Mages Are Too Op Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Please Nerf The Warlocks

a bonfire party was a traditional evening activity for elves.

privileges of entertainment were understandable since the elves could live a thousand years without meeting any danger their whole lives.

however, different from the corrupt means of entertainment of human nobles, the bonfire party of the elves was positive and even sophisticated.

around a bonfire, the elves at the party would display the artwork they recently made, such as paintings, poems, or sculptures for their friends to appreciate.

when they were done talking about art, they would sing and dance.

such a bonfire would usually last until dawn.

a lot of things had to be prepared when one was to throw such a party.

for example, they had to prepare the special firewood that had a pleasant fragrance and wouldnt yield too much smoke. fruits, wine, and fresh meat were compulsory too.

in the end, they had to inform the possible participants of the party of the time and location of the party.

delivering invitations to them could be a troublesome job.

it was because the elf forest was huge and the population of the elves was small. they were all distant from each other, and it could be time-consuming when a lot of people had to be notified.

but still, ans completed the job carefully.

also, in case the many guests he invited felt crowded, he considerately divided the bonfire party into two parts.

the leadership of natures wrath was on the east, and the other elves were on the west not far away.

although the elves sense of hierarchy was not as strong as that of mankind, they still had it.

the night soon fell. after arranging the party at the two places with his subordinates, ans, exhausted, sat on a single chair that was in the luxurious style of the elves and took a rest.

a male elf came to him. he had the handsome look of a normal elf and smiled. "ans, thank you for your trouble. youre always so careful."

ans opened his eyes; it was already dark. because of the tall trees in the elf forest that blocked the sunlight, the night fell much earlier here than in the human world.

he snapped his fingers, and a bright purple ball of light illuminated the place.

it was an illumination skill of the elves. because the leaves of the world tree were purple, purple was the most honored color among the elves.

as a result, even the rays of their illumination skills were purple too.

"graniso, why are you here instead of accompanying your expectant wife?"

"dont mention it. she kicked me out." graniso pulled a chair and sat down, then he smiled gently. "she said that a man should be doing things outside instead of pacing around a woman all the time. that was so unfair. i only wanted to spend some time with her. but you know how moody an expectant woman can be."

ans asked, "have you thought of a name for the baby yet?"

"i chose it a long time ago," graniso said excitedly. "if its a boy, jakka, and if its a girl, nanna."

ans nodded. "theyre great names. rest assured, youre going to have a healthy baby."

"thank you." graniso patted anss shoulder. "then, when are you getting married? many beautiful girls are waiting for you."

"i dont want to pursue love before my dream is realized." ans shook his head.

while they talked, more and more elves gathered. they carried an assortment of items with them, including baskets of fruits, strange sculptures, and some snacks. everybody around the bonfire seemed to be smiling.

looking around, ans stood up and said, "all right, most everyone is here. lets get started."

the elves were familiar with each other. therefore, there were no boring speeches or self-introductions at the beginning of the party.

ans walked forward and ignited the enormous pile of firewood at the center of the gathering.

as more and more pieces of wood were ignited, the bonfire grew brighter and brighter.

the elves around the bonfire all clapped their hands.

a party of around twenty people would be neither too crowded nor too awkward.

the elves exchanged and appreciated each others artworks.

ans sat down and enjoyed the fruit wine.

not far away, another bright fire was ignited. obviously, the leadership of natures wrath started their bonfire party too.

ans sat and smiled in silence.

he knew that something unusual would happen soon, but he was not anxious at all.

when he finished a cup of fruit wine, graniso approached and sat down next to him. "wow. dolly has made great progress in painting!"

anss eyes glittered. "really? im going to take a look."

actually, he couldnt care less about painting at this moment, but he pretended to be curious.

but the moment he rose, he noticed a bright and transparent magic wall rising far away.

the strong light of the wall could be seen despite the blockage of the dense trees.

"what are the leaders of natures wrath doing?" graniso scratched his head in confusion. "that magic wave is weird. are they doing human magic experiments?"

many people noticed the anomaly too. they all stood up and pointed at the wall, whispering to each other.

observing it in silence for a few seconds, ans said to graniso, "something seems to be wrong. im going to take a look."

"ill go with you." graniso rose and stood next to him.

shoulder to shoulder, they walked toward the shining wall.

four minutes later, they arrived at the foot of the wall.

both of them were extremely surprised. graniso even swallowed.

"whats this?"

an ivory curtain of light rose to the sky and blocked their way. after a shock, ans took off and flew higher and higher with elven spells. he did not see the complete picture of the shining wall until he was two hundred meters high.

it was a square, glittering, massive barrier that covered almost eight hundred acres.

descending from the sky, ans said to graniso quickly, "inform the other members of natures wrath. i think something is wrong."

"okay." graniso ran back quickly.

soon, ans was left alone.

he had been looking grave, but now he put on a smile.

inside the massive barrier, hawks team were all stunned.

they had been fully prepared for an ambush, but two minutes after the people of natures wrath lit the bonfire, the quest system dropped a notification on their system menu.

"epic quest activated. a large dungeon environment has been established for six hours until all the elves within the dungeon are executed."

after the notification, the surrounding space was immediately locked down by a special barrier.

the members of natures wrath who were about to have a party, all shocked, grabbed their weapons vigilantly.

it was impossible to ambush the elves now. hawk simply stood up from the bush and roared, "forget it! just attack!"

then, he charged at the bonfire before everybody else, closely followed by link.

dorfer, the hunter, stood up and shot three consecutive arrows at an elf next to the bonfire.

the warlock summoned his maggot and gave the order "squirt poop."

the three-meter-long maggot wriggled and bulged. eventually, all its bulging parts were gathered at the center of its body, before it spurted out a mass of black and yellow stuff.

the hunter was subconsciously taking breath after just shooting three consecutive arrows.

but the moment he inhaled, a strange smell squeezed into his lungs through his nose. he trembled and paled.

then, he stepped back and gagged, before he looked in fear at the maggot which was "accumulating strength" again.

dorfer stepped further away.

the previous three consecutive arrows did not land. the target dodged them and had found his location.

then, multiple bows were aimed at him. even though dorfer and solomon the warlock were more than a hundred meters away, they felt that pointy weapons seemed to have been stuck to their forehead.

but thankfully, the black and yellow stuff the maggot spurted out had reached the people of natures wrath in a parabola.

a male elf, who was the tallest among them and had dragon horns on his forehead like margret did, raised his staff and pointed at the black and yellow stuff, launching a small fireball.

then it exploded.

the black and yellow stuff, heated and sticky, fell like boiled rainwater.

the coverage was appallingly huge.

many people of natures wrath were stained. they extended their fingers and rubbed some of the matter off. they observed it and even sniffed it.

for intelligent creatures, they needed time to recognize special, stimulative smells, which could take a couple of seconds.

after that the twelve elves near the bonfire trembled hard with pale faces, both disgusted and infuriated, as if someone had killed their whole family.

three of them were even vomiting in fury.

the male elf with dragon horns lowered his head and looked at the stains on his clothes. then he slowly raised his head.

his previously green eyes were now bloodshot.

his body expanded nonstop, green magic power around him. in no more than two seconds, he became a green dragon six meters long and four meters tall.

the green dragon flapped his wings, and a thunderous roar rumbled under the sky. "filthy and shameless human beings, im going to kill you!"

at this point, the maggot, which had accumulated enough material, squirted a second time.

in the meantime, the fireball in rolands hand expanded to around half a meter in diameter.