Mages Are Too Op Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Why Should I Help You?

However, just as he was about to take off his magic equipment, Andonara, who had been standing and watching on the side, trotted over and stopped him.

"Roland, what are you doing? Why are you taking off such a good-looking outfit?"

"Good-looking?" Roland tugged at the corners of his mouth. He thought Andonara had meant the opposite; he wanted to take it off even more.

However, Andonara pressed down his hands, this queens eyes bursting with bright light. "Its really good-looking, it suits you."

This was when Roland realized that Andonaras eyes were so full of affection that it didnt seem like she meant the opposite.

Then Vivian came in with fruit wine and some cakes, and also suddenly looked as if she were astonished to see Rolands current outfit.

Roland now had a pair of large earrings shining with blue light, bearing an awkwardness like Cai Xukun[1].

Somewhat sissy-like, but there was also a mysteriousness to it.

Are these two women aesthetically challenged?

Whats so great about this shiny outfit?

Men valued a low-profile look and reservedness.

But then he thought about it for a few seconds and had a vague understanding of why Vivian and Andonara didnt find the costume too gaudy.

This had to do with the era and the cultural context.

In the modern world, there were neon lights everywhere, so no one would think that shiny things were that special.

However, in ancient times, a few pieces of broken glass could sell for a high price, not to mention jewelry that glowed, which could definitely fetch sky-high prices.

Women in ancient times were into this kind of thing.

And with the context of this world, there was no problem in saying that Andonara and Vivian were women of ancient times.

More importantly, the light blue flash on Rolands body was a magical light.

Magic represented knowledge, mystery, and nobility.

So in the eyes of Andonara and Vivian, Roland, a genuine Mage, had no problem wearing this outfit.

If it had been anyone else, such as a Warrior or merchants and the like

The two of them would most likely ridicule it.

Even with the two women revealing their honest thoughts, he didnt want to go out in this outfit.

He had to figure out a way to cover up the glow of the magic equipment.

While Roland continued conducting experiments in the Magic Tower, Jason finally arrived at Delpon.

He first took over the affairs from Hawk, and then, on the city wall, he watched Hawk, Link, and a crowd of guild members leave.

A slight breeze blew on Jasons face and he smiled. "A dog with its tail between its legs."

Then he turned around and said to the guild members he had brought with him, "Lets go get the guilds things back."

This world had never been truly peaceful, though Delpon had been in a rare peace for nearly a year after the death of the old mayor.

During this time, no evil people dared to cause trouble in Delpon, and even the nobles had restrained their behavior.

But on this day, the kind of violence that made people feel terrible once again appeared on the streets.

More than a dozen Golden sons dragged out a few middle-aged men, then threw them in front of the west commercial street, before a shop called Torreys Ores.

In front of the shop manager, they broke the bones in the legs of these middle-aged men, raining down strike after strike.

For a moment, there were incessant screams, and the people ran off, leaving the entire street nearly empty. All the building windows were closed.

Jason wiped the non-existent sweat from his forehead with a white silk cloth.

He was dressed in all black, and he smiled very gently. "Shop manager of the Torrey family, tell your master to give back everything that he took from Silver Wings. Whatever you ate, you have to spit it all out. Also, we need equal compensation. The demand is not great, a hundred gold coins are enough. As far as I know, you killed at least eight of our employees and injured more than twenty, wouldnt it be right to pay five or six gold coins for the medical expenses of these people?"

The manager wasnt calm on the inside at all, but he forced himself to calm down. "By doing this, you are making an enemy of the Torrey family."

Jason said with a smile, "We even dared to kill the mayor, the Torrey family is nothing. Remember to relay to your master that I will only give him three days."

With that said, Jason took his men and left.

Then, they appeared in front of a certain shop on another street, and the same show was performed again.

And again.

Later that evening, many people sought out Roland outside the Magic Tower.

Roland invited them into the study all at once.

The good thing was that the study wasnt small, and the dozen or so people didnt feel crowded when they sat down.

These people were all nobles, and their expressions were all terrified.

Roland sized them up, having a pretty good idea of what they were coming for.

However, he didnt want to speakhe couldnt care less.

In the end, it was the Torrey familys master who couldnt stand this silent atmosphere and took the initiative to say, "Mr. Roland, Im sure that you mustve heard about what happened during the day. This matter is indeed our mistake. As you are both Golden Sons, could you get around the matter with him?"

Roland shook his head. He felt that these people were really shameless.

"As far as I know, you all tried to take event my Magic Tower for yourselves; it would have most likely changed hands if Andonara hadnt helped me control the situation." Roland smiled happily. "In fact, Im quite happy to see you in trouble, so why should I speak for you guys?"

As soon as this was said, all the visitors faces turned green.

At this moment, a young nobleman muttered, "You guys disappeared for over twenty days, and everyone thought you werent coming back"

"Thats not the way to say it, young man," Roland said, staring at the small nobleman. "You take your servants, go out hunting for ten days, and dont come back. When I dont see you, I assume youre dead, and then run to your house to be the master, sleep with your wife, and beat your son with your gold. When you come back, I say, Its your fault for going away for so long, to get over the matter. Would you be so accepting?"

The young nobleman was green with anger He happened to have been married for less than three months; his wife was tall and beautiful, and he was quite fond of her.

Rolands words were almost a knife stabbed directly into his heart.

Torrey took a deep breath. "Mr. Roland, what do you want to intercede on our behalf? Or rather, what price do we need to pay?"

"I invited you up here to tell you one thing: Silver Wings is in the right in this matter. You ran into someones territory and set fire to it, and you also destroyed the docks that they had worked so hard to build. Now that theyve retaliated, you have to take the consequences on yourselves." Roland laughed. "I wont help you, so its time for you to leave."

The dozen or so minor nobles were in an uproar.

Torrey quietly pondered for a moment and said, "But the Gray Sand Gang under you did the same thing as usyoure not innocent. As long as we join hands, we should have enough numbers to win against them. But to win against them, we have to at least make them feel pain so that they dont do whatever they want so blatantly."

[1] Male Chinese artist