Mages Are Too Op Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Disgusted

in rolands manor, two men were enjoying afternoon tea in the pleasant sunlight on the balcony.

the afternoon sun shined on andonara, and her milky skin glowed brightly.

she was not scared of tanning, as most professionals werent. they couldnt be blackened by the sun unless they were black in the first place.

drinking a mouthful of the milk wine, she couldnt feel more comfortable. she had never lived such a peaceful life before.

when she lived in the royal palace, she had to be prudent all the time in case she did anything wrong or upset anyone.

even when she was with her "family," she had to pay attention to etiquette all the time, and if she did anything inappropriate, someone would immediately stare scornfully.

she had always been criticized because she was not born in a noble family.

but that was not the end of it.

she was the royal princes step-mother, but she could always see a disgusting sense of possession in their eyes, even though the seventh prince was only twelve.

it was not horrible that there were enemies outside; it was horrible that enemies were all around her.

as a result, andonara had been in a dilemma. if she did anything, she would be scolded; but if she didnt do anything, she would be angry.

even more chillingly, her husband did not seem to have feelings for her.

he did not just refuse to be intimate with her. he simply seemed to not care about her at all.

andonara had been mired in a sense of insecurity when she was despised and rejected by her "family" even though she was the queen, to the point that she almost became depressed.

she held herself back for a long time, until she couldnt anymore. when the magic tower came to kidnap her, she proposed a test.

but the result was heartbreaking. the king did not intend to look for her at all.

after she returned, the king even forced her to identify kaka bard as her kidnapper.

even more outrageously, she was held in custody in a manor outside of the royal palace a few days later, ready to be sentenced to death the next day.

it was at that point that her heart grew cold.

back then, she had made up her mind to kill whoever came to her with the atonement scrolls even though they were grand nobles, before she marched all the way back to the royal palace and died in battle.

after all, there was no place for her in this vast world anymore.

but surprisingly, it was roland who came.

the man who came to kill her, after learning everything, was willing to get her out.

such a man was like a magnificent tree, and she was like a vine that couldnt survive without clinging to a tree.

now that she had run into one, she did not let it go.

roland was going to be away for a long time, but andonara was not anxious at all.

this was rolands home. he had to return sooner or later.

all she needed to do was protect everything in this home, including her rival, vivian.

she was still the queen, not because she still loved the title, but because the title seemed to be tempting to roland.

therefore, it was worthwhile to keep the title.

at this point, roland was throwing up above the grasses next to the road.

after vomiting out the food in his stomach, he began to discharge gastric acids. in the end, he felt like he was vomiting his kidneys out.

of course, it was only in his mind, but it was evident enough what poor condition roland was in.

he had thought that a remote teleportation would be no problem for him since he was already used to short-distance teleportation, but he realized that their consequences were not on the same level at all.

short-distance teleportation was like taking a shaking boat in the middle of a surging storm, but remote teleportation was like being thrown into a laundering machine and spun again and again before he was dried.

it was a nightmare.

at this moment, he barely had any combat ability and couldnt cast any spells. even a ten-year-old could stab him to death with a sharp sword.

thankfully, this place was unpopulated, and more importantly, he was wearing his magic robe. so nobody came to him even though he was crouching on the ground palely.

after sitting on the ground for almost two hours, roland finally stood up.

however, his legs were trembling too hard for him to walk. he had to drink some warm water and rest another twenty minutes before he finally felt better.

after all, as a professional, his speed of recovery was much higher than normal.

if he were an ordinary person, it wouldve taken days before he recovered.

roland walked to the city gate again and met antis there.

the pretty young man was surprised to see rolands pale face. he asked promptly, "are you poisoned?"

"no." leaning on the bricks of the city wall, roland waved his hand lethargically.

"then youre exhausted by the queen?" asked antis teasingly.

roland rolled his eyes. "thats even less possible."

