Mages Are Too Op Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Trick And Anti Trick

"Ah!" Evelyn screamed and struggled subconsciously, but she covered her mouth quickly.

She was not stupid, although her reaction might be slow.

She was scared that her scream would affect Rolands spellcasting.

The princess was light and not burdensome at all But of course, it was also because Rolands strength had increased after he reached level six.

The three magic puppets blocked the enemys crazy attacks. They were so weakened that they were almost transparent.

He couldnt wait anymore.

Roland simply activated a massive Ice Ring.

The white Ice Ring spread out on the ground, freezing the magic puppets too.

But only half the men in black robes were frozen. The other half jumped in time.

After all, as agility classes who used daggers, their reaction was timely.

They reacted the moment they saw the ice below Rolands legs.

It was basic for the melee classes to avoid such spells by jumping.

After they landed, they continued attacking the three shield-wielding puppets and soon dispersed two of the puppets.

But at this point, Roland activated Teleportation.

After a blue flash, Roland disappeared and reappeared ten meters away.

After adapting to and making sure of his new position within 0.1 seconds, Roland suddenly realized that there was no weight in his arms.

He lowered his head, only to discover that the princess was gone.

He blinked his eyes and grabbed the air subconsciously. Wheres the princess? She was here just now!

Exactly at the same time, he heard Evelyns scream from his back.

He looked back, only to find that Evelyn had fallen to the ice from midair, her butt hitting it first.

He felt pain just by looking at it. He wondered if her butt would be broken after the hit.

The enemies who missed their target were all stunned when they looked at the princess on the ground and Roland who was ten meters away.

Damn it. Roland had forgotten that he could not take anyone with him during teleportation.

The men in black robes were still dazed. Their first reaction was that Roland was trying to flee. They considered if they should pursue and kill Roland first. After all, Princess Evelyn could barely put up any resistance, and one or two of them was enough to keep her under watch.

But while they considered, Roland reacted at a higher speed.

Two blue magic circles appeared before him and charged at the men in black robes. During their trajectory, they turned into two enormous hands.

It was Dual Hands of Magic.

The two hands had been clenched into fists.

When they pressed forward, they almost looked like rockets.

The fists were quite huge and occupied almost half of the street, forcing the men in black robes to dodge. Those whose legs were frozen hurried to cut the ice with their daggers to free themselves from the ice.

For a moment, all the men in black were in a flurry to evade the fists.

But the fists stopped when they reached Princess Evelyn. They became hands again and grabbed her quickly, before they took her to Roland.

"Damn it!" Morahu roared and charged at Roland while throwing daggers, trying to stop the princess on the way.

However, the two Hands of Magic protected Evelyn and blocked all the daggers.

The other men in black realized what was going on and rushed at Roland with their sprinting skill.

With this skill, they could burn their adrenaline and activate shocking speed. For a moment, they were even faster than the Hands of Magic.

However, a muddy wall suddenly appeared before them when they were about to catch up to the Hands of Magic.

It was Mud to Stone.

Roland was still short of rapid ballistic spells. It was impossible for him to hit those guys who were fast enough to avoid the Ice Ring with Inferior Fireball.

More importantly, there were too many of them. Roland couldve dealt with them easily if there was only one or two of them.

Therefore, the control skills that could be cast quickly were the main approaches he could adopt.

The muddy wall blocked the whole street and grew higher and higher.

But the men in black robes did not decelerate. They jumped and stepped onto the wall, before they climbed almost ten meters on all fours like geckos at an amazing speed.

Morahu was the first to cross over the wall. When he jumped off, he saw that Roland was sinking quickly with the princess in his arms.

Around Roland, mud was rolling and splitting apart. After Roland completely submerged into the ground, the rolling mud closed and blocked the cave.

Morahu threw out daggers anxiously.

But it was too late. The soil had been sealed again, and the daggers were simply deflected when they hit the ground.

The road had turned into hard gray rocks again.

A few men in black surrounded the entrance of the cave and tried to stab the rock with their daggers, but they failed to cut through, their daggers almost bent.

Another man in black robes looked around and found a boulder. He picked it up and threw it at the cave.

There was a crash from the ground and even echoes from the underground.

After a while, when the guy had grown exhausted, the rock that blocked the cave was as hard as before.

Morahus eyes were bloodshot. The princess had been about to be lured to his turf, but someone had taken her when she was only several hundred meters away.

But he soon calmed down. Making a mouth-zipping gesture at his subordinates, he said in a low voice, "I dont believe that they can stay there forever. How long can the air down there support them? Listen to the noises. If they move, just follow them."

The men in black nodded. Two of them immediately crouched and stuck their ears to the ground.

About five meters into the ground, a hollow about two and a half meters tall had been created.

Roland put the princess down and cast a luminous ball.

The dark underground world became bright, and the princess took a soft breath of relief.

She was about to say something, but Roland put his finger before his lips, hinting for her to remain silent.

Then, he concentrated enormous magic power and created a broad channel ahead of him with Mud to Stone and Stone to Mud.

Also, he intentionally made it noisy. As a result, the princess saw a round channel taking shape in front of her with rumbling sounds.

She thought that it was a channel of escape that Roland had prepared, but surprising her expectations, Roland sat down and made the same gesture at her.

The princess blinked her beautiful eyes and understood Rolands intention.

On the ground, the two men in black who had been eavesdropping jumped to their feet and pointed at the direction of the underground channel.

Morahu pointed at five people and asked them to track the sound. He also dropped a hint to make them walk more heavily.

The five people understood his intention. They tracked the rumbling sounds from the underground with intentionally heavy footsteps.

Morahu and the other two men in black robes, on the other hand, simply stood by and waited in silence.