Mages Are Too Op Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Isnt It The Good Life?

"Do you really know what the profession of Saint Samurai stands for?"

Rommel said these words with a wry smile and a distinct hint of sarcasm.

Everyones expressions were a bit foul. Suel was extremely upset, and he shouted, "Say what you have to say, dont play coy over there. Isnt it just a particularly powerful profession? Whats the big deal."

"You guys really just think of the Saint Samurai as a profession." Rommel chuckled and shook his head. "Even though many people now think of this world as a real world, there are some concepts you still havent really grasped."

Hawk nodded and said, "The Saint Samurai hold a high position in the Church of Light, we know that."

"No, you still dont get it." Rommel laughed aloud, a tremor in his voice. "You only think of the Saint Samurai as a profession, and you completely ignore its background notes. You subconsciously bring your previous gaming experience into this game, and you dont take these annotations as real at all."

The others didnt quite understand yet. But Links expression, sensitive and pure as he was, changed drastically.

Hawk took a deep breath and his huge body took two steps forward. "Please elaborate."

"One of the basic principles of a Saint Samurai is honesty, which means that Schuck didnt lie at all just now, and that piece of equipment must have had an attribute that enhanced light theurgy, and that equipment must have been given to him by the Goddess of Light."

Suel said impatiently, "I told you, we know all this, were just trying to force Schuck to give us some money. Everyone in F6 is rich anyway, how nice itd be to extort some money out of them. if its just this crap, you dont need to repeat it again."

"This is just the beginning, what follows is what Im really trying to say." Rommel looked at Suel and continued to maintain his enigmatic smile. "Saint Samurai are above tens of thousands of people and only below one person in the Church of Light. They are magistrates themselves and have the privilege of initiating holy wars."

Suel leaned back, held his belly, and laughed aloud. "Spouting about the right to initiate a holy war, you think too much of Saint Samurai."

Rommel shook his head helplessly. "This is why your mindset still hasnt fully turned around. This is a very real game, and the annotations are all real."

Everyone was silent.

Rommel continued, "Although Schuck looks no different from uswe are all playersin the eyes of the NPCs, Schuck is much nobler than us. As you have noticed before, Ans was willing to talk to the F6 trio but didnt really want to talk to us. Even though Hawk sometimes asked questions, he wouldnt answer directly, but looked at Betta and told the latter the answer."

The members of Silver Wings still remained silent.

Rommel continued, "If that piece of equipment was really a dungeon drop, we could naturally argue with reason, but that piece of equipment was really given to the Saint Samurai by the Goddess of Lightyou have no idea how terrifying religious lunatics are. Anything related to a god becomes a holy relic, not to mention a gift from the gods. If the followers of the Goddess of Light knew that you tried futilely to lay your hands on the holy relic hehe!"

The crowd was looking more and more unpleasant.

Sol argued forcibly: "Thats impossible, I dont think Schuck is that powerful. If hes that powerful, why doesnt he send an expeditionary force to complete the quest? Why does he need to do it himself?"

"Thats because Schucks player habits havent completely changed and he still subconsciously thinks of himself as a commoner." Rommel smirked. "But if you guys really want to take his equipment, he can always start a small-scale holy war and define Silver Wings as a hostile organization, and at that point, the guild will be attacked by the followers of Light wherever they are. Not to mention continuing development, it would be nice just to survive."

Suels expression turned rather unpleasant.

Hawk was silent for a long moment, and then he said somewhat ruefully, "Things arent that exaggerated."

"Things arent that exaggerated?" Rommel laughed lightly. "Im just an ordinary bishop now, but in fact, I can already apply for control of a church in a medium-sized city. The churchs food, clothing, development plans, personnel arrangements, all are at my discretion. Think of it from another angle: who are Saint Samurai, arent they ten times more powerful than a small bishop like me? What I can do, can he not do? Cant he do even more?"

Now there was no one dared to look Rommel in the eyes.

Looking at the silent players, Rommel didnt want to bother with them any longer, so he turned and walked away.

"Where are you going, if you withdraw from the guild?" Link couldnt help but ask.

"Ill go back and inherit the church," Rommel said in a relieved tone as he walked forward. "I had nothing better to do before so I stayed with you idiots. Isnt it a good life, to go back to the days of being in charge of the church, being a local tyrant, and teasing the priestesses whenever I want?"

Hawk would have stopped him, but by the determined look on the other mans face as he turned around, he already knew the matter was irrevocable.

"Making the wrong decisions again," Hawks said, rubbing his face in vexation. "This game is too real, its absolutely not on the same level as the previous games. That old way of managing the guild, diplomatic strategies, and so on cant be used. It all has to be overturned and started over again."

Link consoled, "Its not your fault, were all still figuring things out. Youve done a good job. At least we didnt get annihilated as Moon Shadow did."

That wasnt a very appropriate consolation, and for a moment, Hawks expression was even more depressed.

After a while, he said, "Lets go. If we stay any longer, the elven patrols will come for sure."

They started to move out of the woods, but their backs looked a bit sluggish, not at all happy about completing the epic quest.

Roland, Betta, and Schuck walked out of the woods, and into the borders of the prairie.

Stepping on the soft grass and riding the night breeze, the three of them subconsciously looked up at the sky.

Without the shade of the forest canopy, a sea of stars appeared before their eyes.

Due to the heavy light pollution on Earth, the stars were no longer visible in the cities.

But here, they could be seen clearly.

No matter what time of day, the starry sky offered a profound sense of serenity.

The three of them were silent for a while. Schuck pulled up Margrets hand and said, "Lets disperse. Ill make a trip back to the Holy Realm first. Oh right, you guys watch out for the guild chat interface later."

With that said, Margret shifted back into her dragon form. The red dragons gargantuan body was still bruised but much better. Schuck jumped onto the dragons back and waved to Roland and Betta.

Strong winds blew as the dragon flew up into the night sky.

And Roland and Betta soon saw Schucks message in the system chat interface.

It turned out that he posted the information on the equipment in the chat room.

"Heart of Light."

Roland clicked on this tag, looked at it for a moment, and said with a smile, "No wonder he wouldnt show it to outsiders."