Mages Are Too Op Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Actually It Doesnt Seem Too Difficul

Seeing the green dragon, which the Druid had turned into, return to an undamaged state, Roland knew that things were far from good.

Morphing into a magical beast did not make one as powerful as the original beast of the same level. However, a Druid could rely on nature spells to make up for this.

In addition, the advantage of Morph was obvious: one could obtain a new intact body by switching forms.

This was why when fighting a Druid, one must kill him in a short amount of time, or else once he switched forms, one would have to fight a "brand new" enemy.

However, Druids were not without weaknesses. The interval between Morphs was at least half an hour, and no matter how much a Druid changed, their soul was unchanged, which meant that mana was always depleted. So if there was no way to kill a Druid in a short period of time, it would be a good idea to find a way to drain their mana, or attack their soul with spirit magic.

And that was precisely the Druids greatest weakness.

The elves were considered the second in resistance amongst all the races, with the first place being the Frostwolves.

However, after they transformed into beasts, not only did they lean toward the beast in their habits, their resistance would also decrease drastically.

This was normal. The brain of a beast itself was small, and the soul and body were complementary. A healthy, soul-compatible body would make it easier for the soul to be nourished and protected.

And human bodies and beast bodies naturally had the problem of not being a good match.

This caused a Druids intelligence, as well as resistance, to decline when they became a beast.

The most obvious manifestation of this was the problem of fewer nature spells that could be used and less power in those spells.

This was why Druids were not called a bug profession even though they were clearly so strong.

They were powerful in their strengths and quite obviously weak in their defects.

But the biggest problem right now was that no one knew spirit magic, and in addition, the Druids were too high-level and the elves had high magic talent. Their magic power wouldnt run out that easily.

Roland slowly retreated. After all, the green dragon had decided that the most important target was just Schuck and Margret.

When he retreated into the woods, he stood still.

Betta and the others, on the other hand, stood in front of the woods without a trace.

Roland pinged Schuck in the guild system: "Find a way to keep him under control for at least three seconds, and Ill fire a big bomb at him."

Schuck: "Got it."

After a brief moment of distraction, Schuck exited the guild chat system, then looked over at Margret who had rolled over and climbed back up.

Margret looked to be in bad shape: the scales on her upper body had fallen off, there was a dent in her left breastbone, and she was coughing up blood when she got up.

Thick blood with a fiery tinge dripped onto the ground like lava.

Schuck cast a healing spell on Margret, but it wasnt very effective as Margrets mass was much larger than a humans. This was a healing spell specifically for human-sized beings, not for behemoths.

Upon hearing Schucks words, Margret immediately transformed into human form.

Dragon to human form was essentially the Morphing spell as well. After becoming human, she was in a harmless state. Schucks furious expression calmed down a bit when he saw her in this form.

Due to the fact that Druids could change into dragons, and dragons could change into elves or humans, and because of the worlds special worship of power, many people mistakenly believed that the elves Morph was learned from the dragons, but the truth was the exact opposite.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the green dragon floating in midair began to glow, emitting wave after wave, and within just six seconds, he cast ten spells.

"Whats he doing?" Schuck felt that something was wrong.

"Hes casting enhancement spells on himself, things are going to be troublesome." Margrets small face tensed. "Schuck, lets run away first."

"Didnt you say that normal enhancement spells didnt work on a dragons massive size?" Schuck asked in surprise.

Schuck had tried to boost Margrets status in the past, but the results had been minimal.

"The elves are different, their magic comes from the World Tree, which helps add status magic to the Ancient of War, and also works on dragons. And I seem to have heard that the dragons magic is actually nature magic derived from the Elves."

Margrets expression seemed embarrassed and slightly awkward.

Shuk was taken aback, but the situation in front of him didnt allow him to be startled any longer. He hurriedly said to Margret, "You leave first. We are Golden Sons, we wont die, but if something happens to you, its over. And youre far weaker in human form than in dragon form."

Margret pursed her lips. "Take care of yourself."

Schuck nodded.

The green dragon in the air had already finished casting his spells and looked as if his entire body had grown.

Margret turned and ran off into the woods.

The green dragon continued to float. His huge pupils revealed a teasing expression, and he fluttered his wings, about to go after Margret, but then Schuck raised his greatsword high and bellowed, "Power Word: Forbidden Space!"

Immense pressure was suddenly piled on the green dragons body.

The green dragons body plummeted downward, almost falling to the ground. He flapped his wings vigorously, fanning a whirlwind on the ground and sweeping up a large amount of grass and leaves.

Seeing Schuck make a move, the people next to him charged forward.

Betta spewed dragon flames straight over from a distance, but the fireball was deflected before it even got close.

The others rushed up and were toppled back in a huge whirlwind, crawling away.

