Mages Are Too Op Chapter 235

Chapter 235 It Really Is One Of The Bugs

With a clink, the black arrow bounced back and landed a short distance in front of Antis.

At this moment, Antiss face was as black as charcoal, and he turned around, shouting angrily at his soldiers, "Who released the arrow?"

Not a single one of the more than one hundred city guards uttered a word.

Antis narrowed his eyes and shouted, "Change back to squad mode, each squad leader will check for any strangers in their ranks."

As soon as this was said, a soldier in the city guard immediately crashed through his fellow soldiers next to him, retreating swiftly.

Antis was already prepared at this point. He raised his hand, clutching a small crossbow. The sound of the bowstring vibrating rang out and a silvery white arrow shot at the back of this fleeing soldier. However, this soldier seemed to have Intuitive Reflex, and his body twisted eerily as he ran at a fast pace, barely dodging this silver arrow before disappearing into the darkness.

"Sh**, its either the Assassins Guild or the Guild of Rogues." Antis stroked his eyebrows, extremely unhappy. "When did he get mixed in with my team?"

Then he turned to Roland and Andonara. "Sorry, that really wasnt my guy, I didnt mean to attack directly."

Roland didnt say anything.

Andonara lowered her longsword, a sneer forming at the corners of her lips.

If it wasnt for her quick reaction just now, that silent arrow would have hit Rolands forehead directly.

She had heard that the Golden Sons were immortal, but as a human, the pain was inevitable and it would hurt quite terribly.

Seeing that neither of them spoke, Antis sighed and continued, "Im part of the royal family anyhow, of course. I have the right to arrest you, Roland, theres no need to be so hostile towards me."

"How could Roland be in danger if you hadnt brought people to stop him?" Andonara snorted.

Antis looked at her rather strangely. "Your Highness the Queen, are you speaking for Roland?"

"Yeah, so what?"

Antis frowned. "Youre not being held hostage by him?"

"Held hostage?" The queen sneered. "Its safe to say that if I dont want to, no one among my peers can hold me hostage. Even you, known to be a warrior genius rarely seen in a hundred years, are no match for me."

Naturally, Antis didnt believe it, but he spoke in a measured manner. "Ive always heard that Her Highness the Queen is a powerful female warrior. Of course, Im no match for you."

"You speak with tongue in cheek." The queen smiled and shook her head.

Antis shrugged, not embarrassed at being called out on his thoughts. Instead he looked at Andonara curiously and asked, "If Her Highness the Queen is not being held hostage, why are you heading outside the royal city? Youre not afraid of being misunderstood by His Majesty the King?"

"No need for him to get the wrong ideaI am eloping with a man."

Antis stared at her with wide eyes.

Roland coughed twice in shock.

"No, shes not, dont believe it." Roland hurriedly explained, "Im innocent with Her Highness the Queen."

The queen looked at him grudgingly. "Youve clearly seen all of someones body."

Indeed, I saw all of it Roland opened his mouth and was left speechless.

Antis was so frustrated that he pressed on his brow. He himself was a member of the nobility and knew very well how chaotic the private lives of the nobles was. It was just that there were some things that people understood in their hearts, and it was not good to say them. He had more than a hundred city guards behind him, and everyone had heard. The more people, the more talk. Did he have to kill all the city guards to hide the news?

This was impossible!

"Its good that Her Highness the Queen is not being held hostage." Antis thought for a moment and made a quick decision, not wanting to get involved in this muddle. "Then Ill go back to the capital first."

"Youre not arresting us and taking me back?"

Antis shook his head. "My duty is only to be responsible for the safety of everyone in the capital. If Your Highness is not being held hostage, how you act is your decision. Its beyond my duty, nor can I control it."

He waved his hand and was about to head back with his own men.

As he brushed past Roland, he suddenly turned his head and said, "I was quite impressed with you. With Kaka dead, your willingness to come back and avenge his death proved your character. But I didnt expect that you wouldnt avenge him, and instead indulged in lust first. The queen is not like any other noblewoman, and if you engage in illicit relations once or twice now and then, without letting too many people know, perhaps His Majesty the King will turn a blind eye. But if you directly take her away, things will get ugly. The royal family also needs to save face."

It seemed that the other side had really misunderstood.

Roland sighed in his heart. It was just hard to solve such a misunderstanding.

Because of the quest, he had to escort the queen to safety. Moreover, even if there was no quest, a poor woman who might be executed tomorrow was in front of him, he had to save her.

Once the queen was escorted away, the "illicit relations" between the two of them would practically become a fact.

Not only would this affect his reputation among NPCs, there was also even a great possibility that it would make him a target of the royal family.

But he felt that this wasnt a big deal.

In reality, he couldnt be such a hero because he was concerned about his life, his family, and other factors.

However, in this game, in this world with no threat of death, no family to worry about, and in a situation where there were almost no encumbrances, if he wasnt even willing to stand up and protect a "weak woman," then he really wouldve had grown a stick for nothing.

This was why he didnt care about Antiss misunderstanding and persuasion. "Its a bit of trouble, but its better than having a guilty conscience."

"Having illicit relations and eloping, thats having a real guilty conscience, isnt it?" Antis subconsciously felt that something was wrong and retorted.

Roland laughed lightly. "Think whatever you will."

Antis stared deeply at Roland for a while, then finally waved his hand and left with his soldiers.

After Antis left, Andonara walked to Rolands side and said with a smile, "Arent you afraid people will get the wrong idea about you? Or are you willing to get intimate with me now?"

Roland said helplessly, "It doesnt really matter to me whether other people misunderstand or not. Rather, you should have exercised restraint with your words just now, almost making Antis and us fight because of your nonsense. There were so many of them, and if they attacked, I might not have been able to protect you."

"Im not afraidIll protect you." Andonara smiled and said with a matter-of-fact expression, "Didnt I say, no one in the entire capital is a match for me. Although Antis has a lot of men, it wouldnt take much time for me to kill them all."

Roland naturally didnt believe it. "Your Highness the Queen, youre quite a liar."

"You dont believe me?" The look on Andonaras face was quite mischievous.

Roland shrugged.

"Then Ill show you half of my strength."

After Andonara smilingly said this, she pressed her hand on the hilt of her sword and then with a clank, the trees to her right all broke in two.

Trees of all sizes fell down, and thirty meters ahead, within a fan-shaped range of about eighty degrees, everything was severed.

"I can use an attack like that at least ten times a day."

Roland was stunned for a moment, then slowly closed his gaping mouth.

No wonder the Great Swordsman was also one of the three officially certified bug professions.

This power, this attack speed who was protecting whom?

Without the need for F6s protection, the queen could charge out of the capital by herself.

After a while, Roland looked at her and asked, "Can I use my mental power and detect your rank?"


The queen closed her eyes and tilted her head up a little, looking like she was at his mercy.