Mages Are Too Op Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Im Very Curious

while the two gigantic dragons were brutalizing each other, the earth shook each time they rolled on the ground and collided.

although dragons were flying creatures, they were good fighters on the ground too.

they had thick bodies, hard scales, sharp teeth, and dragon spells.

many people thought that they would be victorious if they forced a dragon to land, but in fact, a dragon was worse when it was on the ground.

when a dragon was in the sky, it was only agile and could launch remote attacks, which were not nearly as destructive as they were on the ground.

this was exactly the case. when the two dragons bit each other, a shower of blood rained down.

in the meantime, they were also spurting dragons breath at each other.

flames and acids were splashing everywhere. the flowers and grass were set ablaze and then corroded until they were almost fully gone.

margret was a real dragon, and the emerald dragon was only transformed from a druid. logically, margret should be stronger than the emerald dragon.

but the problem was that margret was still too young. she was no more than a hundred years old; in terms of dragon strength, she was only a girl and at level six.

the druid, on the other hand, was at level eleven. he had much more battle experience and special skills at his disposal.

even though the scales of the emerald dragon had been burnt up by roland, margret was still on the losing end in a close-range battle with the emerald dragon.

that was why roland asked schuck to help her.

"i was only scared that you would accuse me of abandoning a friend for a girl."

schuck rolled his eyes. he turned around, only to see margret be hit by another stream of acid. most of the scales on her front had dropped, and under the sprinkle of acid, her flesh was immediately blackened, smoke rising up.

schuck was immediately infuriated. he cast light rapid healing on margret and shouted, "margret, step back!"

though she was furious, margret heard him and flapped her wings, flying back a dozen meters and raising a strong wind.

in the wind, schuck raised his swords and shouted, "decree: falling sun!"

dazzling light appeared above the green dragon, and a gold ball of light descended with an extremely high temperature.

the green dragon raised his head at the sun in vigilance.

then, surrounded by golden streaks of light, the emerald dragon transformed into a strong, naked male elf in no more than a second.

then, schuck was stunned.

his decree lost its target, which resulted in the failure of spellcasting and caused a magic recoil.

schuck grunted, pale, and the golden ball of light in the sky disappeared after it broke into countless spots.

"it lost the target?"

schuck found it hard to believe.

actually, to the knowledge of the magic world, the different forms of a druid would be considered as different lives.

essentially speaking, both a black leopard and an emerald dragon was the elven druid.

but from the perspective of magic, the black leopard, the emerald dragon, and the elven druid were three kinds of targets or lives.

the naked male elf grinned at schuck hideously and ran at him. while he was running, he turned into a black leopard.

after another few steps, the black leopard was gone.

while stepping back, schuck cast two defensive spells on himself.

the moment he finished, the black leopard appeared two meters before schuck and pranced at him.

his sharp claws gleamed with cold light as they snatched at schucks head.

schuck raised his sword to block. after a clang, schuck was forced back, and the black leopard flipped back with the counterforce and landed.

the moment he landed, the black leopard jumped back again, and a pillar of fire hit where he had just been standing.

avoiding the fire attack, the black leopard looked back in disdain at margret, who was spurting out fire.

at this point, schuck checked his giant sword, only to see three small holes in it. they couldve only been caused by the black leopard.

he couldnt help but gasp at the sharpness of the black leopards claws.

his sword was forged with the finest steel. more importantly, it was imbued with the power of light. yet, the black leopards claws had left three holes in it.

what were the black leopards claws made of exactly?

actually, as a special class of the elves, the druids had their unusual qualities.

morph was the central skill for the druids.

the druids could assume the form of multiple animals to deal with different environments.

the emerald dragon was the druids strongest form with average abilities.

this form was excellent in terms of survival, destruction, mobility, etc. there were no shortcomings.

the black leopard form, on the other hand, was the most destructive of all the druids forms.

after turning into a black leopard, the druids would acquire natural stealth, and the hardness of their claws would increase with their level.

