Mages Are Too Op Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Main Team Loses At The Star

For free.

They already came up with the name of their team.

Northern Barbarian Fish, or NBF.

The arena was placed in a soccer stadium in the south of Jingnan and then separated by a dozen or so tournament sections.

Since they were taking up the slots of the teams belonging to the clubhouse, they were considered official participants, but they were also the secondary team on the slots.

And according to the contract, they had to give half of their winnings to the club if they won.

None of this mattered.

The F6 members all made a lot of money in the game, and even if they won the championship in five-player team battles, the prize money was only a mere 50,000 RMB. With half of it paid to the clubhouse, divided amongst six or seven people, less than 5,000 remained for each person, so they didnt even care for it.

Entering the interior of the stadium from the players tunnel, the ones who walked in front were naturally the main teams players, while Roland and the others followed behind.

As for the armor and weapons, there were naturally students from the clubhouse who volunteered to help transport them.

This kind of thing was normally not required for the players to do. After all, they had to keep their stamina up before the match.

Todays team match was 5v5, each team having several substitutes.

This was why one of the F6 members had to be a substitute like Qi Shaoqiu.

Roland originally wanted to be a substituteafter all, he was a Mage in the game, and he definitely didnt have as much melee experience as the others. However, Husseret said, "Not to mention melee experience, I dont even have much frontal combat experience. You should go on. Besides, youve been practicing miaodao for half a year, youre much better than me."

Husseret was a Rogue in the game, good at ambushing people from behind, and it was true that he hadnt fought many frontal battles.

Originally, Qi Shaoqiu also wanted to go on the field, but during a few drills yesterday, he found that his addition to F6 not only did not improve the overall combat power but also became a drag.

The F6 members were all childhood friends, familiar with each other and well-coordinated. After he came on, he destroyed that coordination.

This was why he was willing to be a substitute.

After all, Qi Shaoqiu wasnt the kind of person who had to play in a match. He just didnt want to see his countrymen keep getting beaten in such games without taking any enemies down in a lost battle.

He wanted to contribute.

Forming a team that could win and sending them to the arena was also doing his part, so it made no difference.

There were quite a few people at this full-armor combat tournament.

Although this event was very niche, a month ago, the domestic event hosts still did a lot of publicity work. Plus, Jinan was a large city with millions of people, so no matter how non-mainstream the tournament was, as long as the promotion was in place, it could still pull in a sizable audience.

Most importantly, admission tickets were free.

Roland and the others were in the players room and saw that there was already a vast crowd outside.

Looking around the large football field, Roland calculated what spells he would have to use and how much magic he would have to expend to get rid of the thousands of people in one go.

The others also looked at the sea of people in a less than friendly manner, all subconsciously considering how they should react if they encountered so many enemies.

The only one who seemed milder was Husseret, who was probably thinking about whether he could find any secret doors here, obtain any treasures, and so on. This was why he had no murderous aura.

In short, being fresh out of the game, a lot of their instincts hadnt been fully restrained.

A few people from the main team accidentally saw the look in Rolands eyes and froze, then subconsciously gulped.

They felt that something didnt seem right with the second team.

The routine leaders speech was short, less than five minutes, and then began the routine lottery to select numbers.

After that, the game started straight away; it wasnt anything too tedious.

Roland and the others were assigned number twenty-seven, the second group to take the field.

The main team drew the number nine, and they were in the first group of matches.

After the draw, all the contestants donned their armor.

Roland and the others followed the main team to the fourth arena.

Soon, the opponents of the main team also came, and when they saw the national emblem on their opponents shields, they sighed inwardly due to their bad luck.

Their opponents were Russians, and it was their country that first organized and popularized full-armor combat. They were a traditionally strong team that often took first place.

Although the main team felt unlucky, they were not discouraged, and after encouraging each other and shouting aloud, they got past the fence and walked to the contestant preparation area and stayed there.

At this moment, Roland and the others saw a pretty good-looking girl not far away from them. She held a smartphone pointed at herself, and said in a rather pleasant voice, "Look, everyone, Im now at the Chinese teams section, the players are all ready, and their opponent is Theres no mistaking that this flag should be Russias."

As she spoke, she angled her phones camera to capture the players of the main team inside the arena, as well as the Russian players.

Because of the full-body armor, there was only a slit in the helmet, so naturally, the players faces and expressions couldnt be seen.

"Physically, we Chinese players seem to be a little shorter, so thats a bit of a disadvantage, I guess."

The girl spoke in an uncertain tone.

"Seems like a popular streamer," Roland said softly.

"Ill go ask what the platform is called, and what her name is," Schuck said.

Then he walked over.

Although Schucks appearance was completely covered by his helmet, his voice was quite attractive and pleasant, and he managed to get the girls attention as soon as he struck up a conversation.

Half a minute later, Schuck walked back and said, "A streamer from Mouya, the stream room number is 2255441.

Roland shrugged. "The problem is we cant look at our phones right now."

They were wearing full-body armor and also had iron handguards on them, so there was no way they could mess with touchscreen phones.

At this moment, Qi Shaoqiu said, "I have it installed, Ill open it to show you."

Because they were substitutes, neither Qi Shaoqiu nor Husseret were wearing full-body armor.

Soon, the Mouya app opened, and the sweet voice of the female streamer came out. IT seemed to sound a little better than her live voice. "The referee is coming over, and it looks like its about to start, do you guys think the Chinese main team has a good chance of winning?"

The female streamer had quite a few followers, almost a million followers, and when she spoke, densely packed bullet-screen comments flew across the screen.

"I think its unlikely. In cold weapons combat, the physique is a very important factor."

"In full-armor combat, the Russians have always been very strong. Our national team has too few participants and lacks experience, such bad luck to encounter the popular boss team right at the start."

"I guess itll be a single-match trip, how embarrassing that this tournament is still being held in our country."

"To be able to cut down two of the opposite side would be considered an exceeding performance."

In short, the netizens were generally not optimistic.

Soon, the match started.

As predicted by the netizens, the first team was no match for the Russians, and they lost two in a row out of three matches.

But the main team did their best, and even when their shields and weapons were knocked off, they attempted to grapple their opponents and try to make them fall but the other team was strong and fit, and instead, they were hit by shields, slashed by swords a dozen times, knocked on the helmet, and shocked to the point of extreme pain. When they couldnt take it anymore, they fell to the ground, barely conscious.

Most of the nation watched the national teams match, and when the main team was beaten, it looked so bad that many girls screamed and even begged, "Stop fighting, just admit defeat, theres no shame."

There were many comments of that sort.

The livestream had a similar atmosphere.

The first team did try their best.

The female streamer sighed. "The main team lost, but we still have the second team, so maybe a miracle will happen."

With that, the female streamer pointed her phone at Roland and the others.

Roland and the others were watching the livestream with relish. When suddenly a few of them appeared in the livestream, their expressions became strange.