Mages Are Too Op Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Human Cannonball

Actually, Rolands random idea proved successful.

He was probably the first person who had ever cast Body Fortification, Swiftness, Intelligence Improvement, and other buffs on a rock.

The spinning speed of the same rock was different when it was ejected from the spatial bubble with certain buffs.

So, the buffs actually worked, though not quite effectively as expected.

Eventually, Roland put a magic shield on the testing rock.

As it turned out, the rock did not spin at all when it was ejected from the spatial bubble.

"It worked!" Roland was quite delighted.

Then, it was time to experiment with living creatures.

Returning to Delpon, he held back his disgust and grabbed three rats from the sewer.

The first rat was absorbed into a spatial bubble without any buff. It skyrocketed after it was squirted out. When it was about to crash, Roland picked it up with Hand of Magic.

The rat was already dead. There was no external damage, but via dissection, he found that its bones were all broken.

He threw it away and picked up the second.

This rat was enhanced with Body Fortification and Swiftness before it was absorbed by the spatial bubble.

When the rat was ejected, Roland grabbed it with Hand of Magic again.

The rat was alive, but seemed so exhausted that it was dying.

Roland observed for a moment and found no external wounds on the rat.

Very soon, this rat died too. After dissection, Roland found that this rat suffered internal injuries too, albeit much more lightly than the first rat did.

Was it because Body Fortification increased the rats sturdiness?

The third rat was experimented on after being covered with a magic shield.

Then, Roland discovered, to his delight, that the third rat did not spin when it was launched, and that it was running about agilely with the magic shield after it landed.

In the end, he decided to experiment on himself.

Roland cast Body Fortification on himself first. After all, his odds of survival would be greater in this way.

Then, he covered himself in a magic shield.

After that, a spatial bubble was established behind him, and the weird attraction force swallowed him into a space gap.

Roland had been curious what was behind the purple gaps on the spatial bubble.

But after he got in, he finally realized that there was nothing.

There was no gravity, no landscape, but only purple light everywhere. He couldnt see anything half a meter away.

It was completely different from the case when he would enter a strange cosmos when he used teleportation.

Then, a strange force bound him and pushed him forward.

Thanks to the protection of the magic shield, he felt that he was being pushed, but not too fiercely.

But after he flew out of the spatial bubble, he realized that the force was much greater than he thought.

He flew into the sky at an unbelievable speed. Despite the blockage and protection of the magic shield, he still heard raging wind.

When he was about forty meters high, Rolands speed dropped significantly, and he was about to fall.

Then, Roland snapped his fingers, and a new spatial bubble enveloped him and spurted him out again.

His speed was further increased.

Then, more and more spatial bubbles appeared, and Roland flew across woods and mountains like a jet plane.

He didnt know how fast he was moving exactly, but he couldnt be faster than sound, because he didnt see any clouds caused by sonic explosions.

But the speed was enough as it was.

As more and more spatial bubbles were generated, Roland gradually got the hang of controlling the power and angle of the boost of the spatial bubbles.

Now, he was already capable of establishing a spatial bubble when he was about to crash, so that he would propelled upward again. He looked like a dragonfly dipping on the surface of the water.

Flying had always been a dream of mankind. One would inevitably feel thrilled when they were flying at a high speed.

Roland was overjoyed. He flew forward past mountaintops and raced with birds. He opened his hands and cheered like a delirious madman in the sky.

He ran out of mana, but it was fine. There was still the Mind-Calming Necklace.

When the mana in the Mind-Calming Necklace was about to run out, Roland finally cast Slow Landing on himself.

It was a spell that he didnt pick up until recently.

He slowly fell from the sky and landed on a meadow in a place that he didnt know.

Exhausted, Roland lay on the ground, his arms and his legs stretched out.

It had been four hours since he started flying. The setting sun was hanging on the horizon.

The orange glow of the sun covered the whole meadow. With eyes that were partially obstructed by the grass, he could see the gray shadows of the grass touching the red orange on the horizon in the gentle breeze.

Roland was still laughing in great delight.

It was his happiest moment since he started playing this game.

He hadnt been as happy even when he acquired epic equipment from dungeon raids or millions in money.

He had invented a new way of flying in his own manner, and it was even more successful than hed imagined.

It was almost the most enjoyable entertainment.

He was not as satisfied even when he did it with his ex-girlfriend.

Roland posted a thread on the forum and uploaded the video of his experience in the previous four hours.

There was no telling what the network of the game cabin was based on, but it took only three seconds to upload the 20G video.

A flying skill that Ive invented myself for Mages.

"Please see the video for more details. You can fly without Wind Soaring. Also, this skill is not very difficult. As the inventor, Ive named this set of tricks Human Cannonball.’"

Two minutes after Roland posted the thread, it was marked as red and bolded. In the meantime, it was included among the featured threads.

Then, the players comments came quite fast.

"A video of four hours? Roland, are you trying to kill me? I kept fast forwarding, until I stopped doing that and started crying in the end. The whole video is just your personal shadow. Can you take our feelings into consideration for one moment?"

"I skipped through the video too. I can only say that you can never tell how many weirdos are out there or what they will possibly do on the Internet."

"We can learn Wind Soaring at level seven. Why would we learn this Human Cannonball? It seems difficult to control. Wouldnt it be a waste of time?"

"My friend, you dont know aerial warfare at all. Im told that Wind Soaring cant be faster than 35 meters per second, but look at this Human Cannonball It can easily outrun Wind Soaring."

"Based on the retreating speed of the clouds in the video, the movement of Rolands hair and his clothes, and through the aerodynamic formulas, Ive concluded with my remarkable mathematical abilities that Roland was flying close to the speed of sound."

"Thats too unbelievable. You can catch up with a dragon at such a speed. I strongly demand the effect of spatial bubble be reduced."

"Im a Mage specializing in Transmutation, and Im learning the spells of the wind class to learn Wind Soaring in two months. Ive even prepared the money, but I feel like crying after watching this video."

"Is there nothing you want to say about the name of this skill? Human Cannonball? I feel like jumping off the building!"

"Let go of me! Let go of me! The Hummer I contracted can run three hundred kilometers a day without any gas Let go of me! Im not crazy!"