the black leopard claws of a level-five druid would be considered a penetrative weapon, and those of a level-ten druid would be considered a mithril weapon.

mithril was a hard metal and a good suppressor of magic. if the attack was powerful enough, a weapon made of mithril could easily tear a magic shield apart.

that was why three holes were punctured in schucks giant sword.

the black leopard entered stealth mode again. immediately, flames hit somewhere nearby and forced him to reveal himself.

but the black leopard was extremely fast. like black lightning, it jumped elsewhere and entered stealth mode again. this time, even margret failed to track it.

the black leopards stealth ability could hardly deceive the eyes of a dragon that could see through disguises. it must be somewhere that margret could not see.

margret flapped her wings and shouted, "schuck, come here!"

since the enemy had advantages on the ground, they should fly into the sky.

that was margrets simple thought.

but schuck shook his head.

on rolands end, after blocking another dozen arrows, suel was finally hit on the forehead, before multiple arrows shot his throat and his heart. he fell backward.

even though he specialized in blocking arrows, he could not guarantee hed block all arrows. it was still a matter of intensity.

just now, roland threw out another three fireballs, but they were all blown up by the enemy.

besides, roland had no time to accumulate power. as long as he dared to accumulate his magic power to cast a spell, he would be faced with a lot of tricky arrows, and he had to summon shield-wielding magic puppets to protect himself.

at this point, roland finally understood why most mages required the protection of warriors.

it was true that chances were few for them to cast a spell when a strong archer was onto them.

at this point, roland, the hunter, schuck, and margret were the only ones left on the battlefield.

the black leopard suddenly appeared ten meters ahead of schuck. with bloodshot eyes, he suddenly spoke in the human tongue. "you are a saint samurai. youre supposed to be a symbol of justice and order. why did you ambush us?"

the other elves stopped attacking, although they still aimed their long bows at roland and schuck.

schuck sneered. "you slaughtered so many humans in two villages and one town without even sparing the babies, and youre asking me why i ambushed you?"

after a brief silence, the black leopard asked, "how did you know that?"

"nothing can be kept a secret forever."

"it doesnt matter how you learned it. weve done nothing wrong. the human beings who imprison and enslave elves deserve death."

schuck shouted angrily, "you couldve killed the criminals and spared the innocents. why did you kill the infants and the children? do you have any morals?"

"some of my people were tortured to death by them. as far as i know, the folk in the villages and the town all enjoyed the show excitedly. when death drew near, none of them were innocent." the black leopard looked at schuck and roland and then said, "i dont want to discuss philosophy with you. its boring. all i want to say is that your men are mostly dead. if you kill the other two human beings, i will let you and the red dragon go."

hearing that, roland grinned and pinged schuck in the guild system.

roland: "buy us some time until hawk and the rest of them resurrect and come back."

schuck: "got it."

after replying to roland, schuck looked at the black leopard and smiled. "youre willing to let us go?"

"although im not happy to admit it, if a saint samurai and a dragon knight dies in my home, the church of light would definitely seek retaliation on the elves." the black leopard said casually, "thank your defensive goddess, unwise saint samurai."

the black leopards voice was low and full of regret and helplessness.

"they say that the elves are innocent, but youre rather sordid in my opinion." schuck snorted and smiled. "the saint samurai have to abide by the virtues of knighthood; we cannot abandon our comrades. if i let you kill my friends, i will definitely be forsaken by the goddess and corrupted into a dark knight, and you wont let me go after i turn into a dark knight. so, all of us will die in the end anyway."

the black leopard stepped back. gazing at schuck, he said in vague surprise, "youre smarter than i thought, human."

actually, it was exactly the druids plan, but it did not occur to him that schuck would see through him so easily.

"you couldve turned into a dark knight yourself and saved each others time." the leopard walked along gracefully and continued, "youre going to die anyway. why dont you tell me the truth before you die? im very curious about who told you of the slaughters."