Mages Are Too Op Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Division

The following days finally saw things start to slowly settle down.

The operation of the Magic Tower wouldnt stop just because a magic apprentice left, and the production from the side of the manor was also quite stable.

The first batch of wine was in the process of being made, and there were already quite a few minor nobles who had servants come over to ask Vivian if they could sell some of the wine to them when it was ready.

It wasnt that the wine in Rolands manor was that good, the nobles purely wanted some good luck.

Just like the auspicious idea that rice in the house of the top scorer of college exams tasted especially delicious and that children could be enlightened early if they ate lots of it, the nobles believed that the places where Mages lived were enveloped by magic elements all year round, and everything had more magic content, including wine.

Wine with more magic might have a special effect when drunk.

It was this idea of seeking auspiciousness that was at work, and the wine that Aldo used to make sold very quickly and well, and was also very expensive.

Now that it was Rolands turn, it certainly wouldnt be any worse.

Afterward, Roland thought long and hard about it and gifted Vivian with the petals of the World Tree that Ans had given him.

World Tree Petals (epic)

Effect: Swallowed, it increases lifespan by ten years and slightly increases magic affinity.

Lifespan Roland believed that lifespan in the game shouldnt affect reality, and it wouldnt be of much use to eat it himself.

And magic affinity was even more ignored. His specialty was Magic Power Control, which sounded many times grander than affinity.

Andonara was a Great Swordsman and didnt need magic affinity at all, so giving it to Vivian was the perfect choice.

Vivian, who got the World Tree Petals, cried tears of joy on the spot, while Andonara, although a little jealous, was still wholeheartedly happy for her.

In reality, Roland still underestimated the huge influence of the World Tree Petals in the human world.

Everything about the elves was superior in the eyes of the human world.

The moon over the Elf Forest was whiter and rounder than the one seen in the human world.

The sculptures made by ordinary elves were all supreme works of art in the human world Of course, the artistic culture of the elves was indeed a dozen notches above that of humans.

And as the birthplace of the elven race, the famous World Tree was like a deep-rooted, true-to-life myth and legend in the human world.

According to the legends, eating one of the World Trees petals could increase lifespan by ten years. Eating an entire flower, one could transform into a half-elf with the same lifespan, beautiful looks, and exaggerated magical affinity as the Elves.

But only in heroic biographies did people occasionally see a hero obtain a petal of the World Tree, and it was awesome to be able to eat one. There had never been someone who could eat a single flower.

Therefore the World Tree petal was a kind of honor, and the symbolism was many times greater than the actual use of it.

After eating the petal Vivian began to fall asleep, roughly taking about three days to change her constitution.

Roland, on the other hand, used this free time to start reflecting on his trip to the dungeon.

First of all, he lacked any real means of protection.

The summoned defensive shield-wielding puppet was adequate, but the degree of defense wasnt enoughit wasnt responsive enough, or agile enough, and sometimes it had to be controlled personally, making it easy to get distracted.

Distractions in battle were a big no-no.

And there was a lack of superfast ballistic magic skills.

Inferior Fireball didnt need power accumulation, didnt have a fast trajectory, and had little power, making it extremely easy to dodge.

Once it underwent power accumulation, the speed and power of it would increase dramatically, but it could be easily interfered with, especially by long-range professions.

He couldnt always be protected all the time.

There was also a lack of skills against flight.

The wide-range Ice Ring was indeed powerful, but it was a skill that stuck to the groundthe produced freezing effects were all on the groundand it didnt have much effect on those who loved to jump around.

It had no effect at all on enemies who flew.

Finally, there was a lack of means of regeneration.

He couldnt put all the recovery expectations on the Priest, and in case the Priest got killed first, then the Mage should step up to and heal and regenerate the minimum amount.

So Roland realized he had taken a detour before.

A Mage should learn more spells to play the role of attack, support, control, logistics, regeneration, and so on before considering the innovation and improvement of derivative spells.

"Its time to go to the capital and buy some miscellaneous magic from the Bear Mage."

Roland found a time to teleport to the capital.

After seven or eight minutes of routine retching, Roland found Antis again at the city wall entrance.

The two of them went into the small dark room again.

Antis took off his helmet, revealing his pretty, charming trademark of a face.

"Why are you in the capital again? Its at least a fifteen-day round trip from here to Delpondo you have a lot of time? Are you that unoccupied?"

Roland said with a smile, "I know Long-Distance Teleportation."

Antiss hand quivered for a moment, then he spoke oddly. "Mr. Tobian cant even do Long-Distance Teleportation and hes an Archmage, yet you can?"

"Is it rare?"

"Its kind of rare." Antis sighed helplessly. "I used to think I was talented, that no one my age was a match for me in swordsmanship. I always thought so. But then I met Queen Andonara."

Hmm Andonara, the youngest Great Swordsman in Hollevin, and her attributes were surprisingly high, with an estimated base growth similar to that of a player.

"And then you Golden Sons popped up." Antiss tone was a bit depressed.

Roland chuckled, a little proud.

Antis wanted to punch Rolands smug face, but he held back.

He felt that Roland wasnt very good-looking after all. If he punched him again, what if he got ugly and the queen didnt want him anymore?

It would be too cruelit was better to be kind.

Antis swept away the loose strands of hair on his forehead and said in a rather pitiful tone, "Forget it, I wont argue with you. The royal family has made some moves recently, and its related to you Golden Sons."

Roland felt that he had been looked down upon by Antis, but he had no proof and could only ask gloomily, "Oh, what exactly? Care to elaborate?"

Antis nodded. "Its nothing unspeakable. The royal family plans to employ Golden Sons as advisors, or if they are willing to recruit other Golden Sons, they can be promoted to commander, captain, general, and the like. Even willing to make you ruling civil officials if you have the ability.

Roland was stunned. "Wait, is your information reliable?"

"Very reliable," Antis said quite seriously. "The royal decree has been sent to every noble family and lord everywhere. Its estimated that in five or six days, the official recruitment will begin."

Roland was silent for a moment, then slowly said, "The plan of division!"

Antis stiffened immediately.