Mages Are Too Op Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Entering Top Eigh

The F6 members were being stopped by the female streamer at this moment.

"You promised me earlier that youd accept my interview."

However, Roland shook his head at Qi Shaoqiu; they didnt want to do any interviews.

Qi Shaoqiu immediately understood. He stopped in front of the female streamer again, smiled, and said, "Sorry, the contestants are already tired, they need to rest."

This was a very legitimate reason, and the female streamer had no choice but to get out of the way again.

But the viewers in the livestream were not quite satisfied.

"Hehe, took less than a minute to end the battle, tired my ass."

"9494[1], I just love the way theyre showing off."

"Its cool to show off now, but if they lose in the finals, you guys will still hurl lots of insults at them!"

"Praises to victors, curses to losers, isnt that quite normal?"

Ignoring the discussion in the livestream for the moment, Roland and the others returned to the players area, took off their helmets, and began to sit and eat the lunch provided by the venue. The semifinals would start at 2:30 PM, so they had about two hours to rest.

Lin Zhaotong came over and asked Qi Shaoqiu, "What if you guys really win the title, you still wont give interviews?"

Qi Shaoqiu looked at Roland and the others.

Roland shook his head. "Forget it. Were just here for fun."

Hearing this, Lin Zhaotong felt a chill in his heart. The group of people from the club trained for a few hours every day and worked very hard, just to stand in the arena for a little while longer, and it was their dream to win the championship and be interviewed.

But this was a dream that they didnt want.

Lin Zhaotong was a little depressed.

He had been working at the club for several years now, and when the countrys first full-armor combat competition had taken place, he had been on the field and had been defeated by the French with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade, but of course, it had to do with the fact that they were competing for the first time and didnt have any experience.

He then began to move into logistics, and together with other like-minded companions, he nurtured a small organization of only five people to its current size and became the Chinese host of the full-armor combat competition. In recent years, the national team had been slowly improving, but they never had the opportunity to aim for the title.

Moving behind the scenes, Lin Zhaotong treated the championship title a little differently than before.

The contestants aimed for the title for glory.

The main reason why Lin Zhaotong wanted the clubs team to win the championship was to promote full-armor combat and let more people know about the sport.

If the championship team was interviewed, the topic would be very popularespecially in the second team, that Schuck guy was so damn handsome, those teen idols seemed just like ordinary people compared to him. If he could appear in the video, he could definitely draw in a great amount of traffic.

But the other side didnt even want to be interviewed.

This was such a waste of talent.

Lin Zhaotong still wanted to say something more, but Qi Shaoqiu shook his head.

Qi Shaoqiu was a very responsible person. He felt that since he brought Roland and the others here, and they were willing to help him fight a full-armor combat competition, then some of the troublesome things that they were unwilling to do, he had to find a way to handle himself.

Lin Zhaotong sighed helplessly.

After that, he left.

Roland and the others closed their eyes during the break for nearly two hours before coming back to the arena.

The elimination match wasnt a one-battle match, but instead, it was a best of three.

Perhaps it was because their luck ran out, but after the draw, Roland and the others opponent for the first match of the finals was Russias second team.

The female streamer said with an incredulous look, "This is too unlucky. Theyve made it to the finals with great difficulty only to encounter Russias second team. Are they fated to be sixteenth?"

In the livestream, a wave of bullet-screen comments popped up.

"With great difficulty? Its quite difficult when each match doesnt last more than a minute."

"When you put it that way, it does seem that none of the Russian teams were able to end the battle so quickly."

"Thats why I think the second team is actually very strong."

"Thats because the second team met all the rookie teams, okay."

"Lets all stop arguing, whether they really are strong or not will be clear soon.’"

At this time, players from both sides took to the field.

The Russian players were tall and sturdy, every one of them one meter eighty or one meter ninety, making Rolands side seem even more delicate.

Especially Raffel, who was only a little over one meter sixty making him almost seem like a dwarf in contrast.

The spectators around the room sighed in unison at the difference.

The vast majority of people thought it was a lost cause.

But the results were unexpected.

The battle was still over in under a minute.

Previously Roland and the others were all fighting individually, one versus one, but this time they started working together straight away.

Three miaodaos struck almost simultaneously at the Russian players on the front of the line.

This team of Russian players was very cautious; they were prepared to defend themselves from three meters away.

However, it was still useless.

Roland acted the fastest because Lin Zhaotong had told them before the match that they would have to do their best when they met the Russian teams.

So he did his best.

The miaodao in his hand seemed to cut through something again, and then it hit the opponents small shield with a strange whistling sound.

The Russian player blocked it. It was a strong team, after all, so this reaction speed was to be expected.

But after the clang, he felt as if his shield had been struck by a giant, toothed club, and the strange force shocked his left hand and turned it numb. He almost couldnt hold onto the shield, which was thrown backward all of a sudden.

Then the other two miaodaos cut on his helmet.

Duang-duang. The Russian player was dizzy from the shock and blanked out.

Li Lin then quickly rushed up and the two of them slammed into this Russian player with their shields, toppling him over.

The whole process actually lasted only five seconds.

Li Lin, Brazil, and Raffel then immediately surrounded two people, while Roland and Schuck held the other two back.

They split up the battlefield.

Instead of rushing to knock down their enemies, Roland and Schuck used the range of the miadao to hold them back, slowly retreating as they fought and kicked the opposing players back a few steps out of the blue.

After holding them back for about ten seconds, Li Lin and the other two had put down the two Russian players they had surrounded, and then immediately surrounded the last two enemy players.

After a lot of smacking and banging, the two remaining Russians also fell to the ground and admitted defeat.

The whole process was so quick that the onlookers perception was that the second team did some dodging, each of them striking a few times, and then the other team went down.

When the referee announced that the second team had won, the crowd, who was still a bit unresponsive, cheered deafeningly.

There was also a flurry of adulations in the livestream.

The female streamer froze and said, "So impressive."

The sight of someone with a much smaller body knocking down enemies cleanly and with great speed gave people a strong contrast impact.

The streamer was a woman, after all. She took a deep breath and said, "Our second team took advantage of their speed advantage and took the opponent by surprise, but this is a best of three. The opponent should carry out defensive measures in the next match, so the second team should not be complacent. They must play steadily."

The second match soon started.

This time, it was a 2-3 formation, no longer the previous spearhead formation.

But it was still useless.

Three miaodao knocked one into a daze, two shield warriors rammed into and knocked the opponent down, and then the battlefield was split again.

There was no way for the other side to defend themselves.

The second match even took a few seconds less than the first.

Roland and the others of the second team directly advanced to the top eight.

[1] Means exactly, or agreed