Mages Are Too Op Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Drows

What was their ability to eliminate sound, magic, or was it caused by their own special organs?

It was most likely magic, so what was the principle?

He had heard that there was a silence spell in magic, but it only eliminated the sound of ones footsteps when moving. Sounds like clothes rubbing, blood flowing, heartbeats, and so on couldnt be eliminated. These spiders, on the other hand, were clearly eliminating all sounds within a large area.

This technique was many times more powerful than the silence spell.

He really wanted to figure out what the principle of this magic was.

This was why Roland didnt rush to use Teleportation to go back, but directed the three magic spiders to go to a suitable monitoring position, and used his magic power to make the outer layer of the stone house grow some small untraceable holes. Then the magic spiders wormed in, and continued to monitor the outside while staying in a blind spot.

Roland was waiting until those spiders came back.

He was afraid that if he destroyed the cocoon, he would drive the spiders away.

After all, magical beasts that knew how to eliminate sound were usually lurking hunters.

The "guts" of the average lurking hunter were particularly small.

Roland continued to watch movies and occasionally visited the forums.

He had thought it would take at least two or three days for the spiders to return, and was prepared for a long wait; after all, he had quite a bit of food in his Backpack.

But he hadnt expected that less than three hours later, the magic spiders responsible for monitoring the outside world would each send back surveillance footage.

Several silvery-white armored claws picked apart the top of the white cocoon, and then three spiders jumped down through the hole in the broken cocoon.

They all had a humanoid creature sitting on them.

When they landed on the ground, it was clear that the impact was so strong that their bodies almost flattened, but still no sound came from them.

Roland stretched out one of his mental threads.

This mental thread was very thin, so thin that it was like hair.

Generally speaking, even if it touched a person, it would not be perceived unless the person being touched was shockingly perceptive.

The mental thread passed through the thick rocky wall, but it was quickly blocked by a thick layer of magic.

Whats this?

Rolands mental thread moved at a fast speed adhering to this thick layer of magic, spinning up and down in less than thirty seconds.

Roland then discovered to his surprise that his stone building was surrounded by a circular magic cover.

The cover seemed to have the effect of isolating sound and was very much like a boundary.

Even spiders can use boundaries?

Roland withdrew his mental thread.

The magic spiders continued to send images back.

Three people jumped off the spiders backs. They wore gray robes that hid their faces and forms.

The three then approached Rolands stone building, one of them raising their hand. The stone walls rapidly disappeared as they turned stone to mud and sand.

This person also knew Stone to Mud, but in terms of casting speed, it was much worse than Rolands. If Roland wanted to resist the other persons Stone to Mud, he would use Mud to Stone to make up for it and he would definitely be faster than the other person.

Roland was sure that if his magic power was not used up, the other party would not be able to break up the small building.

But Roland also wanted to get in touch with the other party. It didnt matter if they were good or if they came with malicious intent, at least he had to know what kind of magic they used to cut off the sound.

Roland then set himself up with Language Proficiency.

This wasnt Hollevin, and the other party mostly likely didnt speak Hollevins language.

Soon, the front wall of the stone building was gone.

Roland stood at the edge of the second floor, looking down at the other party of three people and three spiders.

Without the wall in the way, Roland smiled down at the three people in a gesture of friendship.

Then the three people opposite him lifted their hoods.

Rolands expression was a bit strange for a moment.

These three people were dark-skinned, had long ears, and were quite good-looking.

Three dark-skinned female elves Drows?

The drows were something that Roland had naturally heard of.

This race that was exactly the same as the elves in form, but with opposite skin color and opposite temperament, was famous throughout the world.

Words like tyranny, filth, and renegade were used to describe drows.

When Roland saw the three dark-skinned elves and then thought about what he had read in the books about drows, he felt a bit overwhelmed.

The three drows broke the boundary that could shut out sound, and then the three of them looked at Roland, their eyes growing brighter.

One of the drows even licked her lower lips: the excited expression of a cat seeing a mouse.

The other two drows stared at Roland, their pupils filled with a wicked possessive glare.

Roland was about to say something, to give a friendly greeting, but they ended up talking to each other first.

"Such clean and pure magic power, hes mine, no one can take him from me."

"Why should he be yours, he was discovered by all of us, everyone has a share."

"Siesta, I havent settled the score with you for the last time you sucked that sturdy Barbarian swordsman dry, so let me have it this time."

"She sucked it dry, I didnt, so how come I dont have a share?"

"Cant we all just shut up and have one day each?"

Roland stood on the second floor and listened with a furrowed brow.

The books he had read said that drows had a matriarchal clan system, with a queen in power and high statuses for women.

And the status of male drows they did all the hard work, ate less than dogs, and worked more than cattle.

And they were beaten and scolded by women every day.

They lived terribly.

Roland listened for a while, and when he saw that they were getting more and more ridiculous, he coughed and asked, "You three drow ladies, what are you implying by surrounding my house?"

The three drows looked up at him at the same time, as if they had seen a ghost.

Then they realized something.

"Language Proficiency."

"This Mage is pretty good. Im getting more and more interested."

"Stop arguing. The fellow has some strength, one of us isnt a match for him, so lets join hands and try to catch him first."

As the three of them spoke, their gazes toward Roland became fervent.

The drow standing in the middle pointed at Roland and called out excitedly, "Servants, go up and grab"

As soon as she spoke, a bolt of lightning blasted directly at her.

Roland had recently finished catching up on level-one and level-two projectile spells.

As a level-two Evocation spell, Lightning had the characteristics of being fast to cast, and its trajectory was incredibly short.

The only downside was that it was not too powerful.

This drow flew back and quickly stood up with a kick-up. Her long black hair frizzled outward and her voice quivered, which was the result of the lightning numbing her tongue.

"Grab him."

The three human-faced spiders opened their large mouthparts and dove straight at Roland on the second floor from a distance of six meters.