Mages Are Too Op Chapter 317

Chapter 317 How Lucky

But after some thought, he didnt cancel it.

He could keep the quest in the system even if he didnt want to do it. It wouldnt be a big deal.

Seeing that Roland was still silent, Yelia continued, "Those two vampires arent strong. I fought them to a standstill by myself last time. If I have your help, it will be more than easy to kill them."

Roland was rather tempted. After all, this was a blue quest that promised tremendous EXP.

He thought for a moment and said, "I have to be responsible for the safety of the apprentices. The vampires are already onto me. If I piss off more of them, I may have problems."

Roland was certain that the vampires that Yelia came across werent the two that he met.

He had sensed that Yelia wasnt very strong. Since they were close to each other, they could perceive each others spiritual waves.

Though Yelia had a great capacity for magic, about two-thirds of what Roland had, the problem was that Yelias spiritual waves were unstable.

The more stable a spellcasters spiritual waves were, the more likely their casting would succeed and the more powerful their spells would be.

Yelias spiritual waves were stable in general, but unfortunately, they would suddenly spike or plummet every other minute.

It only happened within a few milliseconds, but Roland still perceived it.

It meant that Yelias spiritual power had hidden problems.

It was fine in peacetime, but it would affect the speed and power of his spells in battles.

So, Yelia was not actually as strong as he appeared. Though he was an elite, the strength that he could carry out was probably only LV4.

Even so, he had overpowered two vampires, which meant that those two couldnt have been the same two that Roland ran into.

The two vampires that Roland ran into were both close to the Master level.

If the male vampire hadnt recklessly atomized himself only to be hit in the soul by Rolands lightning when he was defenseless, it wouldve been tricky for Roland to deal with him.

"Wouldnt it be better?" Hearing that, Yelia smiled and said, "If the two vampires you met are here too, we will destroy them altogether."

Roland thought for a moment and said, "Let me consider for a night."

Yelia nodded with a smile. He knew that it was not a thing that could be rushed.

After some chit-chat, Roland went to the big chamber on the fifth floor that was prepared for him.

Andonara was waiting for him inside.

She smiled when she saw Roland. "I want my pajamas."

Andonaras personal items had all been kept in Rolands system Backpack.

As an apprentice who needed to gain more social experience, Vivian had kept all her stuff in the carriage and had to take care of them by herself.

But Andonara did not need that. She was very strong, and Roland could vaguely tell that Andonara was growing stronger even without much exercise.

Was the Hero bloodline so powerful?

No wonder the king was reluctant to abandon her.

Roland took the pajamas out of the Backpack, and Andonara began to change.

Seeing things that he shouldnt see, Roland closed his eyes and said helplessly, "Please be more careful. Im a man, you know. If youre always so ignorant of me, I may do something one day."

"Thats fine." Andonara smiled in her pajamas. "This body is yours anyway, as has been acknowledged by the king. You can do whatever you want."

Toward the end of her sentence, Andonaras voice became lazy and alluring.

Roland clicked his tongue and ignored her.

Andonara chuckled and lay down on the bed.

Roland opened his eyes and considered Yelias proposal before the desk.

Now that he had pissed off those vampires, running was not the best solution. Yelia was right that all the troubles would be gone if he killed them.

But it remained a problem how to ensure the safety of the apprentices.

Vampires were not barbarians who had more brawn than brains. They were cunning, proud, stealthy, and rather vindictive.

Roland wasnt sure whether or not the vampires would send their subordinates or kin to attack the magic apprentices while he dealt with them.

What should I do? Roland subconsciously held his chest and contemplated.

"You seem to be troubled by something," Andonara said from the bed. "Would you like to talk to me?"

Roland told his concerns to Andonara.

After, Andonara smiled. "Youre overthinking; you care too much. In fact, if the vampires want to retaliate against the magic apprentices, you can use them as bait."

The dilemma in Rolands mind was immediately resolved.

Since he had been born in a peaceful age and country, the last thing that Roland wanted to see was the death of his loved ones.

So, Roland was always restricted when he had a target that he needed to protect.

It was not easy to break free from cultural shackles.

What Andonara said, however, gave him a new idea.

The next day, he went to Yelia and said, "Chairman Yelia, I would like to deal with those vampires with you."

Yelia patted Rolands shoulder delightedly and said, "Okay, you wont regret your decision. The vampires are rich. Well split their wealth after we kill them."

Roland didnt say anything. He was not interested in any wealth, not as much as he was in EXP.

After having the breakfast that the Tower prepared for them, the magic apprentices of both sides exchanged their understanding of magic.

Roland talked to Andonara in private about the things she should pay attention to, then he left the city in a carriage with Yelia.

Almost all the roads outside of cities in this world were in terrible condition. While the carriage shakily rode on, Yelia said, "The Magic Tower is funded by the city and therefore is responsible for removing dangers to the citizens. Ive been a chairman for a dozen years, and Ive killed many magical beasts, foul creatures, walking dead, and so on, but this is the first time that I deal with vampires."

"Youre a little bit nervous?" asked Roland.

"No, I just feel that they dont deserve their fame," Yelia explained. "According to the books, vampires are very strong, but the two I dealt with were rather weak."

"Maybe you were too strong." Roland smiled casually.

Roland was not stupid. He knew that Yelia was actually weak and might have run into two vampires that were even weaker, but those thoughts should be kept to himself.

Sometimes, the truth could be hurtful.

"Hahahaha." Yelia was rather delighted. He felt that Roland was interesting and not an arrogant man. He said, "In fact, I wasnt very strong, but I had some good stuff. A few days ago, a mercenary team ran to my city and sold a piece of magic equipment to me at a high price, claiming that it could suppress dark creatures. It did work on the vampires."

"What is it?" Roland was rather curious.

"This is it." Yelia took out some kind of black brick from his robe. "Those mercenaries call it Black Bones. Its a strange name."