Mages Are Too Op Chapter 280

Chapter 280 You Stay

But as Roland learned more and more magic and increased his own level, he was able to sense more and more things with his mental power.

For example, he could perceive danger and incoming projectiles, but these were just additional effects.

The really powerful benefit about having strong mental power was that he seemed to be able to feel the tip of the iceberg when another person used magic.

In other words, he had an inkling of the spell models circulation route, though it was only a few nodes.

However, this was a breakthrough in progress.

Going from one to nine wasnt really hard, it was going from zero to one that was hard.

The drow looked at Roland, was silent for a moment, and said, "Sir, we are using divine magic, not magic."

"It doesnt matter if its divine magic, as long as you use it more often," Roland said with a smile. "Dont worry, if I am sure I have no way to learn it, I will also let you go."

The three drows were all relieved.

Then they took turns using Sound Barrier at Rolands request.

At any given time, Roland could only capture a few nodes, but he was in no hurry and recorded every node he captured, using the notepad that came with the system.

The three drows didnt have much magic power. Each of them would run out of mana after casting Sound Barrier three to four times, and in less than half a day, Roland had drained them of their magic power.

Looking at the three dispirited drows, Roland said with a smile, "Come stay in my small house, I have enough food, and take your time to recover your magic power. Im in no hurry."

The three drows looked at Rolands smile, and for some reason, they had the impression of seeing a demon.

Next, the three drows ate and slept, slept and ate, and in between, they cast Sound Barrier a few times during the daythey were being raised as pigs.

Rolands Backpack had a lot of food and rations stored inside. After all, there was nothing worth storing for him, so he subconsciously stuffed a lot of dry food into it, purely as a kind of obsessive compulsion, always wanting to fill it up.

Unexpectedly, a large number of rations actually came in handy in this situation.

For the past ten days or so, all three drows had been well-behaved.

One aspect of this was that Roland was indeed stronger than them.

Drows were a very practical race that worshiped power, and when they were defeated, they wouldnt act recklessly if they didnt have a chance of winning.

Another aspect was that the rations that Roland took out were a real pleasure for them to eat.

Roland had always thought that the drows had an abundance of food; after all, the books didnt talk about it.

But in reality, this prairie where he was now had little food production.

There were also very few animals; there were only birds, insects, and other small creatures.

The kingdom of drows was built underground, and there was even less food underground, most of which was in the hands of the big shots.

This was why the majority of the time, the hungry drows would venture to the surface for food.

The rations that Roland gave were all meat It was a rare treat for the drows. To them, even rations were still a delicacy and quite filling.

This was why they had no intention of running.

Instead, they tried even harder to seduce Roland, wanting to stay by his side.

However, Roland was unmoved.

Roland was also wondering why in the beginning these drows were somewhat rebellious, but now, they were well-behaved.

Of course, being well-behaved was a good thing.

Then after a few more days, Roland finally wrote down all the magic nodes of the Sound Barrier.

He looked at the tightly packed nodes on the notepad, then smiled at the three drows and said, "Well, you can go now."

But then, none of the three drows moved.

One of them even said, "Sir, how about we follow you?"

"What are you guys thinking?" Roland laughed. "Drows are evil creatures and are considered hostile to us humans. Under normal circumstances, a drow entering the human world would be killed, unless shes wearing a slave ring around her neck."

"Then why didnt you kill us, sir?"

Roland thought about it and said, "Right now, I dont see you guys doing anything bad, so I cant kill you. Besides, you guys didnt try to kill me before, you just wanted to kidnap me, right?"

In fact, Rolands suspicion was correct. These three drows did indeed have the intention of kidnapping Roland and bringing him back to the underground kingdom for breeding.

In the matriarchal society of drows, a woman often had three or four husbands. Their self-esteem was very high, and the number of husbands was related to how high their invisible social status was.

Multiple human husbands were no big deal at all.

And Mages had always been the first choice for breeding.

Looking at the stunned expressions of the three drows, Roland was about to snap his fingers and teleport away, but he suddenly remembered something and took out a throwing knife from his Backpack. He said to the drow who had thrown it at him before, "This is a magical weapon, dp you know enchantment?"

This drow nodded, a look of anticipation in her eyes.

The other two drows looked at her enviously.

"Can you teach enchantment to me?"

This drow nodded vigorously, "Although my enchantment abilities arent great, I can teach you all the basics."

"Well then, you stay."

This drow perked up while she proudly looked down at her two companions next to her.

The other two drows looked at her with resentment, then left with very reluctant expressions.

Roland sat this drow down and said, "Learning enchantment wasnt part of my previous conditions. Ill pay you some gold coins when youve taught me the basics."

The drow smiled and said, "Sir, youre very principled, much more responsible than our male drows."

Roland had no interest in the drows flattery and asked, "How much do I have to pay for tuition?"

"Before that" this drow said, looking at the cocoon hole above her head, "we need to get out of here. I know my people too well, and theyll soon return to the underground kingdom and find friends and family to welcome us."

Roland wasnt surprised, as he had actually considered this, "So do you have any place to hide your tracks?"

The drow stood up, nodded, and said, "Yes. Also, sir, you may call me Mirna."

Not being very authoritarian, Roland took Mirnas advice and changed locations, walking at least thirty kilometers across the steppe before burrowing into an underground pit.

"I dug this myself. I was going to spend my last moments here when I was too old to hold a weapon, but also as my graveyard."

As Mirna stood in the round pit, her expression had an eeriness to it.

Roland instinctively took two steps back; he had just felt a strange power in Mirnas body.

It wasnt Mirnas power, though: it was as if she had been briefly possessed by something.