Mages Are Too Op Chapter 293

Chapter 293 The More Tools The Better

The shield-sword team of five were trainees from the clubhouse and had been training here for over a month.

They werent very strong, but their basic fighting skills were still there.

However, they didnt expect that they would be put down in just ten seconds, and the other side didnt even break a sweat.

Roland said to Qi Shaoqiu, "Its no good, the miaodao cant break the defense."

As he said this, he waved his miaodao twice more, looking disappointed.

"Of course it cant break the defense." Qi Shaoqiu shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, "The current rule is that you cant use hammer-type weapons, and then all sharp weapons cant be sharpened and cant be thrust. Itd be odd if you can break defenses. If weapons could be sharpened, then armored combat would be a bloodbath. With the material crafting and edging technology of todays weapons, it wouldnt be hard for someone with higher strength and skill to split a helmet with a single blow."

"Damn, then how are we supposed to fightjust take out the enemy with grappling techniques like I just did?"

"Its fine, well change to shields and swords when the time comes," Qi Shaoqiu explained. "Now its just so you can get a feel for things."

"Shield and longsword?" Raffel took off his helmet as well. He said simply, "That would be my world."

As a shield Warrior, he was quite good at using shields and longswords.

And at this moment, Lin Zhaotong pulled Qi Shaoqiu to the side and asked in surprise, "Brother, where did you get these fierce men from?"

Lin ZHaoong had participated in two full-armor combat competitions, and usually practiced with his members from time to time, so it could be said that he was quite experienced in fighting.

But what he had just seen The five people Qi Shaoqiu had dragged in had incredibly fast reflexes, and as soon as the battle began, they, with their miaodaos in hand, kept enough distance and used their weapon advantage to slash wildly at the other side. Although they didnt break the other sides defenses, they knocked the other side wide open. Even with their shields, the other side was confused and disoriented.

The five then almost charged up in unison, throwing away the weapons they had and slamming the opposing shield-sword team of five right down or pinning them to the ground.

From start to finish, it was no more than twenty seconds.

It could easily be described as a crushing victory.

Their combat abilities were simply not on the same level.

Qi Shaoqiu looked at Lin Zhaotongs surprised face and smiled proudly. "I taught them. How about it? Impressive, right?"

"Theyre indeed a bit impressive." Lin Zhaotong nodded vigorously. "So you ran back home for over a year just to cultivate some talented people, I admire that. In the future, you can take the seat of the president of the full-armor combat club."

Qi Shaoqiu felt a bit guilty. "Ah, well talk about this later, lets talk about it later."

At this moment, trying out the feeling of moving in armor on the training field, Li Lin moved his body and said to Schuck, who was not far away, "Want to spar in full armor mode?"

"Sure," Schuck replied.

Roland and the others had already gotten used to the fact that Li Lin enjoyed competing with Schuck, and often pestered Schuck to spar when he practiced at the saber arts club. Of course, he lost more than he won, but he never got discouraged.

As soon as the people from the clubhouse saw that there was a solo battle, they immediately became interested as well, and the shield-sword team of five immediately stepped to the side and also took off their helmets to watch the show.

Lin Zhaotong, who was chatting with Qi Shaoqiu, also looked over.

In the center of the field, two men in full-body armor stepped sideways squarely at the same time, their bodies lowered slightly, and both of them lightly mounted their miaodaos on their shoulders.

It looked rather like a Japanese samurai duel.

In reality miaodao arts were certainly of the same origin as the Japanese swordsmanship, and most importantly, the miaodao was created to counter Japanese swordsmanship.

The two of them were silent for a moment, and then Li Lin moved first, launching a forward-step vertical slash.

Schuck immediately stepped back and slashed diagonally.

But Li Lins action was a feint, and he withdrew his sword midway, took half a step back, and waited for the instant Schuks sword slashed down. Then, he took a step forward again, and at the same time, with the right leg in front as the center, he turned to the right in a circle. The miaodao in his hand also simultaneously used the momentum of the turn and horizontally slashed forcefully to the right.

This was the most powerful of all the miaodao stances, and its range of attack was also the largest.

Under normal circumstances, as Li Lin was turning, Schuck couldve avoided Li Lins move in time by taking two steps back.

But the problem was that now Schuck was wearing full-body armor and it was extremely difficult for him to move, and he only stepped back when Li Lins miaodao was about to hit him.

In a hasty decision, he could only hold the blade down vertically, while jamming it on the floor, blocking his right side.

The miaodao that had rotational force added to it struck Schucks blade heavily, and after a clang, the miaodao in Schucks hand was knocked away.

He took the opportunity to take a step back, his voice coming through his helmet: "I lost."

The miaodao flew several meters away, hitting the wall and rebounding to the floor with a clanging sound.

Li Lin took off his helmet, not at all happy about winning the fight. He frowned and said, "Schuck, why was your reaction so slow?"

"I cant help it, the full-body armor is too heavy. Im not used to it."

Schuck also wore heavy armor in the game, but because of the Body of Light, he couldnt feel the weight of the armor at all.

Although Li Lins profession was Barbarian, he could unleash one hundred and twenty percent of his combat power without wearing armor.

But occasionally, he still had to wear armor when it was needed.

For example, when the opponent had a bow and arrow formation, not wearing armor would be courting deathit would be strange not to be shot into a hornets nest.

This was why he was also used to wearing armor.

The members of F6 surrounded them, and Brazil nodded and said, "Reaction speed does feel a lot slower when wearing armor."

Raffel said with a smile, "Its okay, Im used to it. Who wants to practice with me later?"

They hissed, expressing their displeasure at Raffels shameless act.

Only someone who was ill would go head to head with a shield Warrior in reality while wearing heavy armor.

On the other side, both Lin Zhaotong and the shield-sword team of five were somewhat stunned.

Although Li Lin and Schucks fight lasted less than ten seconds, the skill and power that was displayed in it made them feel ashamed.

In contrast, they felt like they were just dancing around with their shields and unsharpened long swords kind of like when they were in elementary school and got excited after watching a martial arts movie, picking up a stick and making swishing noises, while running around and swinging it.

Li Zhaotong was stunned for a while, then pressed his hands against Qi Shaoqius shoulders and said quite seriously, "You guys must take the field Itd be best to participate in both individual and team battles."

"Forget it, they have things to do, they can only take part in the team battlesthey wont be here for long."

Lin Zhaotong said rather frustratedly, "How can this be Whats more important than gaining honor?"

"Many things." Qi Shaoqi slapped away the hands pressed on his shoulders unhesitatingly. "Anyway, its decided, so you can help out more."

"Okay." Lin Zhaotongs eyes shone briefly. "Ill pull two more teams of new trainees to give them more practice. How about playing a few more matches and then letting them rest for a day?"

Qi Shaoqiu laughed. "Thats how it should be."

The shield-sword team of five felt a bit of a chill creep down their spines.