Mages Are Too Op Chapter 283

Chapter 283 A Thousand Kilometers In A Day

Roland wandered on the forum for a while and found a lot of discussions on whether the special results that were achieved with features of magic were bugs or in accordance to the spirit of a sandbox game.

The debaters on both sides had made valid points, but essentially speaking, it was an argument between Mages and other classes.

After all, only the Mages were 100% sure that they could learn spatial bubbles, while Warlocks and Priests could only pick up magic randomly.

Few players could learn Magic Shield and spatial bubbles at the same time. Besides, they also needed Slow Landing when they were to descend from the sky.

Unless they were terribly lucky, it would be hard for Warlocks and Priests to make use of this move.

However, since there were too few Mages, the opinions on the forum were pretty much one-sided.

Roland stopped after reading a few threads, as most of the points made in those threads were similar. All the players had received systematic educations and were good at debating. None of them could convince the other side.

Roland did not intend to meddle. It was up to the authorities whether or not Human Cannonball was allowed.

After all, even if this approach was forbidden, Roland would still look for other ways to fly.

Also, he had more inspiration these days. For example, he could change Hand of Magic into aerodynamic wings and power it with a fire spell. By hanging himself on the wings and reducing his weight through Slow Landing, he would be like inventing a simple flying suit.

Of course, Roland did not possess sophisticated knowledge of aerodynamics, but he could always ask around and search for information.

There was always a solution.

Roland viewed the forums for a while and found that the players were generally playing in the same way as before. The entertainment players and the battle players were all working hard in their own way.

The merchant players kept making money, and the PVP players fought each other and made more and more enemies.

Apart from the spatial bubble incident, lots of the posts in the forums were about the conflicts between players who threw profanities at each other.

Also, it occurred to Roland that fewer and fewer people were willing to share their experiences.

The players began to keep their new discoveries to themselves.

After all, the profits behind certain discoveries were too huge.

People had changed but it was quite understandable.

Roland read for a while and found no useful guidance threads or tips. So, he began to clear the garbage in his mailbox.

But in the end, a private message from a player drew his attention.

The message was sent not a while earlier.

"Roland, Ive found something about the Red Magic Tower that youll be interested in. Lets talk on WeChat. My ID is 5521*****."

The Red Magic Tower?

The advanced organization of hermits on magic?

Roland had seen a thing or two in the library in his Magic Tower. Certain people who were gifted and capable had been gathered and established multiple Magic Towers according to the magic classes they were good at.

The Red Magic Tower, for example, specialized in evoking magic, and the Gray Magic Tower focused on spatial magic.


The Association of Mages in Hollevin was only a middle school compared to those Magic Towers that were essentially research institutes.

Roland had picked up almost all the level-one and level-two spells in the Association of Mages. It was time that he moved on to higher levels.

It was impossible to open WeChat App in the game, but that was not a problem, because WeChat also had a web version that Roland could open in the game.

He friended the guy on WeChat, and very soon, the guy accepted his request.

"Are you Roland?"


"I have information on the Red Magic Tower. I guarantee its true."

"How much do you want?"

"Ten gold coins."

"Thats rather expensive. Isnt it too much to charge ten gold coins for one piece of information?"

"Not at all, because a token would be offered to you too, without which you can never find the Red Magic Tower."

"Fine, its a deal."

"Im in Sisilia. Come to me, please. Youre very fast when you fly anyway."


Roland remembered that the reformers were based near that city.

"Okay. Ill try to go ASAP."

"Ill wait for you at the Center of Chambers of Commerce in Sisilia."

This player went offline after saying that.

Roland, on the other hand, returned to his manor and spoke to Andonara and Vivian about his trip to Sisilia.

Vivian was not happy. "But youve only been back for a day."

Roland smiled. "I wasnt really away, was I? Besides, Ill be back from Sisilia in no time."

Roland had teleported back every other day while he learned enchantment from Mirna. So, for Andonara and Vivian, he was never really away.

Andonara said casually, "This is where his home and roots are. Wherever he goes, he will come back. Dont worry too much."

Andonara was now more and more relaxed and graceful.

Before, she had tempted Roland now and then, but she rarely did that anymore.

The longer she lived here, the more reassured she was.

As she grew closer and closer to Roland, she found it unnecessary to bind Roland to herself with a physical relationship.

Vivian found it quite unbelievable, seeing Andonaras graceful look.

She remembered clearly how sexy and attractive Andonara was when she arrived, but Andonara had become a majestic queen now.

Also, Andonara liked wearing the queens crown in front Roland, although she never did that to other people.

It seemed to be a special way to have fun for her.

Though Vivian was reluctant, Roland still set off an hour later.

He activated the spatial bubbles on the top floor of the Magic Tower. After multiple times swallowing and launching, he left Delpon at a high speed.

The earth was retreating fast in front of his eyes.

Before his departure, Roland had memorized the map.

Also, he was lucky enough to not meet any bad weather.

Two hours later, he landed outside of Sisilia successfully. It truly felt great to cover a thousand kilometers within a day. He felt that inventing Human Cannonball might be the best decision in his life.

Hollevin was a small country but this world was simply too big. This small country actually had a huge coverage. It was slightly bigger than India.

Sisilia was an important city on the border between Hollevin and the desert kingdoms. It was also a city of commerce.

Merchant convoys were waiting in line to enter the city. The line stretched two kilometers.

Thankfully, the pedestrians had another entrance, but their line was almost five hundred meters long too.

As a Mage, Roland had his privileges. The guards let him through the moment he came to the gate. However, before he got a full view of the city, someone came to him.

"Are you Roland?"

The person seemed to be quite delighted.