Mages Are Too Op Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Teach Them A Little Bi

Chapter 307 Teach Them a Little Bi

Hearing that Roland asked them to prepare tents, the nobles who had never traveled afar asked, "Are we not going to spend the night in towns or villages?"

Roland chuckled, and so did Andonara and Old Jerry.

Among the six of them, everybody except Jerry was an adolescent descendant of the noble families, or one who had just come of age.

They had never been outside of Delpon, and they did not exactly know what travel meant.

This world had not reached an era where information and knowledge could be disseminated quickly, either.

For people who lived in the information age, they understood how traveling in the wilderness felt like even if they never experienced it in person.

It was because they had access to various sorts of books and could find all kinds of information online to teach them what they were going to face.

Even if they were completely uninterested, the information they accidentally read in one year was the same as what the ordinary people in this world could take in their whole lives.

But of course, it was another matter whether or not they could make the best use of that knowledge.

If someone from the information age heard such a question, they would probably laugh in amusement.

But actually, it was only because they lived in a different age and world and possessed much more information.

More importantly, the young nobles who generally stayed indoors never had to consider these things.

Seeing Rolands grin, the young man who asked the question scratched his head in embarrassment, knowing that he had said something silly.

After that, Jerry stood out and said, "Mr. Chairman, Im going to buy tents and necessary tools with those guys. As for Miss Vivian"

"Andonara will take me shopping." Vivian held Andonaras hand and put on a sweet smile.

There were certain things that they would rather their male companions not see after they bought them.

Andonara nodded.

Roland said, "Then Ill wait for you here."

They left the mercenary guild, and Roland sat down at an empty table, then he surfed the game forums.

This made him seem to be in a daze.

The mercenary guild was a lot quieter.

Even though a hundred people were here, they subconsciously kept their voices low, and those unaware of the situation imitated them.

It was never wrong to copy what the majority was doing.

As a matter of fact, Roland was the greatest invoker of fear in Delpon at this moment.

Killing the mayor and stealing the queen were both punishable by death, but he was still living a nice and casual life.

Those who made a living in Delpon all knew Rolands name. Hawk and Link used to be as fearsome as him, but those two were gone now.

Jason, the new guy, had earned some reputation, until he was crushed by Roland a couple of days ago and never dared to enter the city again. He was now despised.

While Roland was in a daze, those who did not know him asked their pals who he was and why the atmosphere in the guild changed upon his arrival.

Then, Rolands name was passed on among the newcomers.

The eyes of seven mercenaries at another table glittered when they heard it.

They looked at each other, and their captain sat down before Roland and said, "Mr. Mage, may I have a word with you?"

He was very polite, if not deferential. He acted the opposite of his wild appearance.

Hearing the greeting, Roland brought his consciousness back from the forum and smiled at the mercenary, who seemed to be a Warrior. "Of course."

"It seems that youre going to travel with your students. I dont think you have a destination yet, do you?" The Warrior then said, "Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Im Graseck, a mercenary."

"Then what can I do for you, Mr. Graseck?"

"If you dont have a destination, Im wondering if you could escort us to the border. Of course, we will pay you well."

Roland found it odd. "You could issue a quest in the guild, couldnt you? Thats why you are here, no?"

"Indeed we can." Graseck nodded and spoke slowly, "But we think that a team with a powerful Mage is much more reliable than one without."

Roland observed the mercenary for a moment and shook his head. "Sorry, but I cant escort you. Were leaving to travel, not make money."

"But you can escort us while youre traveling," Graseck said quickly. "Besides, well give you a lot of money."

Roland continued to shake his head.

Graseck sighed at Roland, who was not interested at all. Then, he went to the counter and released the quest.

Everybody was shocked after the release, because the payment was thirteen gold coins.

It was a rather high payment for the mercenaries standards.

Roland ignored them. He deleted the blue escort quest that just popped up in the system and then continued browsing the forums.

About an hour later, the five male magic apprentices returned, and so did Andonara and Vivian another half an hour later.

Roland did not check if they had prepared everything they needed. After all, the preparation was part of the test for the trip too.

They left the guild and packed the items they bought on the carriages, before they left the city.

In the leading carriage, Roland said to the coachman, "To Liguburg City."

Jerry had confirmed in the guild that there were no magic incidents or accidents nearby. So, Roland had decided to visit and trade with the branch of Association of Mages in Liguburg City.

The carriage left Delpon and wobbled forward on the muddy yellow road.

At first, the magic apprentices were quite excited and talked to each other nonstop in their carriage.

But very soon, they all grew bored and turned silent.

After another three hours, when everybodys asses were aching, Roland looked at the sun and said, "Find a spacious shade and lets have something."

Soon, the leading coachman took the carriages to a wood.

Roland jumped off first. He unleashed his mental power and scouted the wood before he recalled it. It took him no more than ten seconds.

The magic apprentices got off too. Two of them rushed to the wood, eager to answer natures call.

Roland looked at them and said to Andonara, "You can teach them how to ensure their safety while theyre resting. Harsh words and methods will be preferred."

Andonara smiled like warm sunlight. "Im going to teach them well."