Mages Are Too Op Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Participating In Full Armor Comba

Upon seeing the expressions of the F6 members, QI Shaoqiu immediately knew that he had to strike while the iron was hot.

Instead of trying to persuade them, he just picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Soon the call came through, and Qhi Shaoqiu said, "Old Li, help me sign up for the team battle right away, Im pulling up a team myself."

The F6 members all looked over.

Qhi Shaoqiu paused for a moment, waiting for the other party to finish speaking, then continued, "Right, right. Theyre all temporary participants and dont have armor, so please ask the clubhouse to help lend out a few suits. Also, my iron-coated miaodao are still there, right? I remember there are seven of them.

"Theyre all there, then?" Qi Shaoqius expression grew happier and happier. "Good, I expect to be there tomorrow afternoon, please arrange a room for us to practice, and if possible, it would be best to ask a few brothers to practice a few games against my friends.

"Thank you."

Qi Shaoqiu hung up the phone delightedly. "All right, its all ready, then its off to the competition."

They were still just interested and considering it, but as a result, Qi Shaoqiu made such preparations and now they couldnt not participate.

Besides, their relationship with Qi Shaoqiu was actually quite good, so what did it matter where they went to have a wild time? It was fine to help out a friend.

And fighting real simulated battles would really help them get back some of the feeling of "playing" in the game.

"Lets go, then." Everyone nodded.

Qi Shaoqiu excitedly patted himself on the thigh. "Then tomorrow well meet at the entrance of the station, well contact each other by phoneeveryone go to sleep early."

"No problem."

After spending two hours at the saber arts club, everyone went home to get ready.

Qi Shaoqiu returned home and also began to prepare his luggage. As he did so, there was a knock on his door. He opened it and found that it was his sister.

Night Tide Sands looked at him unhappily. "How could you let Roland do something so dangerous?"

"Whats the danger? All covered in soft iron armor, even if he gets hurt, its only a minor injury."

Night Tide Sands pursed her lips. "But it hurts just as much when you get hit and the impact passes through."

"Whats wrong with a little pain?" Qi Shaoqiu said with a matter-of-fact look. "If he cant even stand a little bit of pain, Id be worried about letting you marry him."

Night Tide Sands instantly blushed. "What about marrying or not marrying! Brother, you just cant utter anything decent out of that filthy mouth."

After saying that, Night Tide Sands turned and ran.

Qi Shaoqiu smiled smugly.

Men have always done things very simply. No makeup, no need to think about bringing a lot of stufftwo or three changes of clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush cup, and towels, and they were ready to go.

The six of them met at the entrance of the train station, and then took the express directly to Jingnan.

Qi Shaoqiu led them to the Tiger Leopard Red Star Martial Arts Club.

A chubby guy who looked fat at first glance but was all solid muscle on closer inspection received them.

Chi Shaoqiu took the initiative to hug the fatty, then introduced him to Roland and the others. "This is Lin Zhaotong, one of the founders of the clubhouse and a classmate of mine from college. He was the one who tricked me into full-armor combat."

Lin Zhaotong smiled a silly smile. "How can you say that I tricked you, its a choice of the soul."

The F6 members were somewhat surprised. This fatty Lin Zhaotong talked a little like an eighth grader.

Qi Shaoqiu explained, "Those who play full-armor combat all behave like this. Think about it, how can you play full-armor combat if youre not this kind of person?"

Li Zhaotong smacked Qi Shaoqius shoulder in indignation. "Youre no different."

"Cut the crap," Qi Shaoqiu said. "The day after tomorrow is the competition. First help us find the right armor, then give us some basic weapons."

"No problem."

While speaking, the fatty Lin Zhaotong also took the chance to size up Roland and the others from time to time.

He found that they looked quite average and didnt even look like they were people who played full-armor combat.

All of them were on the thin side except for one dumpy guy.

In full-armor combat, physique was very important.

It was because of a lofty physique that one had more muscles and was able to move and attack in the arena with armor that weighed dozens of pounds.

However, Lin Zhaotong trusted Qhi Shaoqiuafter all, Qhi Shaoqiu was also slim, but the latters strength and stamina were much higher than expected.

Perhaps the same was true for these five people.

Lin Zhaotong led them into the clubhouse and then allocated a training area for them, which had already been prepared with different sizes of full-body armor.

Roland took a look at the armor and said, "It seems to be Ming Dynasty armor, but its been altered. The helmet has a facemask here, and its thickened in many places, so its more like European full-body armor with a Ming Dynasty look rather than Ming Dynasty armor."

Qi Shaoqiu clapped his hands and shouted, "All of you choose your full-body armor! Next we will train and tell you the rules of full-armor combat."

The five chose their appropriate full-body armored suits and picked up the iron-coated wooden miaodao that Lin Zhaotong had already prepared for them.

After wielding the miaodao in his armor, Roland found that the armor wasnt too heavy, which probably had something to do with the fact that he had been exercising for the last few months.

What really gave Roland a headache was that wearing the helmet greatly limited his vision.

To protect the head, there was only one slit in the helmet that allowed one to look out, but it did limit the vision.

However, Raffel and Li Lin who both had Warrior backgrounds were quite used to it.

Raffel was a shield Warrior and wore heavy armor.

Li Lin was a barbarian Warrior, and although he didnt wear armor and ran around bare, after the Barbarian went berserk, his field of vision would be filled with red except for a very small area.

This was pretty much the same experience as wearing a closed helmet.

As for Schuck and Brazil, they both felt similar to Roland in that the helmets were getting in the way.

They were very new to walking around in their armor, and they also used their miaodaos to slash each other a few times. Although they didnt use much force, they found that the miaodaos were useless for slashing at full-body armor.

Although it was iron-coated, it wasnt sharpened. The destructive power of it was indeed a bit low.

While Roland and the others were puzzled, Lin Zhaotong came in, followed by five "warriors" in full-body armor and equipped with swords and shields.

Lin Zhaotong smiled and said to Qi Shaoqiu, "Ive also brought you people for the drills, so do you want a match next? Theres only a day before the matches, your team must get into shape quickly."

"No problem," Qi Shaoqiu said with a smile, then looked at Roland and the others. "The five of you will try a match first, and Ill be outside watching how well you work together, as well as seeing what weaknesses you have."

The two sides lined up in the tournament hall. Both sides were fully hidden in their armor; not even their expressions could be seen.

Lin Zhaotong acted as a referee in the center of the field.

With the word "Ready," both sides took large strides forward.

Less than five seconds later, thuds sounded for a dozen seconds, and then all five of the sword and shield team were put to the ground.

Lin Zhaotong said with a strange expression on his face, "The left side wins."

Roland lifted his mask and shouted, "Qi Shaoqiu, this miaodao is no good. The opponents armor is thick, and even after a few days of slashing, the opponent didnt respond. If we didnt all know grappling techniques"

This was truethe miaoadao was not useful at all just now. Roland and the others found something wrong after slashing a few times, so they switched to wrestling to take down the enemy.

Instead of being cut down on the ground, the sword and shield five-man team was thrown, pushed, tripped, and forcibly pressed to the ground.