Mages Are Too Op Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Tricked

Elves were mostly pretty, and so were most vampires.

The elves were positive and uncompetitive. They could spend a whole day appreciating the sun, the moon, and flowers.

But vampires were not only bloodsuckers, but also quite ruthless. They were no strangers to plots and schemes.

Any intelligent creature would prefer a harmless beauty.

Therefore, even though vampires were as gorgeous as elves, the elves were still known as the most attractive race.

When the womans face went cold, she looked like a venomous scorpion with her chilly air.

The mans eyes were narrow, and his pupils were small and white. They were like a snakes eyes.

When they stood face to face, there was a weird sense of compatibility, as if they were a couple.

After all, their vibes were too similar.

But the red-dressed woman asked coldly, "Edmund, why are you here?"

"Lord Bruce asked me to see what had distracted you from the pursuit of the Black Bones." The male vampire named Edmund gazed at the rock tent and frowned. "Whats this? Your magic creation?"

Edmund moved his eyes back to the woman mockingly, implying that she was too old for such mud castle games.

Ignoring his mockery, the woman said coldly, "Im still working on the Black Bones."

"Do you have any leads?"

"No, do you?" the woman asked.

The mans twisted smile froze. He stared at the woman for a long time, before he launched a wind blade to her right.

The dark black wind blade cut the rock tent, leaving a long mark on the wall.

Edmund said frigidly, "Dont presume that you can sit above me because Lord Bruce appreciates you, Christina. Dont forget that youre just a third-generation vampire Wait."

Edmund looked at the rock tent in surprise. He knew how powerful his wind blade was. It might not be the most destructive skill, but it could easily break a dozen of the finest armors.

But what happened here? It only left a shallow mark on that piece of rock?

He suddenly turned to Christina. "Whats that?"

"A pile of mud that I built when I was bored." Christina sneered. "Im leaving, if thats all. Are you coming with me?"

Edmunds eyes moved between Christina and the rock tent. Then he shook his head and said, "No, I just remembered something delightful. You can meet Lord Bruce alone."

Christina intentionally peeped at the rock tent and frowned, before she flew away as a flock of bats.

After Christina disappeared into the moonlight, Edmund looked at the rock tent with a creepy smile.

Inside the rock tent, Roland put on a helpless smile.

Was this a relay match?

Because he couldnt hear what they said, Roland only saw that the woman had a friendly conversation with the black-haired man, smiling all the while.

Then, the woman launched a wind blade at the rock tent. After that, the woman left, and the mans gaze turned weird.

Why were the vampires so interested in him?

Did they bear any grudges?

Edmund flapped his wings and flew around the rock tent.

All of a sudden, he condensed a black energy ball and smashed it at the tent.

The energy ball hit the rock tent, and after an intense explosion, a dent ten centimeters deep and twenty centimeters in diameter cratered its surface.


Edmund narrowed his eyes. "This shelter is outrageously hard."

Then he chuckled. He thought that he figured out why Christina did not go after the Black Bones.

There must be something valuable, or magical, inside the stone.

However, Christina was too weak to open it.

If he could not blow it up with his dark lightning ball, there was no way that she could open it.

However only brainless people would resolve every problem with violence.

Smart people always had better solutions.

Edmund approached the rock tent. Then, he became a black mist and leaked inside.

It was Atomization, the vampires special skill that only some of them could learn with their talent.

With this skill, they could ignore physical attacks and penetrate barriers for about one meter. Those who were strong might be able to press in for two meters.

Edmund, in Atomization, fumbled through the dark rocks. Then he perceived a dozen human-shaped creatures ahead of him, and the massive magic waves from one of them.

His vision when he was in the state of Atomization was similar to thermal imaging.

Whats happening?

Before Edmund realized what was going on, the human being full of magic power had charged at him.

A beam of lightning hit him. The excruciating pain on his soul almost made Edmund pass out.

With a strong sense of crisis, Edmund turned around and fled.

He returned the same way he crawled in.

In no more than a second, he squeezed out of the rock tent and resumed his human shape.

"Damn it!"

Sensing that his soul had been hurt, Edmund almost went crazy.

Had Christina set this up to hurt him? Was she trying to kill him?

The possibility cropped up in Edmunds mind.

While he was thinking, he found that the wall on the tent softened, and that a hold appeared three seconds later.

Then, a human being, covered in magic equipment that was flashing blue from head to toe, appeared.

Edmund was dumbfounded to see the mans outfit that was expensive but not fashionable at all.

His heart was trembling as he recognized the luxurious equipment of a Mage.


It was Edmunds first reaction. As a 173-year-old vampire, he hadnt been able to put together a magic outfit yet, but this human Mage had.

Whether or not the man was strong, it wouldnt be easy to deal with him.

If he was strong, he could beat Edmund easily; and if he wasnt, he mustve come from a powerful background with that gear.

Edmund turned around and flew toward the moon as a flock of bats.

Roland resealed the tent and looked at the flying bats.

A vampire whose soul was hurt would lose one-third of their power.

So, Roland simply let him fly for two seconds.

Then, a space bubble absorbed Roland and squirted him at the moon two seconds later.

Edmund flew quite fast in this morphed form. He was moving at about fifty meters per second.

He had thought that he was out of danger and was feeling happy, when he suddenly sensed high-energy reactions from his rear.

The bats turned around, and he saw a psycho whose body was radiating magic blue light and whose arms were stretched out like the wings of an eagle with lightning in both hands. The psycho was also swooshing straight at him.