Mages Are Too Op Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Major Gap In Combat Ability

the emerald dragon that the druid turned into flapped his wings while he leaped, raising an appalling wind, before he surged into the sky and charged at solomon.

before he drew near, all the players had already sensed heavy pressure when the dragon rushed at them, as if a mountain was hanging above them.

solomons first reaction was to recall his maggot and send it back to the special space where magic pets were kept.

it was definitely a smart decision, as the emerald dragon had spurted out a mouthful of green saliva the moment he took off. the saliva crashed into the second mass of black and yellow stuff and vaporized it. then, it hit exactly where solomon was standing.

though solomon was defending himself with the magic barrier that he had randomly learned as a warlock, the dragon saliva consumed him. his magic shield broke within half a second. then, solomon was reduced to bones before he even had the chance to scream.

it was a spew of acid, one of the emerald dragons special skills.

after the green acid melted solomon, it splashed everywhere on the ground, and when it hit trees, grass, or mud, there would be a rustling sound of collision and a surge of foam.

dorfer, the hunter who was slightly far away, was hit by a drop of acid on his left arm. then, his leather armor was immediately blackened. his left arm was sore too.

greatly scared, he cut his left arm with his dagger for self-defense, slashing off the part of his flesh that was stained by the acid.

the flesh dropped to the ground and was soon gone because of the corrosion.

however, dorfer found that his bow trembled hard when he tried to pull it with his wounded left arm.

because of the weakened sense of pain, dorfer did not really feel any agony from his left arm, but the wound inevitably affected the strength and stability of his arm.

he had a try, and his arrow simply missed the target fifty meters away.

his tentative arrow was spotted by the elves. realizing where he was, they shot a dozen regular and magic arrows at him.

dorfer hurried to dodge, but the emerald dragon had discovered him too. the dragon flew back abruptly and craned its head, taking a deep breath.

it was not hard to say that another mouthful of saliva was upcoming.

but at this point, roland finally took action. the blue fireball that was almost one meter in diameter was thrown in midair.

actually, roland had been hit remotely at least four times, but the attacks were all blocked by suel with a round shield.

roland suspected that suel had special skills against remote attacks, because he had accurately blocked the zigzagging arrows, some of which were even magic, with a tiny round shield that did not have a large coverage.

roland had intended to wait until the fireball grew bigger, but the elves had noticed the threat of rolands fireball with their keen senses of magic.

those four attacks were just a prelude. more elves had focused their eyes on him.

if roland didnt attack, he would be faced with a rain of arrows soon, which suel might not be able to block.

the blue fireball flew at the emerald dragon in the sky, and the emerald dragon looked at it in disdain.

seeing the fireball coming at him, the dragon moved horizontally to avoid the trajectory of the fireball.

however awesome a spell was, it was pointless if it could not hit the target.

right when the fireball and the dragon were about to pass each other, roland snapped his fingers.

the fireball immediately glittered in an intense explosion, swallowing the dragon in overwhelming flames.

that was not all. the blast and heat waves caused by the explosion reached the ground from midair.

the trees within dozens of meters were all bent. some of the seedlings were easily broken apart.

hawk and link had almost reached the elves, but under the tremendous waves, hawk nearly fell, and link fell on one of his knees.

link was greatly shocked and thought that he was dead for sure. after all, the elven archers were aiming at him.

but then he realized that the elves were even more badly hurt. they were almost all lying on the ground.

hawk was overjoyed to see that after he regained balance. he simply activated leap slash.

he leaped to the nearest archer and knocked him to the sky, before he slashed the handsome archer into two with his sword.

at this point, link got back to his feet too.

the pure physical pressure could only be resisted with a sturdy body. since the elves were generally vulnerable and hadnt activated their defense spells, they were terribly affected.

but they were agile. right after hawk killed the first elf and was about to launch a second attack, two arrows hit his chest at the same time.

as it happened, two archers had stood up and shot two magic arrows.

hawk roared. he sensed that his strength was dwindling. he was about to cheer himself up with a roar, when an arrow penetrated his throat and another one stabbed into his eye, revealing the arrowhead at the back of his head.

hawk trembled and fell backward, his eyes losing focus.

seeing that, link roared and performed leap slash, but before he landed, six arrows had been shot at him.

he blocked four arrows with his sword, but the last two hit his chest and his right hand.

when he landed, he knocked away an elf. when he was about to behead the elf like hawk did, another ten arrows flew at him.

pu! pu! pu! after the consecutive hits, link collapsed with twelve arrows in him, not far away from hawks body.

"sh*t!" suel roared after seeing that.

these elves were all elites. some were even close to the master level.

their archery was impressive too. it was both fast and accurate.

suel was far away from them and had time to react, but hawk and link were too close to them to dodge after they shot the arrows.

at this point, the flames in the sky finally dispersed.

the emerald dragon had turned into a "black dragon." almost all its scales had dropped. there was no blood, because the blood had been vaporized.

but the dragon was still flying and seemed to be capable of fighting.

his bloodshot eyes were fully focused on roland.