Mages Are Too Op Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Rolands Saber Arts Are Strong Too

Roland and the others were also in full-body armor, even wearing helmets.

After all, full-body armor was not very convenient to wear, and to be able to participate in the competition in a moment, they usually put it on and didnt take it off until the competition was over.

Meanwhile, the netizens in the livestream howled when they saw how Roland and the others looked after putting on the armor.

"The second team is essentially the replacement team. Take a look at the difference in physique between the first and second teamtheres even less hope."

"And do you see what weapons theyre using, two with a sword and shield, and three with long tachi? Is this a national team or a Japanese team."

"Is this a team in Monster Hunter Online going to hunt Lunastra?"

"Wake up, Monster Hunter Online is long gone."

"A bunch of ignorant ones, thats a miaodao. A pure domestic weapon."

"Dont mention the miaodao, even the Green Dragon Crescent Blade is not good enough to use in a full-armor combat competition. When the national team first competed in the full-armor combat, didnt they use the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and get their brains beaten out?"

"Theres no chance anyway, the second team is obviously just a stopgap. But thats normal, full-armor combat is too non-mainstream. Many of our countrymen dont want to participatethere are too few talents. Cant you guys see that theres not even enough people to make up the third team?"

The female streamer also noticed the gloomy atmosphere in the livestream, she laughed dryly and said, "Dont be so pessimistic, there might be a miracle! One has to look on the bright side, right?"

In reality, even the female streamer herself didnt think highly of Roland and the others.

It was just that she was officially paid to promote full-armor combat; otherwise, she, a female streamer with nearly a million followers, would only have come to such a stinky acid-smelling place to livestream if she had gotten sick in the head Wouldnt it be much better to stay in a cute house, sell her adorableness, and sing songs just to gain countless accolades?

But it couldnt be helped; the officials offered a price that she could not refuse.

After the female streamer finished speaking, there was another wave of bullet-screen comments; there were those who were discouraged, those who were jesting, and those who thought there might be a miracleof course, just a very small number.

The main team left the tournament area dejectedly. Lin Zhaotong immediately greeted them and said, "It doesnt matter if you lost, you guys met a strong team after all. Its good that you performed this well."

A certain player on the main team looked at Roland and the others and said helplessly, "This time its another single-match trip. I wasnt seeking first place, but at least getting third placeat least there was hope, but unfortunately, we ran into the Russian team right off the bat."

The other players of the main team sighed deeply.

The other matches were soon over.

There was quite a big difference in strength in full-armor combat competitions, and generally, the stronger ones like the Russian and German teams were big and powerful.

The small team battles didnt take much time.

Soon the second round of matches would start, so Roland and the others moved quickly to the seventh arena.

The female streamer held her phone and followed them.

Under the guidance of the staff, Roland and the others entered the arena from the right side. Their opponents also entered the arena.

Three opponents had swords and shields, and two had long two-handed axes.

Judging from the flag carved on their chests, they were from some small South Asian country.

The people in that region werent very tall and were similar to the people from southern China, so on the surface, both sides seemed to be evenly matched.

The female streamer pointed her camera at the arena, sweeping it left and right two times slowly, and then said into the Bluetooth mic, "Although the second team doesnt look as strong as the first, they seem to have good luckthe other team doesnt look very strong. Theres a chance of winning."

There was a similar atmosphere in the livestream.

"Not bad, this small South Asian country is very average, even the second team can beat them, I think."

"At least it wont be as ugly as getting a shaved head."

"This world is always balanced, the strong meets the stronger, the average versus the average."

"If theyre lucky, they might even be able to get into the top five. The strength of the full-armor combat teams is average except for three or four strong teams. In reality, our main team is quite strong, just unlucky to have bumped into the Russians."

At this moment, Qi Shaoqiu was also looking at the livestream and the bullet-screen comments on there. Qi Shaoqiu smiled affectedly, like some basketball superstar[1] from an emoji bundle.

Lin Zhaotong, who was standing at the side, was stunned to see such an odd smile from Qi Shaoqiu. He leaned over and looked at the bullet-screen comments on the phone, also immediately revealing an affected Kazuo Hirai[2] smile.

The referee arrived on the scene, and after first confirming the number of people on both sides, and whether the weapons used were within limits, he signaled for the two sides to begin.

The five players from the small country of South Asia were lined up in a row, all of them with their hands open, bellowing as they walked forward.

On the other hand, Rolands side didnt say anything and just held their weapons and slowly stepped forward.

There were immediately more bullet-screen comments in the livestream.

"Look at that, the other sides imposing manner, and then look at our side, one can immediately tell who is the better. I think theres not much of a chance this time."

"Thats right, it doesnt matter if youre not strong, you should at least have an imposing manner. Cold warfare is all about being formidable."

"Sigh, its the second team, after all, be lenient."

At the scene, the other party was still about three meters away from Roland and the others, and they continued to roar because based on experience, the opponents could not attack at this distance.

But Roland, Brazil, and Schuck moved at the same time.

The three of them took two steps at the same time and then used the stepping frontal slash at the same time, so uniformly as if they had rehearsed it.

The length of the miaodao was about one and a half meters, and with the length of the arms, it was a full two meters of reach.

Stepping and leaning forward, one could get almost another meter of distance, so three meters was almost the limit attack range for the miaodao.

The blade struck downward, directly at the others head.

The players from the small South Asian country were still roaring to bolster their imposing manner.

As a result, none of them had enough reaction speed to avoid this slash, and although they had shielded upward in a protective action, they were still too late.

The end of the miaodao struck directly on the opponents helmet, leaving a short dent after a clang.

If it was an edged weapon, it could really split this helmet in half.

But without an edged blade, it just couldnt break the defense.

But even so, the other side still didnt feel good.

To an outsider, it sounded like a crisp clang, but to the attacked, it was a loud thud.

Somewhat dizzy from the shock, the player who was attacked by Roland made a move with his shield to protect his head as he retreated.

Roland switched feet again to step forward, but this time it was no longer a vertical chop, but a diagonal upward slash.

This player had to raise his left arm to protect his head, which exposed his armpit.

The upward slash directly hit him on the armpit, also making a clanging sound.

The full-body armor also shielded this area, but the defense would be lower.

If there was no protection, Rolands miaodao could still injure his opponents shoulder joint even without an edged blade.

The small South Asian player felt numb under his armpit at this moment, and his left hand went a little soft, so he was even more frightened into stepping back.

Roland took one more step forward, quickly retracted the miaodao onto his shoulder, then turned around sharply and used the most powerful turning horizontal slash amongst the miaodao stances.

In the process of turning around, Roland suddenly noticed that the surroundings seemed to slow down for a moment, and he seemed to have cut through something.

Like white lightning, the miaodao then slashed at the opponents helmetthe position of the temple.

The saber sliced through the air with a whistling sound that was quick and sharp.

The end of the miaodao blade swept through the opponents helmet, and the small South Asian contestants entire body was knocked down to Rolands right.

On the side, Qi Shaoqiu stood up abruptly, a look of disbelief in his eyes.

[1] Yao Ming Face

[2] Sonys former CEO, who is also famous for his smile