Mages Are Too Op Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Knowledge Exchange

Although Andonara was not crazy about parties, there were certain occasions where she had to show up with her king husband.

Therefore, a lot of people actually knew her and had met her before.

Andonara, being an antisocial person, remembered few celebrities she met, but she had left a deep impression on everybody who had seen her with her beautiful appearance.

Many of them fell in love with her, or even wanted to do other things with her, after meeting her.

The chairman of this particular Magic Tower had seen Andonara at Princess Veronicas birthday party a year earlier. He was quite mesmerized by her.

A year had passed, and Andonara was now before his eyes again just when he was starting to forget her beauty.

Holding Rolands hand, Andonara was rather surprised. "And you are?"

"Yelia, chairman of the local Magic Tower." The middle-aged man glanced at Roland in confusion. "Your Majesty, who is this guy next to you?"

Because the royal family kept a low profile, only few nobles and some people in Delpon knew that Andonara had been lured away. Those informed nobles might gossip with each other but would not spread the news.

Many people in Delpon were aware of it, but they were too insignificant and uninfluential to convince people in other cities.

So, in Yelias eyes, Andonara was still an honorable queen who was supposed to stay in the royal palace instead of here.

Besides, did the king know that the queen was so intimate with a young man?

Andonara was about to reply that he was her man.

But Roland spoke faster. "Im Roland, chairman of the Magic Tower in Delpon."

"Roland from Delpon?" The middle-aged mans eyes glittered. He had been rather interested in Queen Andonara, but the moment he heard Rolands name, he forgot all about the queen and stepped forward. "The Roland who invented the derivative models of Hand of Magic?"

Roland nodded. "Thats me."

"Come on." He grabbed Rolands hand and pulled him to the Magic Tower. "Theres something that has been confusing me. Please enlighten me."

Roland chuckled and followed Yelia into the Magic Tower.

Andonara and the rest of the group followed them.

Andonara couldnt help but smile at Rolands background.

She was slightly worried when Yelia focused all his attention on her without talking to Roland first.

After all, identity and face mattered in this world, and Andonara feared that she would be the center of most peoples attention because of her old identity, like what happened just now, and that Rolands pride as a man would be hurt.

But she now realized that it was unlikely to happen.

In any case, Roland was the best Mage of his level, and he could easily attract peoples attention, while she could be the woman behind him.

Yelia entered the Magic Tower holding Rolands hand.

The Magic Tower of Liguburg City was larger in size than the one in Delpon. Its first floor was also in the KTV style, with all kinds of colorful magic crystal lamps on the wall.

Yelia led Roland to the fourth floor of the Magic Tower while the magic apprentices and Andonara were entertained on the second floor.

Andonara, in particular, was served by three female magic apprentices and four maids that a butler-looking man sent.

Both parties exchanged formalities warmly and discreetly.

Until the two chairmen returned from the fourth floor, they couldnt really decide how they should get along with each other.

So, they kept up formalities for now.

In the magic lab, Yelia presented the model of a derivative spell of Hand of Magic and pointed at one of the nodes on it, while he asked earnestly, "What did you think, or what mechanism did you follow, when you modified this node?"

"This is a pattern control node. By relocating it here from its original place, you can change the shape of a spell model."

"Then how did you know that its a pattern control node?"

"I calculated it," Roland said matter-of-factly. "There are few nodes in Hand of Magic. After establishing a database, you can figure out the functions of the nodes through data confirmation and deduction."

"A database?" Yelia scratched his head, as he was not sure what it was. "Was it not endowed through the perception of mental power?"

It was Roland who was stunned this time. "Endowed through the perception of mental power?"

Both of them fell silent and sat down.

Roland offered to say, "Lets exchange our special knowledge."

Yelia nodded in delight. "Thats what I hope too."

The magic apprentices waited for five hours on the second floor, before the two chairmen finally came down from the fourth floor.

Yelia asked his magic apprentices to clean up the third floor and had a welcome party prepared.

Roland and Andonara, on the other hand, were invited to the fifth floor, which was empty. They could stay there for now.

After the welcome party, the magic apprentices all took a rest.

Roland and Yelia returned to the lab on the fourth floor.

After another two hours of academic communication, they decided to take a break.

Having a mouthful of fruit wine, Yelia suddenly asked, "Why is the queen with you?"

"For reasons that I would rather not tell." Roland smiled bitterly.

Yelia asked enviously, "The king is not doing anything about it?"

"He doesnt seem to be!"

Roland found the kings decision on this matter rather perplexing himself.

"Then is she still the queen?"

"Yes!" Roland thought for a moment and said, "Her title hasnt been revoked yet. The king does not seem to be taking her crown away."


Yelia took a deep breath.

Deep in his heart, Roland did not want to talk much about Andonara with an outsider. He changed the subject and asked, "Right, Chairman Yelia, how much do you know about vampires?"

Yelia was briefly stunned. "You met vampires too?"

"Too?" Roland raised his eyebrow in surprise.

Yelia nodded and said, "Vampires have been spotted near our city recently. Some girls have gone missing as well. Ive been entrusted by the mayor to investigate the matter. I met two vampires and had three battles with them, but none of us won."

He then suddenly chuckled. "Do you want our Magic Towers to deal with the vampires together?"

At this point, Roland saw a quest notification:

Quest received: Clear the nest of the evil vampires together with the Magic Tower in Liguburg.