Mages Are Too Op Chapter 299

Chapter 299 No Regrets

Twenty-one days had passed in the game world.

The game world had changed a lot and the natives involved had done a lot of things since discovering the disappearance of the Golden Sons.

Most of the merchants had their goods stolen if they rented land and hired someone to look after them instead of keeping them in their Backpacks.

For example, those who had a grudge against the Golden Sons would take their revenge on the native people who were acquainted with the Golden Sons.

Whats more, some even directly took up all the assets of Golden Sons.

Rolands Magic Tower was not affected much due to its relatively superlative status.

Most importantly, three or four days ago, Andonara had killed more than a dozen people who had stretched out their hands in random ways, two of whom were even descendants of minor nobles, forcibly cutting off the unnecessary thoughts of certain people.

The deterrent power of a Great Swordsman was still extremely high.

However, Silver Wings wasnt so lucky.

It was unclear elsewhere, but the docks of Delpon had indeed been devastated.

Silver Wings took the elite control route, where all the middle and upper management of the docks were the players, while the rest of the small foremen and the dock employees were all ordinary citizens, and most of them former beggars.

They didnt have any defensive capabilities, nor did they have the ability to adapt.

At first, there was little response for ten days, and on the fifteenth day the forces of Delpon began to test the waters, and on the seventeenth day, several forces began to seize control of the docks from each other.

It was always easier to destroy than to create.

It took months to build the docks, and less than four days to reduce them to rubble.

Hawk almost fainted when he entered the game and saw the wreckage, which was still smoking slightly in front of him.

If it wasnt for the fact that his body in the game was very strong, he probably would have spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"How did this happen!"

Standing by the river, his eyes red, Hawk roared up at the sky, "Whoever did this, I want them dead!"

Many of the unrelated people who had stayed on the outskirts of the docks quietly slipped away.

And a large group of workers, who seemed to be beggars, wiped their tears and gathered back around.

In the end, the anger on this side hadnt subsided yet, and then Hawk found out from his guilds homepage that not only the docks in Delpon but also the docks built by Silver Wings in other cities had been destroyed.

It could be perfectly described as all achievements vanishing overnight.

Before Hawk had a chance to vent his anger, he saw an announcement on the guilds homepage: all top-level guild members go offline, a video conference is going to be held immediately.

He handed things over to Link and immediately went offline.

At this time, Roland had also finished listening to Vivians report about the docks. The matter about the docks was indeed considered a big deal in Delpon.

He thought for a while, and said to Vivian, "Go inform the people of the Magic Tower, as well as the people in charge of the relevant industries to pay more attention. Dhrink their share of the industry, and dont extend your hand where you shouldnt."

Vivian was startled for a moment. "Is there going to be a danger?"

"The docks of Silver Wings were destroyed," Roland said helplessly. "I know my people too well, what follows will be a big ordeal."

Vivian was stunned for a moment and said, "I understand."

Then she left the manor, while Roland planned to go to the Magic Tower to stabilize the situation.

Andonara followed him and at the same time said, "Ill protect you. Mages need Warriors, especially in such dangerous times."

Andonaras watery eyes held a hint of entreaty.

Roland knew that she was afraid that he would disappear again, and he couldnt handle this naturally insecure woman, so he nodded his head.

The apprentices of the Magic Tower were delighted with Rolands return.

During Rolands absence, especially in the last few days, they could clearly feel a gradual change in the attitude of the outside forces toward them.

The desire to devour them was gradually building up.

The good thing was Queen Andonara was there, and Chairman Roland soon returned.

Roland spent less than half an hour at the Magic Tower, and then Gru from Gray Sand Gang asked for a meeting.

Having someone bring Gru up, Roland gestured to him to sit, then smiled and said, "What can I do for you, Mr. Gru?"

Gru didnt dare to sit down. He lowered his head in trepidation and said, "Sir, I cant bear to be called that. Mr. Roland, I have taken the liberty to come this time to ask you for a favor."

"Tell me what it is first, If I dont know what it is, I dont know if I should agree." Roland frowned.

Gru took a deep breath. "A few days ago, the Gray Sand Gang was involved in the fight for the docks."

As expected Roland sighed lightly.

The Gray Sand Gang was essentially a group of poor people who couldnt live on so they banded together to protect themselves. Although there were some criminal elements involved, it was still mostly fair, and they could at least play a role in stabilizing the order of the chaotic underground world.

The underground world of Delpon would be even more chaotic if the Gray Sand Gang was suppressed.

Plus, children of the Gray Sand Gang boss were Rolands magic apprentices, so the Magic Tower and this gang were related.

"Who led the team? You, or your boss?"

Gru shook his head vigorously. "Of course we wouldnt do such a thing, weve been following your instructions and havent messed around for a long time. This time, it was Cummings who led the charge and we had no idea."

"You were really unaware of this?" Roland said, looking fixedly at Gru, and after a moment, he said, "Or was it a deliberate scheme to get someone else to do the dirty work?"

Grus body immediately stiffened.

By this time, Roland had sensed that Grus mental fluctuations were very chaotic and knew that the other partys mind was in turmoil, so he knew he guessed right.

Looking at Rolands emotionless eyes, Grus body began to tremble slightly.

He found that Rolands imposing aura was much stronger than it had been half a year ago.

And most importantly, Roland had only been back for less than two hours, and he had already seen through their scheme.

This was a kind of intellectual dominance that terrified Gru and made him at a loss for what to do.

Roland sneered, "You guys can settle this matter yourselves, I dont want to care about what Silver Wings do to you."

"Mr. Roland" Gru dropped to one knee. "Please"

"I heard a long time ago that you mobsters are all about the word life, and if you dont have anything, youll fight with your life for everything, emphasizing the value of no regrets," Roland slowly said. "Before your gang hung on to the Magic Tower, I said restrain your men, dont do anything bad, and dont act recklessly. But now that you have your own ideas and have acted on them, you will bear the consequences by yourselves."

"We, Gray Sand Gang, are the dogs of the Magic Tower, and if we are destroyed, the face of the Magic Tower will suffer as well." Gru was begging now. "Please, Mr. Roland."

Roland shook his head slightly. "Go back, but dont worry, those two little ones will always belong to the Magic Tower. Bad things wont touch them unless they rebel against the Magic Tower themselves."