Mages Are Too Op Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Inciden

Roland knew that his use of this combination of magic would certainly change things and cause some astonishment.

However, the impact it caused was much greater than he had imagined.

It wasnt that he hadnt thought of it at all, he hadnt started thinking about it to begin with.

After all, he had just figured out a new way to use magic and it seemed practical, and the exhilaration and satisfaction took over his brain for the time being.

And on the forums, the players were just marveling at first.

Then a player started a thread that gave data on how terrifying the spell was.

On the Use of Bugs With Spatial Bubble Spell.

"A lot of players should have seen the new work of the number one Mage Rolanda projection spell being used as a flying spell. A lot of people are just watching without realizing how serious this is, so Ill tell you how scary this spell is.

"Based on the video, one can conclude that Rolands fastest flight speed is close to the speed of sound, and while its true that he didnt start out too fast, after a dozen consecutive ejections from the spatial bubble, the speed is at a point where its unimaginable.

"I dont know how fast a dragon can fly, I havent seen one after all, but it took at least forty years from the time the first airplane was built to the time it broke the sound barrier, and how long did it take Roland between learning and flying fast enough to almost break the sound barrier He still doesnt even know a real flying spell.

"So if this isnt a bug, what is?

"In four hours of video, Roland has flown at least 3,500 kilometers. Many of you dont know what this means, but for example, Roland can run from Guangdong to Dongbei in about four hours, close to the westerner territory.

"Thats almost on par with the speed of some of the faster domestic airliners.

"This makes the oversized map meaningless to Roland.

"He himself is an airplane.

"In the future, all Mages could be airplanes.

"In comparison, the Warlocks contracted horses, with the cavalrys riding skills, can only move a maximum of 300-400 kilometers per day; after all, living things need to rest.

"And this spell seems to have a low learning level, presumably from level four onwards.

"How can you tolerate such a big difference?

"I, for one, cant stand it. Ive already gone to the feedback section to complain, the Mage is overpowered and theres no balance to be found.

"If you cant tolerate it, though you can also complain about it, at least strive to get some benefits for us Warriors."

A lot of players were just watching on in amusement, but after reading this post, they left comments about going to give feedback and send complaints, and in less than an hour the post became a red post, which meant it was a popular post.

A large number of players started expressing their opinions in the feedback section; some of them even used extreme words.

The average number of complaints posted reached about a hundred per second.

Of course, if there were those who opposed it, there would be those who supported it.

Many Mage players, for example, said that the game was free, that how magic was used was up to the individual, and that if they were uncomfortable, everyone could play as a Mage.

Apart from Mages, there were also many players from other professions who were supporting Roland.

But overall, it was the number of people who opposed it that slightly prevailed.

Anyway, it wasnt long before the comments section manager locked the complaints down, and at the same time, gave an announcement on the forum that the comments had been uploaded to the development team and to wait for a response.

The feedback board was locked, and the battle went to the general discussion section, otherwise known as the low-value posts section.

The two sides started threads to begin the debate, each side believing that they were correct. Although both sides had merits, most of the time, the truth was not clearer through the debate; rather, the more the debate went on, the more furious they grew, and there were even many posters who hurled insults at each other.

Roland did not know about this. He lay on the prairie for a while. The sun had gone down completely, and then it was dark all around him.

At some point, the sky was filled with dark clouds, and there was no sound other than the whistling of the wind and the rustling of the dancing grass.

An eerie silence.

Roland stood up, looked around, and then looked at his mana value. Long-Distance Teleportation was not going to work, after all, the distance was too farthree to four thousand kilometers of teleportation would have to use up at least about seventy percent of his mana value.

But Mud to Stone was not a problem.

A small two-story rock building was built, and Roland purposely sealed the doors and windows, leaving only a few small ventilation holes.

Because the prairie was overly quiet and always had a strange atmosphere, Roland worried that some strange vermin or magical beasts might attack, so he sealed the doors and windows and thickened the walls of the house.

Then he took out small tables and chairs from his Backpack, as well as food and drinks, and cast a Light Ball.

Then he browsed the web while eating.

He didnt look at the forums but watched a movie. It would be a bit annoying to read the forum every day, and it wasnt a bad thing to enjoy entertainment and relax once in a while.

As he was watching, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

The surroundings were very quiet, so quiet that he could hear his own heartbeat.

This was abnormal.

Being in a natural environment, even if it was quiet, there would always be some noise.

It would either be the sound of biological activity or the sound produced by other natural phenomena.

If there really was a situation where there were no outside sounds whatsoever, then ones own body would become an echo chamber.

The sound of the stomach moving to digest food, the sound of the blood flowing, the sound of the heart beating, and so on.

All of these sounds would be infinitely amplified in the silence, causing normal people to become neurotic and even begin to develop fear.

Roland was now level six and had high mental resistance.

He wasnt afraid, but he started to feel uncomfortable and even quite depressed.

And instinctively, he sensed that something was wrong.

A very uncomfortable aura enveloped him.

Roland stood up.

There was no window in the room, so naturally, he couldnt see the outside. In this situation, he didnt want to "open" a window, in case something jumped in.

He threw down three magic spiders and ordered them to crawl to the outside through the ventilation holes.

Then several images came in through the mental channel.

Around the house, several giant spiders appeared.

At first, Roland thought it was a giant spider he had seen in Red Mountain Town, but then what the magic spiders transmitted back shocked him.

These spiders were all three meters tall, silver-white, and most importantly, they all had a huge human face on their backs.

Initially, Roland thought that this was a pattern on the spiders back, but then the images sent back from the magic spiders showed that these faces were smiling and laughing weirdly.

These spiders were weaving cocoons, and together, they had already built an empty, tall, egg-shaped cocoon around the house, and now they were just missing the opening at the head of the house. The strangest thing was that when they moved, there was no sound at all, and even the sounds from outside seemed to have been eliminated.

Were they capturing him?

Roland looked at his mana value; it had recovered to around 51%, thanks to the specialty of Rolands Zeal. His mana value was still recovering quite quickly.

It was expected that by the time these human-faced spiders had woven the cocoon, Roland would have more than enough magic power to use Long-Distance Teleportation.

Roland had thought that these spiders would seal themselves in with their prey, after all, it was like a means of rounding up prey.

However, unexpectedly, these spiders crawled out from the opening on top of their heads and finally sealed that as well.

They seemed to have trapped Roland inside.

Hmm is this like storing food?

Rolands interest was piqued.