Mages Are Too Op Chapter 304

Chapter 304 The Mages Heart Is Always Dirty

The same words, when spoken by a clown, were naturally a joke, but when spoken by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, they would be a dragons roar.

Roland, as the number one Mage on the server, had an undeniable reputation.

Jason was stunned and didnt speak for a moment.

In gaming terminology, he was shocked by "words," failing the immunity check, and lost an action for a single round.

But players were players after all: new age youths who grew up reading words like "My life is up to me" and "I can replace him."

Jason took a deep breath and threw that little bit of panic he had just felt down to the bottom of his heart. He smirked and said, "Yo, whos afraid of who, why dont we do it now."

As soon as he spoke, he charged over with a swoosh.

The two sides were extremely close, and in less than 0.3 seconds, Jason rushed in front of Roland.

The longsword was drawn from beneath his black robe, silver light flashing before he cut Roland in two with a single strike.

Got him Before Jason could rejoice, he saw Roland, who had been broken in two, turn into nothingness.

Illusion! Mirror image?


Jason froze for a moment, and then felt a large amount of magic gathering behind him.

As he turned around, he saw a dozen colorful spheres of light with long trailing flames flying toward him.

Prismatic Spray a level-one spell that was quite lethal, and although it was slightly slower, it was much more powerful than spells like Chain Lightning.

Jason knew what it was, and he immediately dashed to the right.

Prismatic Spray could be guided to a certain extent under Rolands control.

Several rainbow light clusters deviated from their instant trajectory and caught up with Jason.

Jason continued to speed up his sideways dash while using his longsword to deflect the three rainbow clusters.

At the same time, he tumbled sideways to disengage from the Prismatic Spray.

He was trying to shorten the distance between him and Roland again with his Second Charge specialty when he suddenly realized that his steel longsword had been broken in half after deflecting three rainbow light clusters.


Jason tossed away his sword in annoyance, then flipped his wrist; another steel longsword appeared in his hand.

Warriors nowadayswho didnt have a few more weapons in their Backpack?

After all, some players were mischievous, always learning specialties and skills that required destroying weapons.

Andonara had been watching the show She had taken a large step back from the battle circle when the battle began.

She had wanted to help Roland, but before they came, Roland had ordered her again and again that she wasnt allowed to help if he ended up in a battle. After all, this was a conflict concerning the internal affairs of the Golden Sons.

Naturally Andonara hadnt wanted to stand by, and she wouldnt listen no matter what.

Roland had no choice but to use the words he said to the little girl next door when he was still seven or eight years old: "If you dont listen, Ill ignore you later."

Andonara dread this the most and had to do as she was told.

She was happy to see Jasons weapon break, but then she saw Jason take out another weapon and couldnt help but mutter to herself.

It was true that Andonaras abilities were much better than others of her level, but she felt that one day she would encounter Golden Sons who were not far behind her in strength.

Even if she had the advantage, what if the other side destroyed her weapon and could summon an endless stream of weapons?

This was a tough problem.

And at this moment, Jason had just gotten his weapon out.

The other Silver Wings player finally reacted.

He charged, and when his sword was ten centimeters short of stabbing Roland, it hit a transparent eggshell.

Magic Shield!

A defense that a Mage would use throughout their life.

Until the Magic Shield was broken, Mages would virtually be unharmed.

The Magic Shield received a huge impact and rippled.

Roland looked sideways at the Silver Wings member and snapped his fingers.

Ice Ring, with a radius of about two meters, froze the opponents legs, and then a huge blue Hand of Magic smashed at the opponents head.

After a thud, a giant shield suddenly appeared in front of this player, blocking the blue Hand of Magic.

"Surprise, Im a Shield Warrior. Keep hitting me if you can."

It wasnt that the Silver Wings member was a silly person, but that was what Shield Warriors were supposed to dodraw the enemys attention and create attack opportunities for the damage-oriented professions.

Roland withdrew his Hand of Magic, then extended his hand and aimed his palm against the Shield Warrior.

In the blink of an eye, electricity appeared in Rolands palm.

This Silver Wings member sensed danger and tried retreating, but his legs were still frozen and he couldnt move.

Then the branching bifurcated lightning struck the iron shield and penetrated it, wrapping around the Silver Wings member.

Instantly, the Silver Wings members whole body tensed, and all his hair stood straight up.

There were strange oohs and aahs coming from his mouth.

Lightning magic was extremely penetrating to metal, but as soon as magic-resistant materials, such as gold granules, were mixed into the shield, the penetration of lightning magic would be drastically reduced.

However, his shield didnt have any!

This was a melee magic spell, Thunder Palm, which could continuously output lightning attacks at a short-range, and it was quite appropriate to use in this situation.

At this moment, Jason used his Second Charge specialty to come straight at him again.

There were a swish and a crunch.

Jason was also level five, and he specialized in the power of charge. The more times he charged in a certain amount of time, the faster and more powerful the charge became.

With a charge, the longsword hit the Magic Shield, which began to crack rapidly.

Because Roland had diverted a lot of his magic power to launch Thunder Palm, the hardness of the Magic Shield was affected.

It was estimated that the Magic Shield would shatter in less than half a second.

Andonara looked stern, already having thoughts of going up to help.

Through the Magic Shield, Jason looked at Roland with a sardonic smile. As soon as this Magic Shield shattered, it would mean Rolands death.

He felt that Roland was indeed strong, but Roland was too close to them to begin with, and most importantly, there were two of them.

But at this moment, Roland laughed even more happily. "Youve taken the bait."

After saying this, Roland whooshed and teleported back three meters.

And then Jason finally found himself with his feet in a swamp.

He bent his knees and tried to jump up, but he sank deeper and the mud reached his knees all of a sudden.


Rock to Mud required time, not just casting time, but the material transformation time, which took about two seconds.

The reaction speed of an agile warrior like Jason was quite good, and if it was cast directly under his feet, as soon as the hardness of the land was the slightest bit off, he would immediately leave, and it would be hard to get him again.

But Roland deliberately left an opening, pretending to attack the other player with all his might, while quietly casting Rock to Mud in an area around himself.

Double-casting wouldnt make Rolands magic shield any less hardtriple-casting would.

He just waited for Jason to crash into it himself.

Jason was trapped in the mud, still sinking slowly, and the Shield Warrior was frozen in place by the Ice Ring.

Roland was three meters away, slowly condensing a fireball in his hands.

Three seconds later, Jason looked at the big blue fireball the size of a basin slamming into him and stopped struggling.

Only one word was said: