Mages Are Too Op Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Its Really Not Difficul

"Whats the matter with you?" Mirna was flustered by Rolands gaze.

It wasnt that Rolands gaze was aggressive, the drows were never afraid of any lusty gazes or looks; rather, they quite liked it, as long as the males staring at them didnt look too ugly or disgusting.

At this moment, Rolands eyes were toned with some scrutiny, so Mirna felt a little scared.

"Nothing." Roland withdrew his gaze.

Mirnas clothes were quite revealing, giving people a wild and revealing impression, especially after she entered the pit and took off the black cloak. Her curves were fine and tight, making her look extremely attractive.

Roland was also a little aroused, but that was just his bodys instinctive reaction.

His spirit, on the other hand, did not fluctuate at all.

In reality, this was what was bound to happen when a Mages mental power was strong to a certain degree.

A Mages soul and spirit would always be stronger than their body, and the distance between the two would increase as they leveled up, and in a few more levels, Roland could even manage the instinctive reactions of the body directly with his spirit, without even a chance of getting aroused.

Roland felt that the special power he had just felt could be Mirnas hidden power.

He didnt think it was his imagination.

His mental power was already strong to this degree, all of his perceptions and senses could hardly go wrong anymore.

Unless he was under a psychic spell.

This was why he secretly prepared himself, fearing something unexpected.

But he still acted as if he didnt perceive anything and said with a smile, "Well, now that were here, no one should be bothering us anymore."

"Of course not." Seeing Rolands gaze return to normal, Mirna was relieved and said, "I only know a little bit about enchantment so"

"Its okay, just teach the foundations to me," Roland said with a smile.

"Its hard to learn," Mirna said. "Im considered to be of a little above average among my race, and Im young, but Im smart, and it still took me nearly a decade to get the basics."

Roland shook his head indifferently. "Its okay, just speak. Still, if its my personal problem that I cant learn it, I wont take my anger out on you."

Okay Mirna found this a little strange.

Growing up in a matriarchal family, Mirna, who had always seen men as tools, suddenly felt as if it was indeed normal for men to be strong.

When she grew up in the underground kingdom, she always heard from her aunts and uncles that human males and the good-for-nothing drow males were two completely different thingshumans were quite charming and bold.

She never used to believe it very much.

How could males be courageous? It was just a matter of resisting their seduction techniques for a little longer, what more could there be?

But now, she discovered that human males were truly different from the soft, beautiful males of their clan.

They were truly different.

Although they were also somewhat frail, their temperamentacute and dauntlessmade her heart flutter.

And then she became more and more well-behaved, of course Seduction from time to time was an opportunity; this was the drows instincts.

Rolands body clearly reacted to a small degree, but there was still clarity in his eyes.

For over a month, Roland didnt touch Mirna even once.

This made Mirna almost doubt her own charm.

In Mirnas eyes, the level of Rolands effort could not be described in words.

Never sleeping, he would experiment every day after listening to her explanation.

He was very serious and very focused.

When conducting basic introductory experiments, when there were no magic materials, Roland would tie her up without saying a word and just teleport away.

The first time Mirna saw Roland use Teleportation, her jaw almost didnt close for half an hour.

Teleportation was hard enough to learn, but the difficulty of Long-Distance Teleportation was almost on the same level as a divination spell.

If they werent a super genius, one simply couldnt learn it.

Are all the males in the human world monsters?

After seeing the Teleportation, Mirna completely gave up on running away, or even seducing him.

She fully understood that the two of them were not on the same level.

Each time Roland teleported back to Delpon, he would chat with Andonara and Vivian, replenish his rations, and get his magic supplies before teleporting back.

And after more than a month of study, Roland finally understood the nature of the so-called enchantment.

In essence, it was a chemical reaction with magic involved.

It was simple in essence, but the recipe was very troublesome.

Because everyones mental fluctuations, as well as the nature of magic power, were different, there was no way for the dose of magic power, the most important catalyst, to be reliably set.

And there were also a lot of impurities.

Even if Roland had the Magic Power Control specialty, he could not precisely control the trace input of magic power.

In addition, magic materials were a big problem, probably due to the purification process. Even the magic materials brought over from the Magic Tower were not extremely pure, greatly affecting the effect of enchantment.

The two factors added up to a success rate of less than sixty percent for even the simplest enchantment to reduce the weight of a weapon.

And the weight reduction effect fluctuated randomly from ten to thirty percent.

Roland furrowed his brow deeply at this.

He felt the need to find ways to improve his control over magic power, as well as the need to also purify his magical materials.

Otherwise, the expense was just too great.

Magic materials were generally very expensive, and because of this, Roland was now very glad that he had chosen the specialty of Magic Material Exemption early on.

Otherwise, he would have lost at least a third of his gold coins.

After spending a month and a half, Roland learned a lot about enchantment from Mirna.

For example, how to identify the properties of magic materials, how to taste the effects of magic plants with your mouth, and the fixed measures of magic materials.

According to Mirna, enchantment was a very profound discipline, and these were just the basics of the foundation.

Feeling that he had learned almost everything he could from Mirna, Roland flicked the dagger in his hand and threw it back at Mirna.

"Well, its time for me to go."

Mirna stood up and didnt say anything, but her expression looked a little reluctant.

After a month and a half of being together, although it was a bit unpleasant at first, the two sides were at peace with each other and slowly became familiar with each other, and their relationship became relatively better.

It couldnt be said that their relationship was extremely good, but they could be considered acquaintances.

Roland took out a dozen or so gold coins and handed them to her, slipped her a packet of jerky, then continued, "I hope we dont have the chance to meet again in the futureafter all, humans and drows are enemies."

Mirna pursed her lips, not knowing what to say.

Roland turned roughly in the direction of Delpon, and held out his hand, about to snap his fingers to use Teleportation.

This was his fixed casting gesture, which had a certain psychological effect that sped up the casting of silent spells.

But the moment his two fingers were about to touch, a strange power suddenly appeared behind him.

His hair instantly stood on end.