Mages Are Too Op Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Cutting

Andonara pressed her entire body against Rolands, her cheeks flushed and radiant with her high spirits. She looked incredibly happy.

At this moment, a Warrior-like man walked past Roland, pretending to spit as he walked beside him. "Tui, get a damn room."

He used Chinese.

Following the man, there were three other Warriors, who also pretended to spit with a tui and walked past the two of them.

In a few moments, there were no outsiders in the garden.

Andonara hugged Rolands arm, smiling and unwilling to let go, although Roland pulled lightly a few times A Mages strength was quite a bit higher than the average persons, but it couldnt possibly compare to a Warriors.

Back in his room, Roland sat on a bench to rest.

Players didnt need sleep. As long as they didnt exercise strenuously, they could quickly recover their strength.

Soon, Vivian also came back from the Magic Tower, and her eyes shone when she saw Roland, White Amber in her arms.

The three of them chatted for a while and ate something, then Andonara continued to watch the house while Roland and Vivian went to the Magic Tower.

Although he hadnt been back for over a month, the Magic Tower was functioning as usual, and Vivian managed everything well.

When Roland returned, he was immediately welcomed by the magic apprentices.

After more than a month of accumulated academic questions and puzzlements were brought forth, they lined up to ask Roland questions, a process that lasted nearly two days.

It was only at the end that the two players came up to the study.

They were not like the other magic apprentices who acted very respectful and even humble in front of Roland.

It was just that their expressions were also a bit awkward.

One of them said, "Roland, I just learned of the conflict between our guild and yours from our own guilds homepage. I dont want to comment on who is right and who is wrong, I just want to ask if we can still learn magic and use the resources here."

Roland sighed. "I was going to discuss this matter with you guys in a few days. If you guys are willing to leave Silver Wings, then its no problem."

The one who spoke had a somewhat suspicious expression and drooped his head in contemplation.

On the other hand, the other magic apprentice said unhappily, "Why are you such a petty person? What stake do us ordinary players have in the fight between you higher-ups? How can you just sacrifice our interests?"

"Thats a bit contradictory." Roland laughed lightly and said, "Since the matters at the top have nothing to do with you, then its also irrelevant whether you leave the guild. Since you want to be loyal to Silver Wings, you cant say theres no relation."

The man immediately ran out of words, only he looked even more upset.

After considering it for a while, the other man said, "Fine, Ill quit Silver Wings."

"Youre crazy!"

"Im not crazy." This man shook his head. "Its been more than half a year since the game started, and Ive never been taken care of by the guild. If I must say that I have, its just that I was recommended to be a magic apprentice here, but in essence it was Roland who gave me help, not the guild. And in the past six months, weve done so much for Silver Wings, even donated money, and what have we gotten? Im a little tired of it. Now, I just want to study magic, not engage in so much fighting and scheming."

"But just two or three more months of this and well get the bonus."

"Dont you see it yet?"

"See what?"

This player who was going to withdraw from the guild smiled and said, "Silver Wings is changing into a company. Dont you think the routine is familiar? Recruit staff to come in and work first, make them work for nothing and then excite them, saying that as long as they stick with it, theyll win, and after the company makes a profit or goes public, well all be shareholders and get a lot of money. Without effort, theres no gain."


"But how many capitalists keep their word? Even Jack Ma, who used to be a teacher, now considers 996[1] to be a blessing."

"Well, I trust the guild leader and the deputy leader."

"I plan to stay here."

Having said such things so plainly, the player who wasnt willing to quit the guild gave Roland a hateful glance, then turned to leave.

The one who stayed smiled at Roland and said, "Its much more comfortable to get the words out. I dont want to stay in Silver Wings anymorethe relationship between the ranks is too serious and the sense of utilitarianism is too strong."

Roland looked at this player, hesitated for a moment, and said, "Vincent, you should be level three now, how many spells have you learned?"

"I didnt learn much, just finished learning the Hand of Magics derivative spells, and now Im learning Self-Destructing Inferior Fireball." This player looked a little embarrassed. "Im not very talented, most of my math knowledge from college was returned to the teacher again, and now Im making it up, but its hard. After all, my concentration is not as good as in college."

Roland thought about it and said, "Do you want me to raise your salary a bithow about a gold coin?"

The players name was Vincent, and Vincent had a pretty good personality, based on Vivians observationsanything he knew, he would teach to other magic apprentices for free.

It was safe to say that with Vincent around, Rolands pressure to teach had been reduced by at least a third.

Moreover, Vincent was also level three, which was already an official mage, so a little salary increase was in order.

But Vincent couldnt be compared to Roland.

Roland came here with highly valuable derivative spell modelslots of new spellswhereas Vincent was simply there to learn, only teaching his juniors in his spare time.

If a simple and easy to understand analogy were to be made, then Roland would be the university lecturer, with multiple titles and seniority, while Vincent would be the lecturers assistant at best.

The salary and rights of the two men were, of course, different.

Roland thought that the other party would gladly accept it, but he didnt expect that the other party would actually refuse.

"No, just give me more spell resources." Vincent smiled. "Do you know how much gold coins Ive donated to Silver Wings in the past six months?"

"Twenty to thirty?" Roland guessed.

"No less than a hundred and fifty."

Sheesh another rich person.

Roland then pressed his forehead and said helplessly, "This is going to be a problem. I predict that when Hawk gets back, hes going to come rushing at me."

Roland was sort of directly abducting a "shareholder" of Silver Wings, and it was the kind of shareholder who just invested money and didnt want a return.

Vincent chuckled. "The greater the ability, the greater the burden."

"Saying responsibility is a burden it also makes sense." Roland laughed. "Ill talk to Vivian about doubling your magic resources in the future."


Vincent nodded to Roland and left the study.

Shortly after, Vivian walked in.

Roland said to her, "Double Vincents monthly resources from now on. Also, how many channels do we have in the Magic Tower that are sticking with the docks? Sever them as soon as possible."

Vivian was a little surprised, but she didnt ask any questions and just nodded her head to show that she understood.

[1] Working from 9 AM to 9 PM, 6 days a week, common saying in large tech companies