Mages Are Too Op Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Harder Than Imagined

Saint Samurai was a very powerful profession, so powerful that the game development team called it a bug. The core specialty unique to the profession was Body of Light.

The professions use of any melee weapon rendered it a "weightless" weapon, meaning that even a greatsword could be brandished as easily as a dagger. In the simplest measurement conditions, the heavier the weapon, the faster it could be swung, then the higher the impact damage it could naturally do.

Using a ten-kilogram greatsword, swinging it with the same attack speed as a dagger

Daggers, on the other hand, were generally around a kilogram, a tenth of the base weight of greatswords.

This was why, even with a focused addition on Charm, the Saint Samurais melee base damage ability was not far from that of Warriors of the same level.

However, the average Saint Samurai wouldnt purposely learn melee combat specialties, so their melee combat abilities could catch up to that of Warriors, but not surpass them.

Body of Light had another effect: any armor worn was rendered "weightless" armor, and the power of light would continuously strengthen the armor, transforming it, slowly and permanently increasing its defensive resistance and magic resistance. The maximum effect was the characters level multiplied by three.

Therefore, Saint Samurai would not normally change their armor, because, after three to five years of wearing it, their armor would become divine armor with considerably strong defense, not much worse than the armor of Heroes.

The Saint Samurais secondary profession specialty was Wings of Light.

Once the character was at level five, they would automatically learn Wings of Light, which allowed them to use light theurgy to condense a pair of golden wings of light behind their back, giving the spellcaster the effect of Rudimentary Acceleration as well as the ability to levitate.

From this level onward, the attractiveness index of the Saint Samurai would be further enhanced

After level ten, the Wings of Light would become two pairs, and the spellcaster would be able to obtain the ability of Intermediate Acceleration, which would not only greatly increase movement speed on the ground, but also increase ones own attack speed, and allow short-distance flight; the longest flight distance was character level times two kilometers, the fastest flight speed was character level times 1.5 meters per second, the maximum flight height was character level times two meters, and the maximum accumulation limit for the number of flights was their level divided by four, which would naturally accumulate once every eight hours.

After level 15, the Saint Samurai was rumored to be able to obtain three pairs of light wings, but no Legendary Saint Samurai had been born since the history of the Church of Light, so no one knew what abilities the Saint Samurai would have after level 15.

The Saint Samurai was very, very powerful, but their limitations were quite obvious. First of all, they derived their power from the Goddess of Light, and their alignment had to be good, or at least neutral good. If their thoughts and actions deviated from the good alignment, they degenerated into Dark Knights, or also known as Dark Samurai.

A Dark Knight would lose the Goddesss favor and the power of light. At the same time, they would be given power by certain demonic gods in the demon realm, and from then on, their strength and personality would change. According to the records of the Church of Light, the higher the level of the Saint Samurai, the more likely they would be tempted by demonic gods.

Or to put it another way, most demonic gods were quite interested in corrupting Saint Samurai.

A powerful profession was bound to have considerable limitations as well.

If Schuck dared to abandon Roland and his other teammates, under normal circumstances, there would be a spontaneous alignment test, which would cause the gods fondness value to drop and their strength to drop, even if they werent directly expelled from the Saint Samurai "household."

This was the true weakness of the clerical professions; once you lost the favor of the gods, you would be nothing.

This was why the Druid explicitly said that he was concerned about Schuck, a dragon knight, and was afraid of the forces behind him.

But in reality, he was pushing Schuck to his death, and if Schuck believed him, Shuck would suffer great losses.

Upon hearing that the black panther was quite interested in who the traitor was, Shuck smiled, cast another healing spell on Margret, and then said, "Again, it would be betrayal if I told you who the traitor wasyoure clearly just an elf, yet theres a trap in every word you speak.

The panther snickered twice. "But its better than you dying right now. Maybe we can compromise and you can get that dragon to tell me who betrayed us! That way it wont count as your betrayal."

It was indeed a solution, though just as likely to deviate his alignment, but not much; after all, the words didnt come out of his mouth.

It was sort of a tricky way to do it.

However, it couldnt be done many times, or there would be alignment shifts just the same.

Now, all Shuck had to do was stall for time, so he said faintly, "Is it possible for me to think about it?"

"Yes." The black panther nodded very much like a human. After transforming into a black panther, his eyes had turned light purple and seemed to hold a seductive power. "But the other two humans must die. After all, we only promised that you and the red dragon could live."

Roland gave Schuck a look that told him to keep stalling, then he shouted to the Hunter, Dorfer, "Run!"

Dorfer instantly got the message and bolted in the direction of the resurrection point.

The black panther signaled and several elves immediately chased after him.

As they ran, an arrow that could turn a corner shot at them.

