Mages Are Too Op Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Additional Quest Rewards

Looking at the appearance of the necklace, everyone knew that it was definitely a very impressive piece of magic equipment.

Schuck put the necklace around his neck and then it disappeared.

They werent too surprised, for some of the special small magic equipment had the feature of turning invisible when worn. This piece of equipment seemed to have it too.

It was unclear as to whether it was an illusion or not, but Schuck seemed a little more handsome when he wore this piece of equipment.

Then Shuck walked over and smiled. "This is a gift from our goddess."

Roland and Betta didnt reveal any particular expressions. Their brother had obtained something good, so naturally, they were happy for him.

However, the friends of Silver Wings werent so calm.

Suel walked over and asked with an eager look, "Schuck, what properties does that piece of equipment have?"

"About a five percent enhancement in light theurgy," Schuck said with a faint smile.

"Take it out and show us."

Suel didnt seem convinced.

At this moment, the Warlock Solomon also came over. "Schuck, this equipment is from the dungeon, we should have a share too."

"As I said, this equipment was given to me by the goddess," Shuk said bluntly. "Its not a drop."

Several people frowned as they looked at the tattered dragon corpse at the bottom of the crater.

Dragon blood and flesh was really valuable and could be used to make equipment, or used in alchemy, but the imitation wouldnt be as good.

Could it be that this dungeon only granted experience?

This would be too much of a loss.

After all, it was a months round trip.

In reality, this was an insatiable mentality.

The average player who triggered small quests and did a hundred of them wouldnt earn as much experience as this one epic quest granted.

"Thats just your word," Suel continued. "Let us take a look at the attributes and notes, then well know if the Goddess of Light gave it to you."

Schuck frowned, looking a little annoyed.

Seeing the situation, Roland immediately walked behind Schuck.

The two of them had been best friends for twenty years, and with a look at each others expressions, they knew what they planned to do.

Schuck was ready to start a fight.

Betta was a little slower to react and froze for a full three seconds before walking closer to Roland.

All of a sudden, from the outside of the scene, two sides formed, left and right against each other.

Link was originally just watching on the side; he was also quite interested in the necklace.

He just didnt expect that the positions of both sides would become rattled all of a sudden.

He immediately came out and stood in the middle of the two sides, blocking Suel and the others, saying, "Dont rush, lets talk about things."

"Were having a proper talk," Suel said indifferently, looking at Link with some dissatisfaction. "Everyone knows, anything that comes out in the dungeon is shared amongst everyone. Isnt it normal for us to look at the properties, estimate a price, and for everyone to just split the money?"

Link frowned. Although he was considered a senior guild member, he only had a normal status and no privileges.

Besides, he stayed with Hawk most of the time, not having much of a personal circle, or any say in affairs.

Seeing that Link had the intention of backing down, Suels gaze once again fell on Schuck. "Guild Leader Schuck, what do you think?"

"What else can I think? Ill stand and watch." Schuck smiled sarcastically. "I understand what youre up to, and Ill reiterate, this is a gift from the goddess, not a dungeon drop, so if you want to grab it, you can go ahead."

Suel frowned. "We just want to confirm the attributes of that equipment, and at the same time we can confirm if what you say is true or not."

Schuck pursed his lips in a sneer, the greatsword already in his hand.

Because his armor was dissolved by the green dragons acid, Schuck was now wearing regular clothes, all dressed in black, and with a charisma value that was already as high as sixteen points, he looked immensely charming.

And the more handsome he was, the more irritating he became when he smiled mockingly.

Suel was about to lose his temper, and Solomons expression wasnt too good either.

The more annoyed Suel got, the more happily Schuck smiled.

The atmosphere between the two sides was growing charged, and as it was about to explode, Hawk, who had finished killing the elves, jumped over.

With a loud bang, he Leap Slashed to the edge of the crater and came over with a smile. "Haha, that was awesome, this quest sure was Erm, what happened?"

His smile quickly stiffened, then he noticed something wrong with the atmosphere and asked, confused, "What happened?"

Suel spoke first. "Deputy Leader, there was a piece of equipment that dropped from the dragon corpse, and it was stolen by Guild Leader Schuck."

"Do you dare to swear on your conscience?" Shuck sneered. "Ive been recording this since half an hour ago."

Suels expression became noticeably worse, and he tsked lightly and didnt say anything else.

Hawk turned his head to look at Schuck. "Guild Leader Schuck, did the dragon corpse really drop the equipment?"

"It wasnt from the dragon corpse, it was a gift from the Goddess of Light," Schuck said bluntly. "This is the last time I will reiterate that fact."

Hawk took a deep breath and was about to speak.

At this moment, Suel said in a sarcastic manner, "You saying so doesnt mean it is so. If you have the guts, show us the attributes. Going off about how its a gift the Goddess of Light gave to youyou think you are her mistress?"

Schucks eyes narrowed, and he was prepared to raise his greatsword.

Roland was ready to attack as well, with his summoning spell at the ready.

At this moment, an elf appeared next to their two teams, very conspicuous as he stepped out of the dying forest fire.

The crowds attention immediately refocused and the atmosphere eased a bit.

"What are you guys doing?" Ans asked curiously as he came over.

Betta came forward voluntarily and said, "Nothing, just discussing some issues."

Ans smiled, a smile that at first glance looked a little odd, but on closer inspection was quite normal.

Roland and a few other more mature people realized that Ans was watching in amusement as they made a fool of themselves.

It was just not easy for them to explain.

Ans walked to the edge of the crater and looked at the dragon corpse below. He was a little surprised, not by the dragon corpse, not by the death of his teacher, but by the fact that the spell had created this huge crater.

He turned back, looking at Roland with an odd expression.

He then stretched out his hand in front of Roland and the others, and in his white hand, there were a few purple petals.

The petals were translucent, and one could see the venation in them. They had a smooth surface, like they were glazed over.

They looked at each other, but it was Roland who finally walked up and took a petal in his hand first, breaking the awkward atmosphere.

The others then followed suit and took the petals from Ans.

After each person got a petal, Ans withdrew his hand and said, "This is a treasure from the World Tree that bloomed and fell thirteen years ago; its too tacky to give you gold coins. This is greatit can extend your life for more than ten years without a doubt."

"But we are inherently immortal." Suel smirked; he didnt think it would work in reality.

In the game, they were inherently immortal, so eating this stuff seemed to be useless.

Ans continued, "The extension of lifespan refers not only to the body but also to the soul. I can see that your souls arent substantially strong, and only three of you have stronger souls. If my guess is correct, your bodies are indeed indestructible, but your souls may not be."

Hmm Everyones expressions changed somewhat.