Mages Are Too Op Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Trying His Bes

It was the first time Roland had seen such hideous humanoid creatures. He even felt that his eyes were burnt.

Then, he decided to retreat.

Although it was inappropriate to discriminate against someone for their look, they were really too ugly for Roland.

The other reason was that he seemed to be on their patro routel, and a conflict might burst out if he trespassed on their territory.

Therefore, Roland intended to get out of their way.

But right then, the patrolling murloc suddenly stopped, and their leader sniffed and charged at Roland with his weapon.

Roland was taken aback. He didnt know that those creatures were so aggressive.

However, seeing that they were holding wooden spears and lances, he knew that they should be intelligent, so he thought to talk to them.

Hardly had he cast Language Proficiency on himself when the murloc, who were running with a hilarious posture, let out cries.

In Rolands ears, they were shouting, "The ugly human is spotted. Get him!"

Roland nearly choked after hearing that.

Though he was plain-looking, it was downright outrageous to say that he was ugly.

Even more frustratingly, it was a bunch of real hideous monsters that had made the malicious remark.

Taking a deep breath, he was about to talk, but a few spears, with huge fishing nets behind them, were hurled at him.

Roland snapped his fingers and flashed ten meters back.

After that, he activated spatial bubbles and flew away from the seashore while those murloc wailed furiously.

After flying for half an hour away from the seashore, Roland took a rest to recover his mana. He snapped his fingers, ready to use Long-Distance Teleportation.

However, he was dizzy. He checked his status, only to discover that his mana had been used up.

The Long-Distance Teleportation failed.

This place was so far away from Delpon that he couldnt return even after he consumed all his mana.

He could only put on the Mind-Calming Necklace to recover his mana. Then, he established a stone building and stayed inside.

After resting for a few hours, Roland flew back with Human Cannonball. When half of the journey was covered, he recorded the coordinates and finally teleported himself back to Delpon.

In his manor, Roland rested for half a day comfortably and had afternoon tea with Andonara and Vivian, before he teleported himself to the capital and found Tobian and the headquarters of the Association of Mages.

Tobian, who had convinced most of the councilmen of the Association of Mages to support him, was quite delighted.

Sitting opposite him and looking at his bald, bulbous head, Roland said with a smile, "Though its still early, I must say congratulations, General Chairman."

Tobian smiled delightedly. "Thank you, Mr. Roland. You must be here for something. What is it?"

Since they knew each other well, Roland simply cut to the chase. "Master, youre quite experienced. What would you do if you wanted to cross a sea?"

"Use a boat!" Tobian thought for a moment and said, "Dont ever attempt to cross the sea with Wind Soaring or other flying spells. Almost every Mage who tried that has died."

"Almost?" Roland asked.

Tobian nodded and explained, "As far as I know, only two people who survived after crossing the sea with magic: Duncan the Demigod, and Mystra, who was not yet a goddess. Both of them crossed the sea as Legends."

So, it was capabilities that really mattered.

That was the orcs territory anyway. Even if there were boats, human beings had no access to them.

Roland thought for a moment and asked, "Then, do you have any spells that can let me rest on the sea?"

Tobian scratched his head and mumbled, "Waterwalking? But its designed for rivers and lakes, and you may be knocked down by the waves if you use it on the sea. Underwater Breathing? No there are too many magical beasts in the sea. You dont want to feed yourself to them"

Thinking for a long time, Tobian finally said, "If I must say, there is one option."

Roland slightly leaned forward.

"Mystras Mansion." Tobian explained: "Its one of the three spells that the Goddess of Magic created before she became a goddess. This spell can create a special space in the void for a Mage to rest in until his magic power is fully recovered. Its a must-learn spell for every Mage, but its up to your talent whether you can pick it up."

Rolands eyes glittered. "It sounds interesting."

"When you quit Mystras Mansion, you will appear in the coordinates that you set earlier." Tobian added in fascination, "Though this spell deals no damage, its known as the best life-saving spell for Mages."

It was the right choice to consult the experienced. Roland was not aware of such an amazing spell.

"Then, I have only one question. Where can I learn this amazing spell? What should I pay?"

Tobian sighed and said, "I think you can only find the spell model in the Monochrome Magic Tower that specializes in spatial magic."

Roland was disappointed to hear that.

He couldnt even find the Red Magic Tower, not to mention the Monochrome Magic Tower that he had no leads on.

Seeing Rolands look, Tobian continued, "The only other place that may have it is the Holy Realm in Fareins."

Huh? Roland looked at Tobian and gestured for him to continue.

Tobian chuckled at Rolands earnestness and said, "Theres a grand library in the Holy Realm that keeps the books collected and submitted by the believers of Light. You can find all kinds of books there. I think the model for Mystras Mansion might be among them."

Roland stood up happily. "Thank you, Master Tobian."

"You have connections in the Holy Realm?" Tobians attitude seemed weird.

"More or less."

Leaving Tobians Magic Tower, Roland found a tavern nearby. He enjoyed fruit wine while he pinged Schuck in the guild system.

Roland: "Are you still in the Holy Realm, Schuck?"

Soon, Schuck replied.

Schuck: "I just came back. Whats up?"

Roland: "Can you check in your grand library if theres the spell model for Mystras Mansion for me?"

Schuck: "Wait a moment. Ill ask the Holy Lady. She keeps the high-level spell models."

Roland: "Thank you for your trouble."

Schuck: "Were brothers. Dont be so courteous."

About half an hour later, Schuck left another message.

Schuck: "There is. However, the Holy Lady says that this spell model is not to be borrowed, and that you have to apply in the Holy Realm if you want to read it. Just now, I tried to take a snap of the book, but then I was warned that my Grace would be reduced if I did something which is to be considered theft. So, youd better come here in person. Ill pull the strings for you."

Roland: "Got it."