Mages Are Too Op Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Magic Tycoon No One Other Than Me

"Also, Hawk, take the people from Delpon and move to Bluewater Harbor right now to assist Brenda in managing that place. As a single woman, she lacks some dominance, and the situation in Bluewater Harbor is not too optimistic right now. Shes about to lose control of the situation."

Hawk said with some confusion, "Cant we let the others go? Ill make her unhappy if I show up out of the blue."

"She cant wait for you to get over there," someone blurted out.

The others would have laughed, and would most likely have laughed boisterously if the situation wasnt really dire right now.

Hawk scratched his head. "What about Delpon?"

The guild leader said bluntly, "Let Jason take care of it. Ive still got those same words: whoever advocates the matter will take charge of it. Jason, since you think you can take the taxation power from F6s Roland, then you do it."

Jason revealed a delighted expression. "I understand."

Hawk hesitated for a moment and said, "Maybe Id better stay in Delpon; Roland and I are friends after all, and my words still hold some sway. If we let Jason go over there, with his personality, there will really be no way to redeem the situation."

"It doesnt matter now that things have come to this, its okay to burn bridges." The guild leader in sipped his water and continued, "Maybe Jason can change the situation with bared fists. Even if he fails, the situation wont be any worse than it is now."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Hawk sighed. "Okay, you guys decide."

The guild leader continued, "Finally, Ill reiterate one more point. No matter what kind of conflict you have with another player, dont bring the fire of war to the NPCs. Players matters are settled between players, and if you want to achieve your objectives by threatening and killing NPCs familiar to your opponent, dont blame me for being harsh if I find out about it."

After that, that guild leader said quite a bit about the dilemma facing the guild and how to deal with it, and Hawk listened in a daze. He seemed to have listened to everything, but remembered nothing.

After the guild leader dismissed the meeting, Hawk, muddleheaded, got into the games virtual pod and entered the game again.

Link was just a short distance away, directing the workers to clear the debris, and when he saw him come online, he immediately trotted over and asked, "What did the guild leader say?"

"Were being transferred."

"Oh." Link didnt care. "Going anywhere is the same."

"Were going to Bluewater Harbor to help Brenda."

Stunned momentarily, Link complained, "Why are we helping that slut?"

Hawk showed a faint sadness. "The guild leaders orders. He wants to take down JasonRolands not that easy to get along with, and when Jason fails, hell have a reason to deal with him."

Link clicked his tongue. "The guild is looking more and more like a real company now."

"There was no chance before, but now that theres a chance to show his business leadership skills in the game, the guild leader is sure to move the guild toward the corporate side." Hawk sighed. "I dont know if thats good or bad."

At this moment, Roland was in the Magic Tower, analyzing the principles of enchantment.

He learned all the magic that he could now and forgot about the magic that he couldnt learn for the time being.

With so many nodes and exaggerated magical space capacity, Mystras Mansion would absolutely be a 100% head explosion if it failed.

He put it aside for now and tried to figure out enchantment first.

Roland studied for a while, typing out the properties of several magical materials, then opened the forum and was about to upload his findings.

However, he saw a message from someone hed whitelisted on the forums, opened it up, and found it was the data powerhouse ONeal.

"Roland, after seeing this message, please stop uploading free magic models to the forum. Upon our discovery, some unscrupulous Mages are taking your derivative spells and earning money and supplies from the Association of Mages in other countries. Whats even more outrageous is that they actually changed the authors name as well, pretending its their own. You may not want the benefits, but this trend cant continue."

Roland smiled bitterly in helplessness.

In reality, he had guessed that something like this would happen, but he thought that it would take at least half a year.

Roland was well aware that his derivative spells were quite valuable.

Otherwise, Kaka wouldnt have died.

Since the magic models couldnt be uploaded, enchantment was something that shouldnt be uploaded even more.

Roland sighed slightly and closed the game forum, reclining in his chair and blanking out in silence.

After half an hour, Roland regained his composure and continued to research the properties of the magic materials and also conducted some small experiments on enchantment.

Sharp Edge and Weapon Material Hardening were taught to Roland by that Drow.

The success rate of these two enchantments for the Drow teacher was also less than forty percent, but Rolands was now over sixty percent.

He had excelled beyond his teacher.

Besides, after wasting nearly a hundred gold coins on magic materials, and after nearly a month of sifting through materials, recording them, tasting them with his mouth, using mental power to analyze them, conducting mixing tests, and analyzing data models, Roland finally discovered the low-level enchantment of Lesser Magic Power Regeneration.

Of course, a lot of byproducts were produced during this time.

For example, energizing and winterizing enchantments were also results of the study.

The effects of these enchantments were average. The effects were there, but not very noticeable.

However, it was still better than nothing, right?

What Roland valued the most was the Lesser Magic Power Regeneration enchantment.

Although there was already the specialty of Rolands Zeal, the regeneration speed was not enough to keep up with the needs of his level.

And as Roland learned more and more advanced spells, the amount of magic power he consumed increased, and now he had to sit and rest for more than five hours after conducting magic experiments to fully regenerate his magic power.

This was why Roland planned to make himself a set of magic regeneration equipment that would allow him to conduct magic experiments for a long time.

He opened the system interface and confirmed the few pieces of equipment that worked for a player.

Earrings x2, necklace x2, necklace, hat, clothes, cloak, belt, weapon (no dual-wielding specialty), shoes x2.

Rings and handguards shared the same equipment bar, so the handguard would have to be removed. After all, Mages didnt need to wear iron handguards.

There were twelve pieces of equipment in total.

For rings and earrings, he asked Vivian to find herself the right type for a man to wear.

After that, Roland spent nearly a hundred gold coins and spent seven whole days in the magic lab, and with a success rate of only roughly 60 percent, he finally attached the magic regeneration effect onto twelve pieces of equipment.

Then he put on all his magic equipment and looked in the mirror.

He discovered that he looked gaudy, glowing with light blue magic from head to toe.

He looked exactly like hed had a string of Christmas neon lights wrapped around him

Emanating the idiotic air of a magic tycoon.