Mages Are Too Op Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Troubled Hear

Antis was rigid for a while, but he gradually relaxed.

He tried to smile though he was upset. "Youre really smart to have guessed the intention of the royal family."

Roland chuckled. "Smart? This is just normal, all right? You havent seen the real smart Golden Sons. They almost seem to have nine heads."

Naturally, Antis didnt believe in the existence of a world where everybody was like a dragon.

Even in Fareins, the most powerful country of all, the literacy rate was not much higher than that in Hollevin.

If the literacy rate in Hollevin was around 1%, that in Fareins it was about 1.5%. The difference was not huge.

The literacy rate of the elves was much higher. Almost all of them could read.

However, the fertility of the elves was too low. It was said that their population was slightly more than fifty thousand.

So, it was impossible for their race to rise.

Considering Rolands remark as him being modest, Antis continued, "Actually, I think it will be better if you work for the royal family, who acknowledge your capabilities."

"Even after I lured the queen away?" Roland put on a weird smile. "Even if the members of the royal family are okay with it, I dont think the king will be, will he?"

"Lured away? Thats a very wrong perspective," Antis said rather angrily. "The queen is out for traveling and only staying in Delpon for now."

Roland was lost for words. "Whatever you say."

"Speaking of the queen, do you know her real identity?" asked Antis.

Antis still liked leaning against the wall. Roland suddenly remembered something he read from a book: those who preferred to talk to other people against the wall were essentially troubled by a sense of insecurity, and they would rather show their back, or their vulnerabilities, to other people.

Was Antis troubled by a sense of insecurity?

After the idea popped up in his head, Roland asked after a brief surprise, "Do you know it?"

"Of course I do." Antis nodded and said, "Im part of the royal family anyway. Its been four years since the queen was married to the king. I took part in her vetting back then. Do you want to know about her?"

Antis seemed to be grimacing.

Ignoring the guys teasing expression, Roland nodded casually.

Andonara was now his friend anyway, and Roland did not know for sure what she would be in the future. It was not a bad idea to know more about her past.

"The queen was already famous when she was a girl." Antis smiled gently. "She was both beautiful and strong. She became an Elite Warrior at the age of fifteen. Then, she was promoted to be a Great Swordsman and spent two years as a mercenary, until she grew tired and retired. As it happened, the king was choosing a new queen, so she participated in the competition."

There was deep affection in Antiss eyes.

Roland listened carefully.

"You have no idea how gorgeous Andonara was when she was a girl. Among all the noble ladies, she was wearing simple, tight white clothes, with a sword on her waist and her long hair tied back. She did not wear any makeup or accessories, but she was the focus of all the mens attention just by standing there."

Antis liked Andonara too?

Roland reached this conclusion.

"The king picked her the moment he saw her." Antis seemed to be lonely. "As a minor captain of the royal guards, I was involved in the investigation on her.

"The queen was born in a small merchant family that had a clean history. But as we pressed our investigation, we found that the queens father was actually a remarkable Warrior too."

"How did a Warrior become a merchant?"

"We investigated and then found that Andonaras father was surnamed Reed."

Roland frowned; he seemed to have read the surname from a book.

Seeing Rolands look of confusion, Antis smiled and said, "Thats right. Hes exactly the Reed you know. Hes Hero Kelters descendant."

Roland was briefly stunned. "Hero bloodline? No wonder shes so good."

Nodding in agreement, Antis went on: "After Hero Kelter Reed defeated Diablo, he bought a village near Winterwind as his territory and named it Reed Village. Andonaras father belongs to a branch of Hero Reeds family but is not entitled to the territory. So, he became a merchant with some of his family fortune. His daughter is both pretty and strong. The king married her exactly because he wanted her to give birth to children who boast a Hero bloodline. Now, you must understand why she was chosen as the queen while the daughters of the grand nobles werent."

Roland nodded and had to admit that the king was reasonable. He could understand why the king wanted a better child.

Antis chuckled.

Roland asked curiously, "Why are you telling me this?"

"I just want you to know how precious the queen is." Antis walked to the door. Then, he suddenly turned around and said, "Actually, I do envy you."

Antis quickly left after saying that, almost as if he was fleeing.

Roland left too. On the street, he was considering what Antis said.

He knew that Antis was implying that he should cherish Queen Andonara and not fail her expectations.

But the problem was that Roland had obstacles in his heart.

He was a traditional man who was unwilling to make a move on any woman that he couldnt give a promise to.

Or, to put it more frankly, he would rather not hit on any woman he couldnt marry.

After the peaceful breakup with his ex-girlfriend, the thought had been lingering in his heart. Even to this day, he remembered his girlfriends sobbing over the phone on the day of the breakup.

Both of them were rational enough to know that long-distance relationships never worked out, but it was impossible for them to just let go of their four years together without feeling anything.

Naturally, Roland could see that both Vivian and Andonara were great women.

But as an outsider, he couldnt stay long in this world. The day would come when this game was over. So, how should he give them promises?

Gloomily, Roland wandered on the street without a target and finally arrived at the Bear Mages Magic Tower in the evening.

The guards recognized him and reported to their master. Soon, the Bear Mage came down to welcome him in person.

Several minutes later, both of them sat down in the study, and Tobian smiled in delight. "Im glad that youre visiting my Magic Tower again."

Roland smiled too. "Should I call you General Chairman Tobian, or Master Tobian?"

Tobian waved his hands and said, "Just wait for a while longer. Theres something else that has to be taken care of. Ill ask someone to send an invitation to Delpon when its done. So, what can I do for you this time?"