"it doesnt matter whether you admit it or not, because its transparent in my eyes." antis looked at roland in admiration. "you seduced the queen, but the royal family did not put you on the wanted list. even the queens title is kept. tsk, tsk. how did you manage that?"

leaning against the wall, roland thought for a moment and said, "the king may have a special quirk.’"

"hows that possible?" antis grinned like a beautiful girl. "enough talking. i dont want the royal family to suspect me. look at you why dont i call a carriage for you?"

"that would be great."

the carriage soon arrived. roland took it and asked the driver to take him to the bear mages magic tower.

after he told the guards his name, he was soon invited to the study on the upper level of the magic tower.

tobian, the bear mage, opened the door and welcomed him in person this time.

"you do not look well. have you been exhausted by the queen?" tobians bald head reflected the brilliant sunlight.

roland couldnt have appeared more speechless. "enough. why do you all think that this is caused by the queen?"

"otherwise, its inexplicable how a mage could look so awful when youre not poisoned." tobian laughed.

"i used long-distance teleportation for the first time." laying his elbows on the desk, roland rubbed his temples and said, "master tobian, were you not queasy when you used it for the first time?"

tobian grew solemn. he stared at roland and said casually, "im incapable of long-distance teleportation. i can only do the teleportation spell."


roland looked at the guy in surprise.

"dont look at me that way," tobian said casually. "spatial magic is an arcane and sophisticated system only second to prophetic magic. im already a genius in hollevin to have picked up teleportation. as for long-distance teleportation, there are only two people capable of that to my knowledge, and both of them are warlocks rather than mages. they learned it because of their talent, not their intelligence."

roland felt somewhat disbelieving.

he did not think that long-distance teleportation was so hard.

he had to thank the twenty years of systematic education that he had received in reality.

apart from everything else, the education system had taught him how to learn.

seeing that roland was silent, tobian continued with a smile, "mr. roland, whats the purpose of your visit?"

"id like to buy some magic models from you," roland said slowly. "the advanced ones, the lowly ones, anything will be fine as long as im not capable of it yet."

tovian searched his bookshelves and found a few models. he placed them before roland.

"theyre all yours. for free."

roland was not delighted. he simply stared at the man in silence.

he knew very well that free stuff might demand an enormous price in the future.

"why? you dont want them now?" asked tobian with a smile.

slightly leaning back, roland asked, "what do you want in return?"

solemnly gazing at roland in silence for a while, tobian said, "i hope that you wont stop me from becoming the general chairman."

"thats all?"

"thats all!" tobian nodded.

roland asked somewhat confusedly, "im just the chairman of a branch in a city at the border. i cant decide whether or not you can become the general chairman."

tobian said affirmatively, "yes, you can."

roland smiled. "i know very well what im capable of and what im not."

tobian shook his head weirdly. "too much modesty is arrogance."

looking at the mans face, roland was even more puzzled.

"earlier, i was told that there was a statue outside of the capital which could grant you higher magic power regeneration." tobian looked roland in the eyes and said, "but i never believed it until i paid a visit to the statue yesterday. i did get quick magic power regeneration."

roland sighed helplessly, knowing that the guy had a misunderstanding.

"actually, youre more famous than you think, at least here in the headquarters."

roland considered for two seconds and then nodded. "rest assured, i wont stand in your way."

tobian smiled in relief and made a "please" gesture at the models on the desk.

after examining them, roland found that only two of the models were new to him.

one of them was spatial bubble squirt, and the other was a magic barrier.

the former was a special offensive skill in the spatial class, and the latter was a generic defensive spell.

it was the first real defensive spell that roland had ever acquired.

after getting the models, roland left tobians magic tower and left the capital.

now, he would have to teleport himself back.

roland touched his belly and couldnt feel sadder.

he would be nauseated again after the teleportation, and he felt uncomfortable just thinking about it.

but a man had to be tough on himself. after a long hesitation, he gritted his teeth and activated the spell.

after the world swirled in front of him dizzily, he felt that his feet were on the ground again. then, his legs became sore, and he fell on his knees.

he gagged so hard that he almost vomited his intestines out, because there was absolutely nothing in his stomach anymore.