Mages Are Too Op Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Youd Better Not Do Tha

Bruce asked, "What makes this compatriot of yours the strongest Mage?"

"Hes stronger than all the other Golden Sons who are Mages," the sunny vampire explained. "Weve only been in this world for a year, and he has already turned into an Elite Mage. More importantly, he can modify spells. His modifications are remarkable."

Christinas eyes glittered. "The astonishingly powerful fireball is his modification?"

"Yes. Thats his ultimate skill." The sunny vampire asked back, "Did you see him cast the spell?"

Christina nodded. "But we did not expect it to be so powerful."

"How long did he charge the spell?"

Christina thought for a moment and said, "About five seconds."

"Five seconds." The sunny vampire shook his head and said helplessly, "Hes even stronger now."

"How so?" asked Bruce.

"Hes the strongest Mage of my people, and his talent is Magic Power Control." The sunny vampire explained, "He can charge a spell for a long time in order to increase the effects of the spell. He can charge a big fireball for ten seconds at most before launching it."

Bruce found it hard to believe. "I never heard of such a talent before."

"Do you mean that we wouldve been more miserable if he had charged for ten seconds?"

The sunny vampire nodded and said, "I dont think any of you couldve made it back."

Bruce said casually, "Now, that has to be an exaggeration."

Christinas eyes, on the other hand, glittered.

"Chief, if its really Roland, I suggest we stay away from Liguburg City."

"Why?" Bruce was slightly angry. "Weve operated there for a while. If we give up, all our efforts would be for nothing. I need an explanation, Wenger."

"Roland has a high prestige among my people." Wenger, the sunny vampire, smiled and said, "If he learns that theres a camp of vampires here, he will probably launch an attack."

"An Elite Mage is nothing to be scared of. All we need to do is to prevent him from charging." Bruce chuckled. "Hes outnumbered."

"He has allies too." Wenger smiled bitterly. "He has a Saint Samurai friend who is also a dragon knight."

Both Bruce and Christina were greatly shocked by that.

What were vampires most scared of?


Only spellcasters could hurt them easily.

Of all the spellcasting classes, Saint Samurai was the most fearsome for them.

Favored by the Goddess of Light, the Saint Samurai were jerks whose very pores emitted the power of light.

Vampires could fight other spellcasters, but they had to run from Saint Samurai even if they were a level higher than the enemy.

Even the Legendary vampires had to keep as far away from the Master Saint Samurai as possible.

The Saint Samurai were their natural enemy, and they would be helpess if they didnt run!

"Then we probably need to keep a low profile for a while," said Bruce helplessly. Then he held his forehead with his hands.

Wenger smiled and said, "Wise decision, chief!"

Bruce waved his hands and dismissed the visitors.

Wenger nodded and left the cavern.

He intended to pick and raise up a couple of blood slaves to confirm the conclusions of his research projects in reality.

Now, Wenger felt that the smartest thing he had ever done in his life was to buy the immersive cabin when he had never played any other games before.

He didnt expect the AI of this world to be so vivid.

Of course, some players claimed that it was not AI but a real world.

Wenger agreed with them. If AI was alive and could think, this certainly would count as a real world.

The realer a world was, the more likely it was he could acquire useful data and conclusions.

The experiments that he couldnt conduct in reality could be done in this world when he found necessary resources.

Wenger strode out of the cavern, and little Christina caught up to him. Walking next to him, she asked, "Can you tell me more about Roland?"

Wenger turned around and looked at her. "Are you interested in him?"

"His spell is unique. Id never known that a fireball could be intensified to that point." Christina thought for a moment and continued, "If possible, Id like to make him my servant."

Wenger stopped and said, "I dont think thats a good idea."

"Why not?"

Wenger started to walk again. Then he said, "The Golden Sons are undying. Even if you make him your servant, he can always switch to a different body. After all, for a spellcaster, the level is not as important as knowledge and tricks, with which he can grow strong again and come back. Then, you would be faced with an undying monster who pesters you every day. Do you think you can escape from him?"

Well Christina realized that her idea was indeed bad.

In the end, Wenger smiled at her and said, "Ive got things to do, my lady. Ill take my leave if thats all."

"Okay." Christina sighed.

After Wenger left, she was going back home when she saw a black-haired kid.

"Well, well, well, if it isnt Christina. Im told that you were also reduced to a little girl by a fireball from that man. Is it fun?"

Christina walked to him and measured their heights; she was clearly one foot taller than him. She smiled and said, "I was better than you, anyway."

Edmund snorted and then grew solemn. "Are you interested in dealing with that man with me?"

"Are you trying to get killed?"

"The Golden Sons may be undying, but so what?" Edmund chuckled and said, "Ive heard a lot about the foreign race. They will be weakened after each death. As long as we kill him a couple of times, hell be at our mercy."

"What if he changes body?"

"Why are you so stupid?" Edmund looked at her as if she were a moron. "Cant you plant a seed on his soul after you defeat him? That way, you can recognize him however different he looks. You know that trick."

"Thats a good point." Christinas eyes glittered, but then she grew vigilant. "Why are you helping me? What are you up to?"

"I want the mans body after you kill him! No matter how many times you kill him, I want all his bodies."