Mages Are Too Op Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Feeling Uncomfortable All Over

A thread of mental power gently touched Andonaras forehead, probing her consciousness a little before withdrawing.

Andonara opened her eyes and looked quite happy.

Roland gasped lightly. "Eleventh rank, level eleven youre actually a Master Swordsman!"

The players attributes were strong, but Andonaras wasnt bad either, and she was probably an extremely rare talent among NPCs. She was quite young, and she was already level 11, enough to prove how outrageous her talent was.

The Great Swordsman itself was a bug profession, alongside the Saint Samurai and the Summoner. All the players were Warriors for now, and there was no way to assume the profession of a Great Swordsman. There were quite a few Great Swordsmen among the NPCs, but they didnt have the ability to help people change their profession, and the NPC experts who know how to change professions to Great Swordsmen were all in the top ranks of the Mercenary Guild, all above Master level.

In other words, Andonara had the ability to help people change professions.

He suddenly remembered that Princess Veronica was also a Great Swordsman and that Andonara had previously said that Veronica was a student she had taught.

Thats quite somethingRoland suddenly thought of something.

"What are your plans after you leave the royal family?"

"None at the moment, do you have any arrangements?"

Roland walked forward slowly as he said, "After you leave the royal family, you have to live in a place that is out of the royal familys reach."

"Ill listen to you."

Roland frowned. The other partys trust made him extremely uncomfortable. This kind of major life event that involved ones own safety and future, how could one just listen to someone else? It hadnt been more than ten hours since the two of them met.

"Your own affairs, you decide."

Andonara said with a matter-of-fact look on her face, "I did decide on my own. I decided to listen to you."

Roland was so helpless that he wanted to bang his head against the wall straight away. "Youre a rare Great Swordsman anyhow, and at the Master level, unbelievably strong. Why arent you a little more independent?"

"Can you not rely on men if youre strong?" Andonara said with a strange look on her face. "If youre strong, you have to fight everything yourself? Roland, I think your words are unreasonable."

Andonara did have a point. Everyone had the right to choose how they lived.

Roland also understood this, but he just felt that it was a bit of a shame that Andonara was so powerful but so insecure and only willing to be the vine of a tree. Otherwise, she should be a rather brilliant, wonderful woman.

Then he sighed helplessly again.

And Andonara looked at him with a smile on her face.

Her expression seemed to say shed do whatever he said.

Roland opened the quest system and saw that the quest of escorting the queen was still in an unfinished state. After a moment of silence to collect his emotions, he slowly said, "How about you just go to Delpon yourself and stay there first? Its Golden Son territory and its a remote area, close to the borderit should be somewhat difficult for the royal family to reach there."

Roland thought of Andonaras abilitysince she could help people change professions, she could also help players change professions. If he posted this message on the forum, a large number of people would go to Delpon in the future to increase her fondness toward them in order to change professions.

This way, the players would spontaneously protect this "queen" who could help players transfer to the profession of Great Swordsman.

There would absolutely be no problem with security.

Andonara blinked. "Is that where youre based as well?"

Roland nodded.

"Thats fine, well go there together later." Andonara smiled quite happily.

Just as Andonara finished speaking, Roland received a system notification.

Quest completed: Escort the Queen to a Safe Place.

Received 784 EXP. The fondness of royal forces decreased to -10.

Wait Roland felt that something was wrong. It was still incomplete before, and the two of them were just walking at a slow pace. They hadnt walked for much distance at all, so there couldnt possibly be the idea of reaching a safe area.

Could it be that the so-called safety didnt refer to certain places or locations, but to Andonaras perception?

Only when she felt that she was safe would the quest be considered complete?

Peace of mind is home?

Roland wasnt sure if he should be happy He had Andonaras trust, which was really the main factor in completing the quest.

But that trust gave him a sense of burden.

To be honest, he kind of didnt want to carry it.

However, now that it had come to this, he would just have to carry it.

He sighed long and deeply in his heart, and looked to the sky. There were no stars around the silvery crescent moon, it looked very lonely, coupled with the sound of the night wind that whistled from time to time. All of a sudden, Roland actually had the illusion that life was as bleak as snow.

After a moment of sighing, Roland looked down at Andonara and said, "Next, Im going to get revenge for Kaka, and Im going to have to fight the Association headquarters, so"

"Yes, Ill help you kill them," Andonara said without hesitation.

Roland wore a bitter expression. "No, I was going to say, why dont you go to Delpon by yourself first?"

Roland wasnt worried about Andonaras safety. It was unclear in other countries, but a Master-level Great Swordsman in the Kingdom of Hollevin was probably the ceiling of combat power. Her safety on the journey shouldnt be a concern; what should be a concern was the stream of robbers whod dare to treat her unkindly.

However, unexpectedly, Andonara shook her head gently. "No, Ill follow you into action. Whoever you want to kill, Ill cut them down for you."

"This is the capital, and if the royal family sees that you havent left and is following a man, theyll probably go crazy, and then well have to face two enemies."

"I can mask my face and disguise myself," Andonara said hastily, "and I will never cause you any trouble."

Roland was tempted to say that her following him was already quite a problematic matter.

But then Andonaras expression became a little panicked and worried, and she looked so pitiful that he just couldnt say the words.

After a moment of silence, he said, "Fine, multiple strong combatants will be good for us."

"Youre too kind." Andonara smiled and came over to put her arms around Roland.

It was at this moment that a red dragon flew over them. Under the moonlight, the red dragons wings spread out, appearing immense.

Andonara instinctively stood in front of Roland, her expression nervous. "Its actually a dragon, and a red dragon at that. Roland, lets hide first."

As she spoke, she tugged on Rolands arm, about to go hide in the woods.

Roland shook his head. "This is my friend, hes a Dragon Knight."

Andonara stopped and she looked surprised.

Dragon Knight that title hadnt existed for over a hundred years.

The red dragon swooped down about ten meters above them.

The strong currents of air could almost blow people away, and on the back of the dragon, Schuck twisted around to look back, while waving at Roland.

His handsome face in the moonlight was as if a god had descended.

Andonara gathered her long hair, which had been disheveled by the strong wind, a look of disgust on her face. "Your friend is so handsome that it makes me uncomfortable."