"F**k, theres no way to fight this." The Warrior in heavy armor cursed angrily.

With that said, these people still rushed up again and again and then were blown back again and again by the fierce winds.

Roland was now hiding in the woods, staring at the green dragons position through the gaps between the trees, the blue fireball expanding rapidly in his palm.

Roland used his full strength this time.

Using all his mental power, Roland frantically injected magic power into the fireball.

His cheeks were twisting, veins were popping on his forehead and his neck and face quickly turned red.

At the same time, the Mind-Calming Necklace hanging around his neck began to glow, and in less than three seconds, he had injected almost his entire bodys magic power into the fireball, triggering the passive magic replenishment effect of the Mind-Calming Necklace.

The diameter of the fireball was already more than a meter, and some of the surrounding trees were already burning.

Three seconds was actually a very short time, and at this time Schucks nose had already started to bleed.

Forbidden Space This Power Word theurgy was essentially using mental power to tussle with the enemy. It benefited from the addition of divine power, and the effect of this theurgy was usually very good, but the green dragon itself was a Legendary creaturebesides, hed also piled on at least ten enhancements, such as increased strength, increased toughness, invigoration, and so on.

Schuck used every last ounce of his strength, but he was laughing.

He was laughing at the green dragon for taking the enemy lightly.

Just now, the green dragon had been looking at Schuck with ridicule, and he didnt take the initiative to attack. He just flew slowly upward, trying to use brute force to exhaust Schuck bit by bit. After all, he was at the peak of his power now, unlike before, when he pounced right after he turned into a green dragon, and was tricked into a large fireball, which burned off all his scales.

Speaking of which where was the Mage?

The green dragon watched with satisfaction as Schuck shuddered and bled profusely from the nose, and he felt that his opponents Forbidden Space was generating less and less pressure.

He reckoned that in a few seconds, this Saint Samurai would not be able to take it anymore and would suffer mental recoil, thus bleeding to death from the seven apertures.

He watched Schucks predicament while looking left and right for Roland.

It was at this time that the green dragon felt a violent magic power being generated in the woods ahead of him. It was very, very fast, and in just a few blinks of an eye, it was already at a level that made the green dragon feel afraid.

S**t, I was careless again. Turning into a giant dragon decreases intelligence too much.

The green dragon cursed himself angrily in his heart, and after that, he didnt wrestle with Schuck anymore. He opened his mouth and the green acid sprayed out like a high-pressure fire hose directly onto Schucks body. In less than two seconds, Schuck and his armor were corroded completely, leaving no residue behind.

The green dragon then reversed the direction of his head, and this dragons breath swept right past Betta, Suel, and Solomon, and the others as it turned.

These people turned into dust once more.

Having learned his lesson, the green dragon that had gone all out with his full strength completely crushed everyone in the small quest party.

The green dragon then flew straight forward, flying above the forest in less than half a second, and spewed out acid like an angel scattering flowers into the forest below.

Because of the tree canopy, the green dragon couldnt see Roland; he could only estimate his approximate location based on the magical scent.

The green acid quickly corroded the trees, and the green dragon saw Roland at a glance through the hole, as well as the huge blue fireball he held aloft, which was already almost one and a half meters in diameter.

However, this wouldnt kill the green dragon directlyat least Roland thought it couldnt.

"Its still a little soon, just need half a second more."

Roland looked at the green dragon in the air, and because it was so close, the gale generated by the green dragon flying at a low altitude was blowing Roland backward.

Looking at the human on the ground whose entire body was glowing blue, the green dragon began to take deep breaths.

What came next would definitely be the dragons breath.

The fireball was already quite large at this point, but Roland still felt that it was not powerful enough.

If thrown, it might not kill the green dragon, but if he didnt throw it, he would be dead.

Just as Roland was considering whether to throw it, a white spear of light descended vertically from high in the sky, so fast that it left afterimages.

Roland watched as the spear of light suddenly appeared within the boundary and then pierced straight through the green dragons body, pinning him down through his center.

The green dragon felt severe pain and roared, turning his head to see what had hurt him.

And with the twist of its head, Roland finally got nearly half a second.

The fireball that Roland held up high had finally exceeded a meter and a half, and it was powerful enough that he didnt hesitate to throw it.

The green dragons eyes were wide open and filled with fear as he looked at the huge fireball that was crashing toward him. He flapped his wings vigorously, but in the end, was unable to move.

Then an explosion A huge roar, flames and smoke in the shape of a giant mushroom slowly rising and quickly dispersing nearby.

After Roland threw the fireball, he directly covered his ears, lunged forward, and lay prostrate on the ground.

The heatwave generated by the explosion directly blew the surrounding trees askew to the point they nearly kissed the ground.