Mages Are Too Op Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Hybrids

Chapter 286 Hybrids

Human Cannonball was quite fast, but even so, the red spot was still pointing east after Roland flew for two hours.

He stopped and built a small building to take a rest.

After his mana was recovered, he continued his journey to the east.

His magic regeneration was slower than his consumption. So, without using the Mind-Calming Necklace, Roland could only fly two hours and rest five hours in order to replenish himself.

It was because the capacity of his mana had soared after his level-up. Though his magic regeneration had been slightly increased by Rolands Zeal, it couldnt catch up with the growth of Rolands total mana.

After all, he had added all his stat points on Intelligence, which decided the basic damage of his spells as well as the upper limit of his mana.

Based on the direction of the black gem, Roland kept flying eastward.

He passed the prairie and the desert, weathering wind and thunderstorms. He even happened upon a silver dragon, which was surprised to see him and intended to catch him, but it couldnt catch up with Roland at all. Roland lost the dragon after only half an hour.

Roland was not interested in the silver dragon at all. He only wanted to find the Red Magic Tower at this point.

Flying two hours and resting five hours, Roland continued the journey day and night.

He estimated that he had crossed a handful of countries before he finally reached the sea.

Before Roland was a shallow, beautiful blue sea.

The view here was beautiful. The bottom of the sea could be seen from the sky, and all kinds of creatures were swimming beneath the surface of the clear water.

The silver beach was glittering under the sunlight too.

This wouldve made a famous tourist site on Earth, but Roland was rather desperate at this point.

He slowly landed from the sky and stood on the highest rock near the shore.

The sea before his eyes was beautiful, but also boundless.

The wind from the sea, carrying a fishy scent, blew at Rolands robe.

Staring at the horizon for a long time, Roland finally heaved a helpless sigh.

If it were on the continent, he couldve reached his destination however far it was even though it might take him some time.

But things were tricky if it was on the other side of the sea, which was impossible for him to fly across, unless this was not a sea but a channel.

Without a place to rest, he would only drown in the sea and end up in a fishs stomach.

Roland stood in silence on the rock for a quarter-hour before he flew south.

He wanted to look for a city and ask the residents there about this sea.

It would be even better if he could find a map. He could simply fly across it if it was only a channel.

However, if it was a massive sea, he would consider other solutions.

He flew south because warmer places were generally more resourceful and populated.

As he expected, he found a city after flying for half an hour. The tall wall of the city reflected green light under the sun.

From above the city, Roland found that the buildings of this city were rather primitive. The houses and towers were all built on uneven green stones. As a result, there were protrusions on the surface of every building, but it was weirdly beautiful.

The city was not quite large. It was shaped like a square, four kilometers in length and three kilometers in width.

From the sky, Roland could see a lot of people walking on the streets below.

Casting Unhindered Communication on himself, Roland landed on an empty ground that felt like a square.

However, he noticed something wrong the moment he landed.

The residents around him all had foxy ears, gray hair, and long fluffy tails, regardless of their gender and age.

Roland looked at them in surprise, and they looked at Roland in surprise too.

Then, their curiosity was gradually replaced by apprehension, until one of the females shouted, "Ah a human Mage! Run!"

Her scream was like some sort of signal that activated all the people in the square.

In panic, they fled from Roland, crying out.

Many of them even threw whatever was in their hands away in order to run faster.

A senior, holding his crutch, shouted, "Take the children away first! The valiant of you, stall this human Mage with me!"

Though frightened and barely steady, the senior staggered at Roland.

Some of the middle-aged residents intended to flee, but looking at the crying children, they gritted their teeth and charged at Roland despite their fear.

It was quite a mess.

Roland was stunned. Looking at the people who were charging at him with their bare hands, he softly sighed.

Activating the spatial bubbles, Roland soared to the sky and disappeared in the horizon before those middle-aged residents reached him.

Although Roland was gone, the riot in the square lasted another ten minutes. Soon, everybody in the city learned that a human Mage was here.

Uneasiness spread through the city.

In the mayors office, the handsome young fox was on one of his knees. "Father, please let me hunt this human Mage down with three hundred soldiers."

The middle-aged vulpera who was seated high above looked at his son and said slowly, "Hirlow, are you confident in killing him?"

"No." Hirlow, the young lord, raised his head. His white hair had been tied into multiple ponytails, a typically female hairstyle, but he looked quite handsome. "But we cant keep retreating now, Father. We have to teach human beings a lesson and make them feel pain, or we will always be despised by them, and they will catch us any time they want, until we all become slaves."

The middle-aged mayor thought for a moment and asked, "Do you have no alternatives? As the future leader, you should not risk yourself."

"Father, nobody is stronger than me in this whole city. Who else is more suitable for the mission than me?"

The mayor sighed and said, "Go now. Three hundred soldiers are not enough. Take five hundred."

"Yes, Father." Hirlow stood up in excitement.

Receiving what he asked for, Hirlow left in delight.

At first, he sniffed in the square and recorded Rolands scent, which wasnt completely gone yet.

Then, he rode a gigantic wolf out of the city with five hundred soldiers. Instead of hunting Roland directly, he went south to the shoreline where a lot of small cabins had been built.

Many green-skinned shorties were entering and exiting these cabins.