Mages Are Too Op Chapter 319

Chapter 319 Ethnic Sociology

Then, crimson magic power spurted out of his mouth and sank into the bats body.

The little bad immediately expanded. When it became the size of an adult pig, it disintegrated into hundreds of smaller bats that flapped their wings and squeaked noisily in the cavern.

Bruce slightly frowned. He could barely tolerate the noise even though he was a vampire too.

But thankfully, those bats were soon regathered into a little boy who had blue hair and blue eyes.

Edmund, as a kid, fell on one of his knees and almost cried out. "Thank you for your help, Lord Bruce."

"Thats all right." Bruce nodded and continued after a cough, "I can tell that youre grateful, but its not good that you are not cooperative. The vampires of the Bruce family should always love and help each other. Our family cannot thrive unless we stand together. I know that youre not fond of Christina because youre scared that she will monopolize my love."

Edmund shook his head hard. "Lord Bruce, I wont think that way anymore."

"Very good." Bruce nodded in great comfort. "Youre both my kids, and I treat you equally. Theres no need to worry. Youre only half as strong as before. Take a rest for a few days. If you need virgin blood, go to Cormon. Get recovered soon. We still need you."

Edmund almost shed hot tears even though his vampire body was cold. "Yes, Lord Bruce."

After Edmund left, Bruce heaved a long sigh and said, "How exhausting."

He closed his eyes and took a rest. Soon, a young male vampire appeared.

Different from the other vampires who were gloomy, this vampire was rather sunny and perky deep down in his soul even though his skin was pale too.

He walked to Bruce and, without bowing or greeting, gave Bruce a manuscript that was written on precious paper, before he said, "Lord Bruce, here are some of my ideas. I hope that they can be helpful."

"Three-Year Execution, Five-Year Planning?"

Reading the title on the cover of the manuscript, Bruce turned the pages and skimmed through them.

The male vampire explained solemnly, "After a month of observation, Ive found a lot of problems in our group. The deficiencies in our system are grave, but we can take our time to fix that. Our priority at this point is to improve the quantity and quality of our food."

Hearing that, Bruces eyes glittered. "What are your thoughts?"

"It has occurred to me that many of our people accidentally suck the girls dry when theyre too addicted to blood. From my observations, I conclude that theyre gluttonous because theyre hungry most of the time. If we can provide a stable source of food, I believe our brothers and sisters will be less eager for blood, and the survival rate of our food will significantly increase."

Bruce asked curiously, "How are you going to provide a stable source of food?"

"Its very simple. Improve the living environment of the virgins, give them more liberty, and promote the virgins who are more inclined to us and who have leadership skills to manage the rest, so that they will be less scared of us."

"How will we benefit from that?"

"A happy life will make the quality of their blood better. Their ability to produce blood will be improved too." The young vampire smiled. "More importantly, its the first step to transform them into our vassals."

Bruce asked in confusion, "Why should we transform food into our vassals?"

"Dont underestimate human women." The young vampire smiled mysteriously. "If you raise up some human girls and teach them that they are connected to vampires, they can be our most powerful shields and spears."

Bruce narrowed his eyes. "Thats an interesting theory. You must be a big shot among the Golden Sons."

"Not exactly. Im just a common graduate student" The young vampire smiled. "Or in the vernacular of this world, Im a Scholar."

"A Scholar?" Bruce was surprised. "Impressive! What field of knowledge are you best at?"

"Ethnic sociology!"

"Whats that?"

"It studies the relationship between powerful and weak peoples and how they get along with each other."

Bruce nodded slowly. "So, you came to us and willingly turned into a vampire from a Golden Son just to study how we got along with human beings and to provide data for your studies?"

"Its only part of the reason." The young vampire smiled and said, "The other reason is that the vampires really have a lot of potential, and I dream of becoming an expert too."

Bruce nodded and said, "Kid, I think youre qualified to call me Father now."

"Sorry, but I have to refuse." The young vampire waved his hands and said, "My parents are still alive."

Bruce sighed. "What a shame."

Yelia and Roland climbed to the top of the hill.

Yelia pointed at the depths of the hill and said, "The nest is over there. Ill go to the entrance in the front. Theres also an exit in the rear of the hill."

He placed a map before Roland.

"You will attack from the rear and surround the two vampires with me. We will not let them escape."

There was anger in Yelias eyes. "They really shouldve known better than to mess around on my territory."

Roland chuckled. "Okay. That seems like a sound plan."

Yelia was a responsible man to attack from the front, which would usually encounter more resistance. It was usually less dangerous to attack from the rear.

"Remember, if you run into the vampires, dont hesitate and just try your best. Theyre good at mental spells. Dont be enchanted by them."

"Got it!" Roland nodded.

Then they split up. Roland came to the rear of the hill and found a cave where an iron door had been established according to the map.

Shoving the weeds away, Roland pushed the door, only to see that it had been locked tightly. He examined it again and found a fingers gap below the door.

Roland dropped a magic spider down, and it soon crawled behind the door through the gap.

Then, many pictures were sent into Rolands head.

After that, Roland squeezed a Hand of Magic to size and sent it into the gap, before he restored it to its normal shape.

In the end, he removed the plug on the back of the door and pushed the door again. It opened.

A strange stink of urine wafted out from behind the door.