Mages Are Too Op Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Another Quest Tool

"I would like to buy level-one and level-two magic models that Im incapable of." Roland added with a smile, "For the sake of our friendship, please give me a fair price."

Tobians bald head reflected the setting sun into a glittering spot like a rainbow. He considered for a moment with his eyes closed and then said, "Did you mention that the Golden Sons have a special ability to remember everything they see?"

Roland nodded. That was exactly the camera function of the game system.

"Thats great. I can show you all my spell models for half an hour for free." Tobian smiled. "There will be no charge at all."

Roland was briefly stunned. "Then what should I pay?"

"As I said, its for free."

Roland slightly frowned. "But its a famous saying among the Golden Sons that the free stuff is often the most expensive."

Dazed for a moment, Tobian grinned. "Fine. Your vigilance is truly remarkable. Firstly, youre only reading the models for half an hour without taking them away, which is not a big deal here. Secondly, like I said before, I dont want you to stand in my way to becoming General Chairman. If you are an ally, you should have privileges."

Roland knew that Tobian was trying to make him side with him.

Before he came here, Roland had concluded that he needed to pay almost a hundred gold coins for all the level-one and level-two spells according to the market price.

That was a huge sum of money.

If he could take a photo of the models, he could save a lot.

Thinking for a moment, Roland smiled and said, "Thank you for your trouble, General Chairman."

Tobian knew Rolands choice from the way he addressed him. He immediately grinned. "Thats no trouble at all. Please wait a moment, Ill have the models delivered."

Two hours later, Roland left Tobians Magic Tower.

He had acquired 37 models. They were not all the level-one and level-two spells, but they covered most of them.

There were a couple of spells in each category, such as regeneration, assistance, and damage dealing.

The night had already fallen in the capital, and the curfew was on.

Roland found a tavern. He enjoyed food while he examined the newly-acquired models in the system album.

Those who like reading should understand that time passes particularly fast when eating and reading a book of interest. One tends to eat a lot before they realize it.

Fascinated by the beautiful spell models, Roland partook in the sumptuous mutton and alcohol now and then.

Time went by quickly. The customers in the tavern came and went, until Roland was left alone. Both the boss and the waiters were yawning hard.

Eventually, the boss couldnt hold back his drowsiness anymore. He summoned his courage and said, "Honorable Mage, Im truly sorry, but were about to close."

Roland finally woke up from the structure of spells. He looked around and asked in surprise, "This is not a 24-hour establishment?"

"Your Excellency, generally speaking, the brothels are the only 24-hour establishments."

Having no choice, Roland could only leave the tavern after paying two silver coins.

Since it was late night and the capital was under curfew, there were few people on the street.

Occasionally, royal guards in squads of five or six walked by.

But when they saw Rolands magic robe, none of them dared to ask for trouble.

Roland intended to check in at an inn, but on his way, he found a group walking very hastily as if they couldnt wait to reach their destination.

They were all in black and wearing black hoods, with a person with a long black robe at their center.

Judging from the persons posture, Roland speculated that she should be a young girl.

But he moved his eyes away without meddling.

She was not being kidnapped. Besides, a woman in a black robe was not nearly as interesting as magic models.

Now, he only wanted to continue parsing the models he just acquired in a peaceful inn.

When they were about to pass by each other, the woman who was under protection suddenly said, "Mr. Roland, please wait."

Roland was briefly stunned, because her voice sounded familiar.

The woman in black quickly walked to him and took off her hood.

She had blond hair, big eyes, a small nose, and cherry lips.

Roland immediately realized that she was the princess who issued quests.

He immediately smiled. "Its been a while, Princess Evelyn."

Roland had been fond of the quest distributors. Was she here for another quest?

Roland was quite happy at the thought of that.

Holding Rolands left hand, Princess Evelyn said anxiously, "Great! It seems that the Goddess of Fortune hasnt given up on me yet now that Ive run into you at such a perilous moment."

Was she really giving him a quest?

Roland asked rather delightedly, "Princess Evelyn, is there anything I can help you with?"

Roland was happy that he had another quest, but Evelyn mistook Rolands smile for his interest in her. After all, she was really pretty.

"Can you accompany me to the royal palace? I need your protection."

Rolands smile was gone. He shook his head and said, "Sorry, but I dont think I can help you."

She must be kidding. The royal family was generous enough not to hunt him down after he lured the queen away, but if he went to the royal palace, he was sure that they would burst into rage.

Roland tried to shake Princess Evelyns hands off, but she grabbed him tightly.

"Why?" Evelyn was confused. "I really need your help. I can give you a lot of gold coins, or anything else you want. Im really in an emergency. I cant find anyone else to help me."

Roland explained, "You mustve heard that I took Andonara away. If I go to the royal family, someone is definitely going to be pissed."

"I know, of course I know! I admire you for doing that." Evelyn pulled Rolands hand to her chest and said anxiously, "If you come with me, it will be a great chance for you to ease the tension between you and the royal family!"

Roland was slightly surprised. After considering for two seconds, he asked, "Can I know what its about first?"

"Can I talk to you while we continue the trip?"

"No problem."

Evelyn covered her head with the hood again. Then, she stepped forward quickly and said in a low voice, "Veronica was poisoned. Its a special poison that cannot be expelled by magic and can only be resolved with a certain medication. Now, shes being protected by my father in the royal palace. Ive found the antidote, but I cannot guarantee that I can return to the royal palace safely."