Mages Are Too Op Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Stubborn? Im Almost As Stubborn

A large fireball, a double kill, a huge pothole, and no bodies left.

When Jason was resurrected in the Church of Life, he took a spare tunic out of his Backpack and was speechless for a long time.

Not long after, the other member was resurrected as well.

Both in a weakened state, they looked at each other for a moment, and finally sighed at the same time. Together they left the entrance of the Church of Life.

Then at the doorway across the street, they saw Roland again.

Roland stood across the street and mouthed to them, "Leave Delpon in ten minutes, or Ill kill you again."

Jason was so angry that veins were popping on his forehead. He looked at Roland with resentment, wanting to attack again.

After only holding back for a moment, he had to bow his head and pretend he didnt see Roland. He left Delpon directly.

The other Silver Wings member also followed behind. They were just like two stray dogs.

Roland waited for them to leave before walking slowly back to the Magic Tower.

When they left Delpon and returned to the ruined docks, Jason looked at the messy surroundings and cursed furiously. "How come Ive been out so long and you guys havent reorganized this place?"

At this time, a player next to him who was directing the dock crew to clear the rocks frowned and said, "It doesnt take time to clear the rocks? Youve only been away less than fifteen hours, and its not like you havent seen the situation hereit cant be flattened in just a few days."

Jason said unhappily, "Thats because youre not strong enough. If it was Roland, he would use Mud to Rock and then Rock to Mud, everything would be smoothed out. Youre a Mage too, why cant you do it?"

This Mage player frowned. "Jason, why are you flying off the handle? Talking so oddly"

Jason froze for a moment, then he said helplessly, "Sorry, I shouldnt be so agitated. Gather everyone for a moment, I have an announcement to make."

After ten minutes, Jason recounted Rolands words to them.

Now, a few Silver Wings players erupted.

Someone shouted angrily, "By what right! Its not like Roland owns this place, why wont he let us in."

"Thats right, is Roland so domineering just because hes strong?"

Of course, there were also people who saw things very clearly. "We wanted to screw him over, so when were discovered, isnt it normal for him to retaliate? Whats the use of shouting here! If you have the time to do so, its better to find a way to complete more quests and level up quickly, then we might be able to crush Roland."

"I dont believe that he would really dare to do that. Im going to walk around Delpon tomorrow, he can try to kill me."

Jason said helplessly, "Personally, I wouldnt recommend you go back into the city. Roland will be watching very closely for a while, after all, hes made it clear."

"Im just going to try."

The crowd looked at the man who spoke, and they didnt advise again. They also had the idea of letting him try to see if Roland would keep his word.

As a result, the next day, this man really swaggered into Delpon.

Then in less than two hours, Roland threw this Silver Wings member, who had crystallized into an ice sculpture, right off the city wall, crumbling into shards of ice.

After this person was resurrected at the church, he ignored Rolands warning to leave the city in ten minutes and stayed at the entrance of the Church of Life.

As a result, Roland came forward and froze him into an ice sculpture, once again throwing him off the wall.

After this man was resurrected a second time, he cursed at Roland.

And Roland, who was ruthless and untalkative, froze him into an ice sculpture and threw him off the wall again.

The third time this person hooted at the entrance of the church, "Roland, I wont leave, kill me back to level zero if you can."

"I cant believe youre asking for the same thing as Huang Tangjing[1]." Roland laughed evilly. "Ill really satisfy your wish."

Then Roland went up and just iced the man, then dragged him on top of the wall and threw him down.

This Silver Wings member was also a stubborn one, and he just sat at the entrance of the Church of Life after his resurrection.

Roland just cut the superfluous talk and froze the person and threw him down the wall.

The two sides worked quite well together.

As it went back and forth, the whole city came to learn about it.

Then the number of onlookers grew.

And as more and more deaths occurred, the stubborn players level became lower, and he became weaker, and there were dozens of weakened status effects stacked on top of each other.

His strength was not far from that of a child for the time being.

Soon the nobles were alarmed, and even Little John, who had been staying in the mayors residence and just getting by, came out to see what was going on.

After Roland threw the ice sculpture off the wall once more, a city guard officer took the initiative to step forward and said, "Mr. Roland, you dont need to go back, well go and seize the man for you."

"No need." Roland shook his head. "He is immortal after all, it would be bad if he remembers your faces for revenge later."

This officer immediately felt a bit of a chill on the back of his neck.

He knew that he made a very poor suggestion.

Fortunately, he didnt execute it.

Roland continued to walk in the direction of the Church of Life.

At this moment, more than ten hours had passed, and it was another day in the evening.

When Roland went to the entrance of the church again, he found that the player who had been clinging to the church was missing.

When he was confused, a small noble-looking man ran up and said, "Mr. Roland, that person has run away."

Roland sneered, figuring the other side couldnt endure the loss of even more experienceafter all, it was about half a year of effort.

Roland then returned to the Magic Tower and had the men continue to monitor the players at the docks and come and inform him if anyone dared to enter the city.

Then he just continued to study enchantment.

After half an hour, a message was sent through the guild system.

Betta: "Brother Roland, the forum is in an uproar about you."

Roland roughly guessed what had incited it, and when he entered the forum, it was really someone from Silver Wings who had started the thread.

This Is the True Face of the Number One Mage. You Guys Judge, Is This Right?

The video was made in first-person view, in which Rolands expression was eerie and terrifying, inhumanely freezing the protagonist in the first-person view and then throwing him off the walls, over and over again.

And then interspersed with Rolands words: "Im just going to kill you to level zero."

It was dark and ruthless.

Then the posters below really exploded with comments.

"Rolands ego is inflated, so the number one Mage is this kind of person?"

"This is excessive, being killed dozens of times for no reason, is Roland still human?"

"Thats how the poor folks are, they get power and forget what it was like before."

The majority was scolding Roland. However, there were also those who spoke up for Roland, though the number was somewhat small.

"I think wed better wait for Roland to speak before we pass judgment. Isnt there plenty of news nowadays that turns things inside out?"

"A person who is willing to upload spell models for free cant possibly be insane and go berserk to this extent."

"I think there must be a reason for this, what do you think, Yuanfang[2]?"

These people who were sticking up for Roland had IDs that Roland was quite familiar with; most of them were Mages. After all, Roland had also been in the Mages forum for a while.

Roland had guarded against this move. He wrote a post about it as well, and then uploaded a video.

[1] A man in 1845-1900 whose job was similar to a lawyer. The author is referring to part of a movie,

[2] Guard captain and assistant of Di Renjie, aka Chinese Sherlock Holmes; like Watson is to Sherlock