Mages Are Too Op Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Press You To The Ground

The spy had been following the mercenary squad.

After the magic apprentice took away the Ancient Elvish book and left the tavern, the mercenary was found by his friend and beaten up. Then, they yelled at each other and left for the woods outside of the capital.

The spy followed them and watched them enter the cave.

He waited outside until he saw the mercenaries leave the cave and have a fight. One of the Mages among the mercenaries heavily wounded a few of his teammates. When he was out of magic, he pinched the necklace in his hand, and he was immediately filled with magic power and became as energetic as before.

Because the spy was too close, the Mage spotted them, and they could only escape first.

Daltons heart was on fire after the spys tale.

Any Mage wouldve been excited by a piece of magic equipment crafted by elves that could store magic power.

Now, Dalton had been fully convinced.

The Ancient Elvish checked out, the mercenary checked out, and his spy was very loyal and unlikely to deceive him.

He took a deep breath. Although he was trying to hold it back, delight and earnestness were surfacing on his face.

"Point to me where the Mage went to."

The spy pointed at the north.

"Youve done a good job." Dalton smiled at the spy.

"Its an honor to serve you, sir."

The spy lowered his head happily.

With a smile, Dalton pointed his staff at the spy.

A few Arcane Bullets had been saved in the staff.

They were very close to each other, and the Arcane Bullets were famous for their speed, so the spy was swallowed by a few rainbows before he had any time to react.

Because he was not exempted from the obliteration feature of the Arcane Bullets, the spy was simply reduced to ashes.

Apart from their speed and destruction, the Arcane Bullets also had the feature of obliteration, although it could only be triggered on the victims who had little magic resistance and who were in poor health.

Odds were little to none that the feature could be triggered on a professional.

In comparison, Finger of Death, a level-five spell, had much better chances of obliteration.

Dalton opened the window and soared to the sky with a flight spell of the wind class.

The ashes in the room was also blown out of the window by displaced air and dispersed into the sky.

At this point, the mercenary group came to the rendezvous point. They all seemed to have been terribly wounded, but they would actually be healed in a day or two.

The Mage of the squad reluctantly gave his necklace to Roland, before they all left with twenty gold coins.

Dalton rushed across the sky to the woods in the north. Very soon, he established a web with his mental power to search for his target.

The mental power web of a Master was as massive as Rolands.

Very soon, he noticed a feeble magic wave that was slowly moving forward. As if the guy sensed the mental power web, he began to flee faster.

How could you outrun someone who was flying?

Dalton smiled confidently and chased the target.

When he was above the feeble mental power, Dalton chanted while flying and threw out an orange fireball the size of a basin a second later.

After an intense explosion, a pit about three meters in diameter appeared, and the trees nearby all collapsed.

Fire magic was splashing everywhere.

The fireball had landed somewhere ahead of the target.

Dalton did not miss the target; he did it on purpose, fearing that he might break the precious magic equipment.

Then, Dalton landed and blocked the way of the Mage, whose mental power was weak.

Dalton had expected to see a panicked runner, but to his surprise, the young man was staring at him unusually calmly in a bright gray magic robe.

Dalton felt that something was wrong, but his eyes glittered when he saw the magic necklace in Rolands hand.

Though he was several meters away, he could sense the intense aura of magic from the magic necklace.

It was indeed a piece of equipment that could store magic power.

For a Mage, magic power was the foundation of everything. Without it, they couldnt cast any spell however powerful it was.

Magic power was attack, defense, and life.

"Young man, hand it over," Dalton said kindly. "You know what Im talking about. You cant get away after stealing an artifact from the Association of Mages."

His kindliness and casualness suggested that he felt that everything was under control.

Roland waved the necklace at Dalton and slowly put it on his own neck.

His movement was slow but steady, filled with mockery.

Daltons face contorted. He said with a faint smile, "Young man, you dont seem to be very smart."

Roland chuckled. "Kaka Bard sends his regards from the underworld!"

Dalton knew that it was a trap the moment he heard that. He suddenly raised his staff and pointed it at Roland.

A dozen rainbows were unleashed at Roland, with long exhaust flames behind.

But in the next second, a blue puppet with a shield appeared out of nowhere and took all the magic bullets.

Generally speaking, the spells stored in a staff couldnt be too powerful, although they could often catch the enemy unprepared.

The magic resistance of the shielded puppet was more than enough to block them.

Dalton was surprised to see the blue puppet.

Wasnt this the derivative spell model that Young Bard submitted?

Was this guy the real creator of the derivative spell?


Now that this guy was bold enough to trick him to come here, it wouldnt be easy for him to escape.

If he stayed any longer, something might happen to him.

Dalton immediately soared to the sky, but when he was only ten meters high, someone announced behind him in a magnetic voice, "Decree: No Flying!"

Dalton immediately sensed that a strange force was pressing him down.

Decree? A Saint Samurai?

While trying to resist the invisible force, Dalton struggled to turn around, only to see a young man in platinum armor behind him.

The man was holding a heavy sword and emitting bright golden rays of light.

Damn it! Hes really a Saint Samurai!

It was a trap against him. Even his flight spells of the wind class had been taken into consideration.

He tried his best to summon his magic power to resist the divine power of the Decree.

It was a direct competition of strength. Decree: No Flying could only suppress the flight spells that were weaker than itself.

It remained to be seen who was stronger.

Although Schuck was only Level Five and Dalton was Level Ten, thanks to the high attribution growth of the Golden Sons and the unimaginable class buff of the Saint Samurai, Schuck was actually slightly stronger than Dalton despite the major gap between their levels.

As a result, Dalton, frightened, watched himself to be pressed back to the ground from midair.

The whole process took slightly more than four minutes.

In the meantime, Roland simply observed in silence without doing anything.