Mages Are Too Op Chapter 300

Chapter 300 You Do It If Youre So Able

After all, the Golden Sons disappeared for twenty-one days.

At first, everyone thought the Golden Sons would just disappear for two or three days.

But as time passed, and the Golden Sons didnt return for five or six days, someone had wicked ideas.

Then all kinds of rumors came out.

On the seventh or eighth day, people were already getting restless, and after a dozen days, they started fussing.

After fifteen days, almost everyone assumed that the Golden Sons wouldnt return.

One of the most popular rumors was that the Goddess of Life felt that the Golden Sons were too insensible and abandoned them.

The noble forces of Delpon, however, were already quite apprehensive about the Golden Sons, so they decided they could wait seventeen or eighteen days before taking action.

After all, Hawk and Links crazy actions were the epitome of Golden Sons, followed by the astonishing act of the Golden Sons teaming up to kill the mayor, which had left the forces of Delpon trembling in fear.

But as strong a deterrent as it was, it gradually diminished with the disappearance of the Golden Sons after more than twenty days.

And then there was the allure of profit, which in most cases was much stronger than the deterrence.

Andonara, who was watching the entire process, said with a sort of lingering fear, "Not to mention them, even I thought at the time that you had been abandoned by the Goddess of Life I was even ready to commit suicide."

Commit suicide?

Roland thought at first that this was just an exaggeration.

However, when he looked at Andonara, her expression was calm, even bearing a slight smile.

Her eyes, calm as the water at the bottom of a well, were without ripples.

Rolands hand trembled, and he immediately understood that Andonara hadnt lied.

That was truly how she felt.

At this moment, he was a little touched, but there was also an indescribable pressure that fell on his shoulders.

Hawk climbed out of the virtual cabin, rubbed his face, and turned on his computer.

Then he logged onto QQ and entered the guilds higher-ups group.

The invitation to a group video chat was already up, and he immediately connected.

Half a second later, a video window appeared on the screen and a reduced video feed of fourteen people appeared in a large window.

Hawk clicked to zoom in on the video feed of the guild leader while a stifled voice blasted out of the speakers.

"I dont care what your situation is now, remember one thing, we Silver Wings dont wimp out. Whoever eats our stuff, make them spit it all out, and pay us back double, got it?"

No one said anything, but a lot of people frowned, including Hawk.

Silver Wings guild leader was a middle-aged man, average-looking but imposing, who looked like he had been in a top position for a long time.

"Dongshan, youre in charge of legal affairs. Can we get the game officials to compensate for this?"

A bald middle-aged man said, "Its impossible. First of all, the game is only in alpha testing and does not charge for game content, so we cant do anything in the area of consumption, and the other thing is that the game officials have already affirmed that they do not support the exchange of real money and game currencythey are not responsible for any such exchanges, nor any interest disputes that arise."

The guild leader was upset and said, "But we paid for the virtual cabin, so can we do something in this area?"

The bald middle-aged man smiled bitterly. "That would be hard, too. The virtual cabins are only connective devices, so as long as its not a product quality problem, we cant do anything about it. Besides, this is a game content problem. However, the game is still in alpha testing, not in beta testing. The most we can do is say that the games content has problems and resulted in an extremely unpleasant experience, then have the gaming company buy back the virtual cabins at the original price and pay a small amount of money for mental damage or something along those lines."

However, this was also a bad idea. Now that the virtual cabins prices had been inflated to more than three million, to return it at the original price It would only be fifty thousand yuan, and the emotional damage costs or whatever would be no more than ten thousand yuan.

It added up to about 60,000only an idiot would return it to the game officials at the original price.

The guild leader thought about it and said, "No matter what, the officials still have to be pressured. Asura, youre in charge of diplomacy, go join up with the other guilds and find a way to put pressure on the game officialstheres strength in numbers."

A young man nodded and didnt say anything.

Then the Silver Wings guild leader pushed aside the small shredded bangs on his forehead, "Hawk, how is the situation on your side?"

"Like the docks in other cities, it was all destroyed, and everything that could be taken was taken. Not to mention the ships, not even a single piece of linen was left."

"I remember you have a tycoon over there named Vincent, can you persuade him to donate some more money to us? Well increase his dividends later."

Hawk sighed deeply. "Did we lose a lot?"

"A significant amount; the most conservative estimate is a loss of twenty million."

Hawk was silent. It was a while before he said, "Vincent has already left the guild. He doesnt even want the 1.5 million in donation bonuses."

After a moment of stunned silence, the guild leaders angry scolding rang out: "Hawk, whats the matter with you, how can you let such an important member just drop out of the guild!?"

Hawk said dejectedly, "He didnt want to stay, and we couldnt stop him."

The guild leader held back his anger, "Hawk, tell me what happened. I want to know exactly why that tycoon left the guild."

Hawk immediately told the whole story of how it had happened.

The Silver Wings top executives all fell silent after hearing this.

Were Hawks actions right? Were Suels actions right?

From Silver Wings point of view, it was right. After all, if your ass was sitting on this side, you certainly had to think about the guild, and due to their fast expansion, the guild had already started to run out of money.

Any amount of profit was significant.

However, the consequence was that the money was not acquired and they also fell out with F6.

And Vincent was forced to take sides and ended up choosing Rolands Magic Tower.

They invited only trouble without receiving any rewards.

After about a minute of silence, the guild leader said seriously, "Hawk, well put the matter with F6 on record for now. The most important thing now is to find a way to retaliate and make them spit out our losses. I remember Delpon is essentially under Silver Wings control, right? Can we get seize the tax revenue of Delpon as well?"

The guild leaders message, which everyone understood, was to use the taxes of Delpon to make up for the guilds losses.

Hawk shook his head. "A third of the taxes in Delpon is Rolands, the other two-thirds are the mayors."

"Why would something as important as taxation be split with Roland of F6?" A senior executive immediately cast the first question. "Hawk, are you stupid?"

Hawk retorted, "At the time, the interests were divided, and Roland had yielded much, much more, or else how could we have gotten two mines, half the citys granaries, the old docks, and the sheriffs post?"

"No one can get enough profit." The executive continued to criticize him. "Since Roland was easy to talk to, you should have continued to strike while the iron was hot and gotten the taxation right into our hands as well. If you didnt get it, you were derelict in your dutyincompetent and taking up a good position for nothing."

"Roland did the majority of the work, but would receive nothing? Do you really take him for a tool? Do you really think people are that stupid?" Hawk was also furious. He was already in a bad mood, and he immediately spat back, "F**k, hell, if you have the ability then you do it, dont b*t*h if you dont have the abilityat worst, Ill give you the post of deputy leader."

This executive said in a peculiar voice, "Oh, starting to threaten people now and throw away responsibilities once youre in a foul mood. If you dont want to be the deputy leader, I dont mind taking it up."