Mages Are Too Op Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Dragons Are Less Reputed As Air Dominators

She was petite and looked young. She couldnt be more than fifteen years old.

But that was quite normal. The demands for the Holy Ladies of most religions were devoutness and virginity.

Also, the Holy Ladies were the faces of those religions, so they needed to be both pious and pretty.

Before, the Church of Light paid little attention to the appearance of the Holy Lady as long as she was devoted and capable.

However, the case changed decades ago when the gods convened a meeting on the compatibility issues of the churches.

After all, the doctrines of certain churches were contradictory to those of other churches.

Both the pope and the Holy Lady took part in the meeting.

When a dozen churches gathered at the periphery of the Elf Forest, the Holy Ladies of the other churches were all gorgeous, but that of the Church of Light was only plain.

She did not seem more capable than other Holy Ladies either.

It had been an embarrassment to the Church of Light for years. People mocked in private that they could not find a girl who was both pretty and capable when they had so many believers.

The plain-looking Holy Lady couldve kept the position for another ten years, but she applied for retirement only three years later when she heard the rumors.

For the reputation of the Church of Light, she resigned voluntarily and became a bishop elsewhere.

Ever since then, the Holy Ladies who the Church of Light chose were also the pretty ones.

The young Holy Lady nodded at Roland and smiled at him politely.

Then, she looked at Schuck, her eyes glittering. "Mr. Saint Samurai, is this the friend you referred to?"

Schuck nodded. "Yes. Hes my best friend."

"Got it." The Holy Lady took out a thick book from the drawer and put it on the table. "In the next half-hour, Ill be cleaning the bookshelves downstairs. You can suit yourselves."

After that, the Holy Lady stood up and left the room.

Roland walked over and opened the book. It was indeed the spell model.

Instead of reading it in a hurry, he turned the pages and took a picture of the magic nodes with the camera function of the system.

Schuck waited quietly.

After a dozen minutes, Roland finally finished capturing the whole book.

Roland was not entirely satisfied, but he did not ask Schuck if he could read more of the books.

What the Holy Lady said and her eventual departure suggested that Schuck was helping him with his power as a Saint Samurai, or the Holy Lady wouldnt have shown Roland the spell model.

Roland was grateful for Schuck, but he kept his gratitude to himself instead of speaking out.

"Are you done?" asked Schuck.

Roland nodded and said, "Ive captured all of it. Ill learn and analyze it later. Im going back to Delpon."

"Youre not spending a few days here?" asked Schuck.

Roland shook his head. "Thats unnecessary. I only want to learn this spell at this point."

Schuck sighed. "Youre more and more like a pure Mage now."

"Is it not good? Thats a synonym for rationality." Roland felt that he was in a good state.

He was full of curiosity, and he was much more active than before.

"I dont know if its good." Schuck thought for a moment and said, "But everybody changes, quickly or slowly. Just follow your heart."

As they talked, they left the room and went downstairs.

Then, they saw that the Holy Lady was really cleaning the bookshelves. When she saw Schuck and Roland, she smiled at them in greeting.

Then, she resumed cleaning.

Schuck led Roland out of the grand library, but a red-haired girl in a white dress was glaring at them angrily below the stairs with her hands on her hips.

Schuck walked down and asked, finding it odd, "Margret, why are you here? Didnt I ask you to stay home?"

"I thought you were here to chat with the Holy Lady." Margret looked at Roland and said, "It seems that you werent lying when you said that you would be receiving a friend."

Schuck was amused, and Roland somehow smelled jealousy.

Dragons were connected to their knights. They could feel each other even when they were thousands of kilometers apart.

So, when Schuck came to the grand library, Margret, who could tell where he was although she was at home, immediately set off to catch him.

Schuck approached her and petted her. The girl looked upset at first, but after Schuck stroked her head, she smiled happily again.

Then, Schuck led Roland out of the city.

On the empty meadow outside of the city, Roland said, "Okay, lets say goodbye now. Im going back."

"By teleportation?" asked Schuck.

"No. This is too far away from Delpon and I dont have enough mana," Roland said helplessly. "I need to fly half of the way before I teleport myself back."

"How long is it going to take?"

Roland ran an estimation and said, "No more than a day."

Schuck sighed, "Thats really fast. Youre even faster than Margret."

Margret, whose mood had been improved, was not happy to hear that. "I dont believe it. You must be bragging."

Roland tilted his head and looked at Schuck.

Cleverness flashed in Schucks eyes. He found it quite interesting. "Do you want a race?"

"Why not?"

Margret shouted and jumped aside, glowing red. In less than ten seconds, she turned from a human girl into a red dragon.

Schuck jumped onto Margrets back.

Roland sighed. Actually, he did not want to compete.

However, Schuck had already patted Margrets back gently. Realizing his intention, Margret flapped her wings and ran a few steps, before she took off at a high speed and soon accelerated to the highest speed of a dragon.

Im the fastest anyway.

While Margret was thinking that, a stranger suddenly appeared next to her. She focused her eyes, only to find that it was Roland.

Also, Rolands speed was still increasing.

Margret, who was unwilling to give up, tried to flap her wings, but it didnt help.

She could only watch Roland go faster and faster. Swallowed and ejected by the spatial bubbles, the man became a dark spot on the horizon in no more than three minutes.

Even his shadow was nowhere to be seen.

Margret slowed down and hovered in midair.

Her pitiful voice was passed to Schucks head through the mental connection of the dragon knight.

"Thats unfair. Hes not using a flight spell at all."

Schuck replied, laughing, "But he did fly away at an astonishing speed, didnt he? Margret, as Ive kept telling you, human beings are very strong in general, and they have a lot of geniuses. Dont underestimate them, or you may suffer great setbacks one day."

After a long time, Margrets gloomy voice finally sounded. "Okay. I wont underestimate human beings anymore, all right?"