lowered, then drew her sword and stood in front of Roland.

[1] Xiong means murderous, but also a homonym of breasts