Mages Are Too Op Chapter 303

Chapter 303 I Said So

"Have you forgotten the Golden Sons are immortal?" Roland gestured for them to leave. "I told you, I wont interfere with this matter, and neither will the Gray Sand Gang."

Torrey shook his head in disappointment. "Sir, you will disappoint a lot of people by doing this. Is it possible that in your eyes, the organization under you is only meant to be abandoned during critical moments?"

The crowd was wagging their tongues. Rolands heartlessness seemed somewhat unbelievable to them.

If one were to look at them with just the eyes, these peoples expressions were all well feigned; some looked calm on the surface but had disdain in their eyes, and some frowned with annoyance.

It was as if Rolands lack of concern for the gang was something contemptible.

Roland didnt believe these nobles, and big merchants would be so noble as well.

Besides, now that Rolands mental power was quite strong, he could clearly distinguish that these peoples mental fluctuations werent significant, meaning that their feelings didnt match their apparent expressions.

To put it simply, they were acting.

Playing Roland.

Roland said indifferently, "Its none of your business what I do, right? Or do you bigwigs who usually bully commoners with great vigor suddenly want to stand up for the Gray Sand Gang? No matter, Ill accept it."

Everyone was in awe. No one spoke.

Torrey continued, "Sir, if you are willing to protect us, were willing to serve up a good deal of money. How about three hundred gold coins to start with, and then every month, all of us will raise you another fifty gold coins for ten years in a row. How about it?"

This was definitely an exaggerated figure. Even if it was a great noble family, they would have to seriously consider it when they heard these numbers.

However, Roland still gestured for them to leave.

He doesnt even want this much money?

This group of people sighed at Rolands sneering look and then left all at once.

After they left, Adonara came out of the inner room and said unhappily, "These people have actually joined forces against us. Is it because were easy to talk to?"

"I dont think so." Roland went to the window and watched the group of people leave the Magic Towers square. "These people seem to have been united by someone."

Andonara was stunned for a moment. "Torrey led them?"

"Torrey is not a man with much power." Roland shook his head. "It is reasonable to say that if he has enough trouble dealing with the threat from Silver Wings, its impossible for him to go against me unless"

Two magic spiders appeared at Rolands side, then crawled down along the window at a great speed, and finally scuttled underneath the carriage.

Roland smiled as he watched Torreys carriage leave, and turned back to his study.

Torrey returned to his manor and went to his own study.

Soon the sun was setting. Two men in black cloaks entered Torreys manor from the back, then went through the backdoor to the mansion, and finally, led by the butler, they arrived in Torreys study.

The two visitors pulled off their black hoods and then sat unceremoniously across from Torrey.

"Whats the situation?"

Torrey shook his head. "Sorry, Mr. Jason, Roland isnt falling for it."

Jason was somewhat disappointed, and he said unhappily, "When you said you were going to give him gold, he still didnt let up?"

"Rather, he seemed angrier." Torrey smiled bitterly.

Jason thought for a moment and said, "Since you didnt succeed, the compensation will be the same as it was."

"Sir, please give us another chance." Torrey stood up abruptly. "Your terms are too harsh. It will cost us everything we have."

"At least its better than not being alive, isnt it?"

Torreys teeth were chattering, but he absolutely didnt dare to retort a single word.

"Youre lucky Im the one who came here." Jason stood up and smirked. "If it was that reckless Hawk, it wouldnt be over until half of you were dead."

Jason took out a white handkerchief, wiped his hands, then threw it in Torreys face and turned to leave.

The greatly humiliated Torreys eyes were bloodshot, but he still didnt dare to say another word.

Jason and the other player headed out of the manor.

The player following Jason said, "Looks like Roland isnt falling for it. He wont join forces with the other minor nobles, so whats next?"

"If Roland dared to join forces with those nobles for the sake of profit, then we could upload this to the forum and discredit him," Jason said with great annoyance. "I just didnt think that Roland wouldnt fall for a down payment of three hundred gold coins and a monthly flow of fifty gold coins. If hes not a glutton for this, then what is he a glutton for? Beauty? We can only put this matter aside for now. Lets clean up these nobles and merchants who took our money, and then well clean up Roland when we get the chance."

The player on the side clicked his tongue. "That Roland brat is too lucky."

After taking two steps, just outside the entrance to Torreys manor, Jason suddenly stopped, then stared ahead. "Looks like it wasnt luck."

The player next to Jason froze for a moment and looked ahead, then noticed two people slowly walking out of the dark roadside grove in front of him. He saw that it was Roland and Andonara, who was wearing the Queens crown.

Jason stared at Roland and wondered if he could sophisticate his way out of this.

But that was when two magic spiders sprang up behind him and swept quickly past him. They scuttled under Rolands legs and up his robes, then paused on Rolands shoulders.

Under the faint moonlight, the two magic spiders shone light blue.

It was as if Jason saw both of the magic spiders laughing at him.

There was no possibility of playing dumb.

Roland stared at the other party and said slowly, "It seems like Silver Wings is coming to screw me over, right?"

Jason didnt say anything.

"Lets see, whats in it for you to ruin my reputation?" Rolands smile under the dark moonlight held the grimness of a villainous boss, mainly because his eyes were just too calm and had a weird coldness to them in spite of the smile. "Force me to leave Delpon, or force me to delete my account and start over? Or even force me to leave the game? Then you can have exclusive control of Delpon, including taxes."

Jasons bland expression loosened a bit.

Roland shook his head. "Even taking away the only benefit that was previously promised to me, it seems that Silver Wingss financial chain has reached the verge of collapse."

"So what if you know? What are you going to do? Kill me a few times?" Jason said with a smile.

"From now on, you Silver Wings guild members, except for the docks, dont take another step inside of Delpon, or Ill kill you when I see you." After a pause, Roland tilted his head up slightly, his eyebrows raised. Even though he was about the same height as Jason, this expression and gesture made him look as though he was looking down on the other side from above. "I said so."