Mages Are Too Op Chapter 279

Chapter 279 I Want To Recreate I

But Roland didnt need to go through such troubles now that he had Magic Shield, the Mages strongest defense, a defensive spell that could be used for the rest of his life.

Three human-faced spiders landed half a meter in front of him, huge sharp-toothed mouthparts stretched out, and all were blocked by a transparent Magic Shield as a result.

The mouthparts shattered inch by inch under the high-speed impact, and the three spiders screamed before being bounced back.

As for the other two drows, one went invisible, the other leaped back several meters and with a movement of the hand, three throwing knivesone on the left, two on the rightflew in an arc towards Rolands Magic Shield.

They were fast, and although Roland reacted in time, he didnt dodge; he had the intention to test the strength of the Magic Shield.

In the end, two of the three throwing knives were bounced off the instant they hit the Magic Shield.

The one on the other side, on the other hand, pierced through the Magic Shield, startling Roland.

But that was allit broke the Magic Shield, without a doubt, but it was stuck in between layers of the shield.

Roland discovered that the curved, red-handled throwing knife actually had magical energy flowing through it.

Roland took the dagger down and placed it in his hand.

Enchanted weapons? Spell-breaking effects?

As Roland was startled, the drow who had disappeared suddenly appeared behind Roland.

The moment she appeared, she stabbed at Rolands back with a sharp short sword.

However, it was blocked by the Magic Shield just the same.

Roland turned back, and the drow that failed to sneak attack tried to pull away and flee, but a red figure suddenly appeared behind her. A horizontal slash came from a long miaodao.

This drow was so scared that she immediately rolled sideways.

A normal persons tumble was simply a tumble, but an agility professions tumble was an ability.

Depending on ones coordination (agility), strength, and whether or not one was good at tumbling, there was a huge difference in the tumbling ability of the agility professions.

Some people could only tumble two or three meters in half a second, while others who specialized in tumbling could do so in about 0.2 seconds and they could tumble for more than 10 meters.

It was almost comparable to a Mages Teleportation.

The world of magic simply couldnt be surmised with common sense.

This drow could only tumble a distance of six meters in about 0.3 seconds, but she still broke away from the puppets attack range extremely quickly.

After she tumbled and escaped, she shouted to her previously electrified companion, "Make a move already."

This drow was finally released from her paralysis from Lightning and she was about to make a move, only to have another Lightning hit her.

Once again, she fell into a state of paralysis.

The other two turned and fled as soon as they saw this, and they jumped onto separate human-faced spiders, about to ride their mounts out of the cocoon.

But Roland snapped his fingers, and the wide-ranged Ice Ring was launched immediately.

A ring of white frost spread directly along the ground, and the first to be hit was the electrically paralyzed drow, the ring of ice freezing her legs.

The Ice Ring then spread along the inner layer of the cocoon directly upward, and actually reached the spider legs of the two human-faced spiders that were about to crawl out of the cocoons gap, then froze the opening of the cocoon at a very fast speed.

The two drows defied gravity and sat down on the spiders back upside down as they looked at the frozen exit with expressions of despair.

Roland looked up at them and said with a smile, "Wont you come down and talk?"

Although drows were tyrannical, they actually knew when to advance and when to retreat.

When they were strong, they would kill their enemies in brutal ways, and when they were weak, they would flee of their own accord. When they really couldnt escape, they would fall to their knees and beg for mercy.

Integrity was something that, to them, was discarded at birth.

The two drows looked at each other, then they jumped down onto the ice and both got down on one knee.

One of them said with a flattering smile, "What can I do for you, esteemed Mage?"

The other drow touched her own thigh seductively with one hand and moved it slowly upward, her voice was full of suggestiveness. "Sir, anything can be promised as long as you dont hurt us."

Heh obscene, just like the books say.

The three drows, while all quite beautiful, were no match for Andonara, and were about on par with Vivian.

However, they all had great figures and surpassed Vivian in this aspect.

However, Roland still wasnt interested.

If he truly had that need, it would be better to seek Andonara.

Besides, it was rumored that drows were quite dirty, and if he acted recklessly with them, he might even contract some disease.

Many of the viruses of that kind of disease were magical creatures[a][b], and even Abolish Poison wasnt effective on them.

Unless, of course, the one abolishing the poison was very, very strong.

The other drow was now finally struggling out of her paralysis. She didnt dare to attack Roland again, but instead followed the example of her two companions and got down on one knee.

Roland looked at them and first summoned two more offensive puppets to surround the three of them.

The three drows faltered at the sight of the three offensive puppets, and then immediately twisted their figures even more enticingly.

It was also hard for them to make seductive poses while kneeling on one knee.

Roland shook his head helplessly. "Just tell me how those spiders managed to eliminate the sound in this area."

The three drows looked at each other, and finally, the drow who had become invisible said, "Esteemed Mage, that is a Sound Barrier. Havent you heard of it?"

Roland shook his head. "Of course not. Do you know how to use it?"

The three drows didnt speak. Their skin was so dark that their expressions could hardly be discerned.

Their lips, however, were similar in color to cherry blossoms and looked strange when paired with their black skin.

"If any of you can teach me, or tell me about the spell model, Ill let you three go."

The three drows expressions became even more bewildered.

The drow whose hair was electrified and standing on end couldnt help but say, "Esteemed Mage, the Sound Barrier is a divine spell of our goddess, Lolth, and outsiders cant learn it."

"Then why can spiders use it?"

"These human-faced spiders are created by the males of our clan, and they are still essentially drows themselves." The drow continued to explain, "When they become spiders, they gain some special abilities, and the Sound Barrier is one of them. it is convenient for them to help us catch our prey."

"You all know it, I suppose."

The drows nodded.

Roland smiled. "Then use it in front of me a few times and Ill see if I can recreate it."

[a]i dont understand this

[b]Many of the viruses of that kind of disease (as in STDs) are living magical creatures.

Feel free to adjust the sentence so that it sounds more understandable.