Mages Are Too Op Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Counted As Two

"Where are you going?" asked Andonara, who was in pure white.

Most of the time, women would look more beautiful in the moonlight.

Andonara was beautiful enough as she was. In the white dress, she struck Roland as a goddess who had just descended.

Though they had been in each others company for a couple of days, Roland was still deeply amazed.

She was the second most beautiful woman that Roland had ever seen. Even the elf that Roland set free last time was not as pretty as Andonara.

The most beautiful was the angel that he saw at Falkens funeral.

Roland moved his eyes back and said casually, "Im going to meet my friend."

"Im going too."

"Why?" Roland was puzzled.

"I have to protect you." Andonara smiled next to Roland. "Isnt it natural for a melee class to protect a spellcaster class?"

"The Golden Sons do not die." Roland waved his hand. "I dont need any protection."

Andonara pretended to be pitiful. "But"

"Really. Its a party of Golden Sons. All of the participants are men. Its inappropriate for you to go there."

Andonara pursed her lips. "Fine."

Roland smiled and left the manor.

Roland was sort of surprised that Andonara was clingy.

It was late at night. A curfew had been imposed in Delpon, and nobody could leave the city freely.

But Roland, Hawk, Link, and other players were the actual controllers of the city now. So, when Roland came to the city gate and said that he wanted to go out, the officer immediately asked the soldiers to open the gate for Roland and close it again after Roland was out.

Many merchants and mercenaries were waiting for dawn outside of the city gate.

Sitting next to their fire, they were stunned to see Roland. Some of them intended to talk to him and see if the young man could bring them into the city in advance.

But they dropped this thought when they saw Rolands magic robe. They simply watched him disappear into the moonlight.

Several minutes later, Roland felt that he was too slow, so he began to use Teleportation.

But after another teleportation, his face became pale Though he had arrived at the docks, he couldnt help but throw up again.

After vomiting everything in his stomach onto the grasses nearby, Roland sighed helplessly.

"No. When the distance is neither too long nor too short like this case, Long-Distance Teleportation would be too wasteful, but teleporting too many times can be nauseating," Roland said to himself. "Also, its impossible to go to places whose coordinates are unknown with Long-Distance Teleportation. So, I have to invent a faster and more convenient means of transportation."

After gagging for a while, he walked into the docks and found Hawk at the old place.

Near Hawk were a few professionals who were obviously players.

Their hilarious husky-like vibe could barely be mistaken.

Seeing Roland, Hawk walked to him. The Warrior, who looked like a strengthened orc, intended to give Roland a hug, but he was stopped by a magic puppet.

"Sorry, but I dont feel like hugging men."

Hawk backed off, not offended. He laughed and said, "Youre rather pale. Has the queen already drained you?"

The players nearby all grimaced.

Everybody who frequently visited the forum knew that Roland had lured the queen away.

Also, Roland did seem exhausted at this point.

Roland raised his middle finger at them Boundaries were unnecessary when dealing with players.

Then, he sat down and said, "Lets talk about the raid."

"Take a look yourself." Hawk pointed his finger in midair and operated on the system menu that was invisible to others. "Ill share the quest with you."

After accepting the quest, Roland turned on the quest system.

Conflict Within Elves: Nature or Retribution (Epic).

Wow The title of the quest was epic enough as it was. Roland opened the quest introduction.

"The elven Druids now disagree with each other on whether to retreat to the forest or declare war on mankind. Their choice will influence the future of the elves, but for mankind, there is only one option, which is to help conservative Druids. Now, find friends to help the conservative elves to defeat the Druids who believe in retribution. (Large secondary raid. Suggested number of participants: 10)"

After reading the quest introduction, Roland looked at the surrounding players and only counted seven including himself. He couldnt help but ask, "The system suggests ten participants, but only seven of us are going?"

"Theyre the most suitable candidates in my guild." Link, who had been silent, said helplessly, "This game differs in other games in that a dungeon will be closed for good once the raid fails, unless its special. So, we have to find the best candidates and try to complete the raid in one go."

"Do you want me to include the friends in my guild?"

Hawk nodded. "Thats exactly why we wanted to meet you."

If possible, Silver Wings would rather not involve any players from other guilds in the epic quest that they triggered by good luck.

But there wasnt a choice. Everybody in this guild with a reasonable combat ability had been gathered here.

So, external help was necessary.

Roland left a message in the guild channel and asked if anybody in his guild was willing to come.

But everybody except Schuck and Betta was either occupied or too far away.

As a dragon knight, Schuck could easily fly ten thousand kilometers in a day.

Betta, on the other hand, had returned to a town near Delpon for a quest. It would take only him half a day to come to Delpon City.

After reading their replies, Roland said, "Schuck and Betta from my guild can join this quest."

Everybody was delighted.

As a dragon knight, Schuck had high combat capabilities and was definitely dependable. The odds of passing the dungeon raid would be much higher with him.

Betta was a capable boy too. A Divine Noble who was capable of both melee and magic skills could deal with all kinds of circumstances.

After the initial delight, Link frowned. "But were still short of one person."

"Do we have to hire people from the forum?" Hawk scratched his head. "I dont trust strangers."

"Actually, I think we already have ten participants," said Roland casually.

Everybody else was puzzled.

Roland explained, "Schuck is a dragon knight. So he should be counted as two people."

After a brief surprise, everybody realized what he meant.