Because this space was all locked up by the Dimensional Anchor, Roland couldnt use Teleportation and could only run wildly on foot.

It was a good thing he summoned three shield-wielding dolls to cover his retreat, and after running for a few meters, he wasnt hit by any arrows.

Just how could a Mage outrun an elf without Teleportation In less than a minute, an arrow caught up to Roland and hit the right side of his back, the tip of the arrow piercing through his chest.

A pool of blood erupted like a geyser, and Roland took a few more steps due to inertia before collapsing to the ground.

Because of the reduced pain, it didnt hurt so much, but his entire body felt weak.

Several elves caught up with him and fired an arrow at his head.

Now Roland was really dead.

His soul was released and then he was reborn in a plain church.

Jumping up from the cold stone altar, Roland took out plainclothes from his Backpack and put them on.

Now players had learned the way and put clothes in their Backpacks so that they wouldnt be naked after respawning and have trouble finding something to wear.

This was the second time he had died since he entered the game, and he had to admit that an epic-level quest was really difficult.

Not to mention a Druid who could turn into a dragon, the eleven elves alone were all so strong.

In other words, it cost them eight lives to achieve the deaths of the other three elves.

It didnt matter. It was good that they could trade their lives They could come back to life infinitely anyway, it was just that the loss of experience might be a bit high.

He subconsciously looked at his characters experience bar and felt a pang of pain.

He was already at about 65% of his experience bar, but as soon as he died, it went straight down to about 7%. If he died again, he would definitely drop a level.

No, I have to get the corpse back, so I can retrieve 50 percent of the lost experience.

After changing his clothes, Roland immediately raced to the battlefield.

After running for over two minutes, Roland finally saw his companions who were fighting against the elves of Natures Wrath.

Link was down on the ground again with six arrows in his body, Dorfer was also down, and meanwhile, Betta was tangling with an elf, and Hawk was chasing an elf, like a gorilla chasing Tarzan.

And the male elf was indeed like Tarzan, pivoting and shifting from tree to tree, going high up and then back down.

Hawk, on the other hand, swung his greatsword, chasing from the ground, and with strike after strike, like a spinning windmill, knocked down all the trees in his path.

The scene gave Roland the impression of a heavy tank opening up a path.

Although the elf looked to be in great peril, he wasnt really threatened at all, and he was able to return fire as he jumped, firing an arrow at Hawk from time to time.

Roland immediately used Body Fortification on Hawk, the extreme kind.

Hawks speed increased a bit more, his body seemed to grow a little bigger, his mouth was spewing white gas, and he had at least six arrows hanging off his body by now, but none of them hit vital points, all stuck inside the sturdy, huge pile of muscle.

"Jump trees for the rest of your life if you can, elf monkey."

Hawk didnt care about the arrows in his body and ran after the elf.

Roland slowed down after following for a while, and he realized something was wrong.

He had just seen the dead Dorfer, the dead Link who had died again, and the mad Hawk.

But the problem was where were Betta and the Priest? And the Warlocks?

Roland subconsciously summoned the magic shield-wielding doll.

Because he had just been revived and was still in a semi-weak state, all of its attributes had decreased.

After looking around and not finding any other traces, he slowly retreated to the plain respawn point.

After all, the spells he was learning now were not comprehensive. If he knew any other spells involving magic shields, agility acceleration, attack acceleration, and so on, he would definitely cast it all and fight the other side head-on.

But he was still in the development stage of the Mage profession, and his own state was not good, so he planned to retreat first and join up with Link, who was preparing to be resurrected, and Dorfer.

Together, the three of them could look out for each other.

While thinking this, he suddenly heard the sound of bowstrings snapping three times.

As his expression changed, three magic dolls immediately protected him with a triangular formation.

Although two arrows were blocked, the third arrow actually shot down from a parabolic arc and pierced Rolands shoulder.

If it wasnt for Rolands quick reaction and side-step, the arrow could have hit him directly on the top of his head.

It could thus be seen how powerful the elves archery abilities were.

He fiercely plucked the arrow from his shoulder, taking a piece of flesh with it.

And then he looked around, but didnt see any enemies; it was too dim around here.

He snapped his fingers and the three orbs of light were extinguished by three arrows as soon as they rose into the air.

However, Roland also judged the approximate location of the enemy from where the three arrows were coming from and shot out an instant-cast Self-Destructing Fireball.

With a swoosh, the fist-sized fireball flew to the location Roland had judged with great speed and then detonated immediately.

Although it was only Inferior Fireball, it was quite powerful, no less powerful than a grenade.

A loud bang, a large handful of fallen leaves, and several shattered tree branches There was no sign of any enemy being hit. Roland exhaled slowly, letting the three magic dolls protect him, and carefully retreated.