Mages Are Too Op Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Everyone Has Their Own Ideas

His gaze traced over Roland, Schuck, and Betta in turn, and finally stopped at Link and said, "I can see that most of you Golden Sons dont have truly long lifespans."

"Can you see how much life I have, then?" Link asked.

Ans smiled, and instead of answering him, looked at Betta and said, "I should leave, or else the patrols will find me with you guys."

As a noble elf, Ans was reluctant to talk to barbarians.

After he said that, he slowly flew up and quickly disappeared into the night sky.

When Ans left, the atmosphere at the scene became stiff once again.

Hawk looked at the three men from F6 and the dragoness, and after some thought, he said, "Schuck, why not let Suel look at the attributes, or he wont be pleased."

"He wont be pleased, but I will?" Schucks expression grew gloomier. "I told you it was a gift from the goddess, a gift from her to me, and it definitely is. Not to mention that when Suel gets it, he might just stuff it in his Backpack and not return it, and might even soil my necklace."

"What are you talking about? Schuck, dont think Im afraid of you just because youre a Saint Samurai with a little dragoness!" Suell snorted. "How dare you doubt my character?"


Not only did Schuck laugh, but Roland and Betta both laughed.

The faces on the other side were all gloomy.

When Schuck finished laughing, he said, "What, you can just doubt my character, but I cant doubt yours?"

Suel yelled, "Youre just shoving false arguments down my throat!"

He then looked to Hawk. "What do you think, Deputy Leader?"

Hawk looked at Suel, then at Schuck, and began to frownhe too found this situation difficult to deal with.

Suel saw that Hawk didnt take action, but he put his hand on the hilt of his sword first.

Schuck and Roland both became expressionless at the same time, a sign that they were ready to make a move.

But it was at this moment that the Priest Rommel, who hadnt uttered a word beside them, spoke.

"No need to argue. To tell the truth, that spear of light is indeed densely covered with the divine power of light. And we all saw that the spear of light was stuck into the green dragons corpseit couldnt possibly have committed suicide."

Suel turned his head sharply and snapped at Rommel, "Shut your mouth, you double-crossing idiot."

Rommel frowned deeply and looked at Suel, not saying a word.

Hawk took a deep breath. "Rommel, is everything you said true?"

Rommel nodded gravely. "One hundred percent divine power of light, no impurities at all."

Rommel was a Priest of the Church of Life and could distinguish the nature of divine power.

"I told you to shut up." Suels face was full of humiliation and anger. "Cant you understand human language?"

This furious shout was so sharp and violent that everyone looked at Suel.

Suel stared at Rommel as if he wanted to devour him whole.

Now that the situation was clear, Schuck snorted, took Margrets hand, and turned to go.

Roland and Betta both immediately followed.

As the F6 members were about to leave, Suel was about to draw his sword, but Hawk stopped him. "Dont chase them. They should have footage, and if they really post it on the forum, we wont stand to reason."

"Fuck!" Suel thrust his sword heavily into the ground, then panted heavily.

The woods behind them were still burning, and although the fire was much smaller, it still cast the surroundings in red.

The Silver Wings members were silent.

Suel found it hard to calm his anger, and the more he thought about it, the more furious he got, and the more he really had to let it out. Finally, he looked at Rommel and said sarcastically, "Its hard to grow our guild with a traitor like this."

Rommel glanced at Suel and ignored him.

Hawk took a deep breath. He looked at Suel and said, "You shouldnt have said that. Like this, even if were in the right, we seem unreasonable. Pay attention next time."

Suel said in a peculiar voice, "There will be a next time?"

Rommel still ignored him but looked at Hawk. "Does the Deputy Leader also think I acted wrongly?"

"You didnt do anything wrong, you just took the wrong standpoint." Hawk laughed bitterly. "Just pay attention next time."

Rommel sighed long and hard.

Suel scoffed. "Youre just so clever and just. You think I dont know that that equipment isnt a dungeon drop, you think I dont know that that thing recognizes its master? Im fu**ing doing it for everyone, all right?"

Rommel opened his mouth slightly.

Suel patted his chest. He felt a lot of fire reverberating in his chest, some words had to be spat out. "That equipment, its definitely an epic piece of equipment, maybe its even a divine piece of equipment. As long as we take a look at the attributes, we can say that all those who witnessed it deserve a share. No matter how we say it, we can make Schuck bleed moneywe could definitely get him to pay out twenty or thirty gold coins. Now that our guild is thoroughly in development, money is needed everywhere. If we could negotiate a sum, its better than nothing, but youve let more than twenty gold coins fly with those damn words. Thats two or three hundred thousand yuanyour teeth are made of gold. Every time you speak, its hundreds of thousands of yuan down the drain."

Rommel sighed softly.

Everyone thought he knew he was wrong, so they had no desire to lecture him anymore.

Hawk said, "Lets go back. if we stay any longer, an elven patrol might come."

The crowd started to move forward, but Rommel didnt budge.

"Deputy Leader, I want to withdraw from the guild."

With those words, all the members of Silver Wings were stuck to the ground.

Hawk turned his head, his expression somewhat displeased. "Now is not the time to get upset, be more mature, all right?"

Suel snorted and snickered.

Link walked over and advised, "Rommel, we didnt say you were wrong, but you just didnt take a good standpointjust pay attention next time, we really didnt take this matter to heart."

"But I took this matter to heart," Rommel said with a smile. "I dont want to stay with a bunch of short-sighted people who cant distinguish right from wrong, itll make me uncomfortable."

Hawk took a deep breath and said, "I know you have a grievance in your heart. After all, its true that you havent done anything wrong, I understand that. However, its not a good idea to throw away the guild that has been taking care of you just because of this grievance."

Suel fanned the flames. "As I said, hes a traitor, an ingrate."

Rommel glared at Suel. "The guild taking care of me? I wasnt a member of Silver Wings before I entered the game, I only joined halfway through when I heard that Silver Wings was a good guild. I never even took your virtual cabin purchase allowance, I never received your personal development funds. From the opening of the server until now, I havent enjoyed a single benefit of the guild. Instead, for the development of the guild, as long as a Priest was needed, even if far away, I would rush over to follow you guys to do dungeons and complete questsI even donated all three gold coins that I saved."

Everyone was a little surprised and had a bad feeling about this.

Link hurriedly said, "All the more reason for you to stay, then, and next, you should enjoy the development bonus."

This time it was Rommels turn to sneer. "Do you really think Im just speaking for the sake of justice? Im doing you all a favor and you guys cant even see it?"

Hawk was puzzled. "Explain?"

"Do you really know what the profession of Saint Samurai stands for?"